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Noticement: Comparison of Midazolam Alone versus Midazolam Plus Propofol during Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection

Cho YS, Seo E, Han JH, Yoon SM, Chae HB, Park SM, Youn SJ

No abstract available.
A Case of Colonic Mucinous Adenocarcinoma in 19-year-old Male Patient

Chung MY, Park YS, Ryu SR, Ahn SB, Kim SH, Jo YJ, Han JK, Joo JE

Colorectal cancer is rare in teenagers, especially without known risk factors. Colon cancer in young age is more likely to be diagnosed at advanced-stage, to present unfavorable tumor histology such...
An Impacted Pancreatic Stone in the Papilla Induced Acute Obstructive Cholangitis in a Patient with Chronic Pancreatitis

Yoo KH, Kwon CI, Yoon SW, Kim WH, Lee JM, Ko KH, Hong SP, Park PW

Obstructive jaundice is very rarely caused by impaction of a pancreatic stone in the papilla. We report here on a case of obstructive jaundice with acute cholangitis that was caused...
A Case of Endoscopic Treatment for Gastrocolocutaneous Fistula as a Complication of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy

Hwang JH, Kim HW, Kang DH, Choi CW, Park SB, Park TI, Jo WS, Cha DH

As a rare complication of percutaneous endoscopic gastroscopy (PEG), a gastrocolocutaneous fistula may occur after PEG placement. This paper reports an interesting case which PEG tube unintentionally penetrated transverse colon...
Endoscopic Resection for Rectal Carcinoid Tumors: Comparision of Polypectomy and Endoscopic Submucosal Resection with Band Ligation

Lee SH, Park SJ, Kim HH, Ok KS, Kim JH, Jee SR, Seol SY, Kim BM

BACKGROUND/AIMS: Rectal carcinoid tumors, at diagnosis, are as small as 10 mm or less in about 80% of patients. These tumors are generally removed by endoscopic resection. The aim of...
Clipping for the Prevention of Immediate Bleeding after Polypectomy of Pedunculated Polyps: A Pilot Study

Boo SJ, Byeon JS, Park SY, Rew JS, Lee DM, Shin SJ, Kim DU, Song GA

BACKGROUND/AIMS: Immediate postpolypectomy bleeding (IPPB) increases the procedure time and it may disturb performing a safe polypectomy. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether clipping before snare polypectomy...
A Comparative Study on the Efficacy of Covered Metal Stent and Plastic Stent in Unresectable Malignant Biliary Obstruction

Choi JM, Kim JH, Kim SS, Yu JH, Hwang JC, Yoo BM, Park SH, Kim HG, Lee DK, Ko KH, Yoo KS, Park DH

BACKGROUND/AIMS: The placement of self expandable metal stent (SEMS) is one of the palliative therapeutic options for patients with unresectable malignant biliary obstruction. The aim of this study was to...
International Live Endoscopic Multichannel Demonstration Using Superfast Broadband Internet Connections

Lee SP, Lee HL, Hahm JS, Choi HS, Joe I, Shimizu S

BACKGROUND/AIMS: Telemedicine is a convenient and efficient tool for remote education in various fields. The telemedicine system can also be used to educate doctors and medical students. The aim of...
Assessment on the Potential Role of Applying Cryoprobe for Tissue Ablation

Seo MH, Jeen YT, Park SJ, Kim SY, Cho HJ, Choi HS, Chun HJ, Kim CD, Ryu HS, Chae YS

BACKGROUND/AIMS: Cryotherapy is the therapeutic application for tissue ablation. Clinical applications of cryotherpy such as in pulmonology have increased. Until now, its development in gastroenterology has been insignificant. But, as...
Performance and Cost of Disposable Biopsy Forceps in Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: Comparison with Reusable Biopsy Forceps

Lim CH, Choi MG, Kim WC, Kim JS, Cho YK, Park JM, Lee IS, Kim SW, Choi KY, Chung IS

BACKGROUND/AIMS: It is believed that disposable biopsy forceps are more costly than reusable biopsy forceps. In this study, we evaluated performance and cost of disposable forceps versus reusable forceps in...
Korean Guidelines for Postpolypectomy Colonoscopy Surveillance

Yang DH, Hong SN, Kim YH, Hong SP, Shin SJ, Kim SE, Lee BI, Lee SH, Park DI, Kim HS, Yang SK, Kim HJ, Kim SH, Kim HJ, Multi-Society Task Force for Development of Guidelines for Colorectal Polyp Screening, Surveillance and Management

Postpolypectomy surveillance has become a major indication for colonoscopy as a result of increased use of screening colonoscopy in Korea. In this report, a careful analytic approach was used to...
Korean Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer Screening and Polyp Detection

Lee BI, Hong SP, Kim SE, Kim SH, Kim HS, Hong SN, Yang DH, Shin SJ, Lee SH, Park DI, Kim YH, Kim HJ, Yang SK, Kim HJ, Jeon HJ, Multi-Society Task Force for Development of Guidelines for Colorectal Polyp Screening, Surveillance and Management

Now colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in males and the fourth most common cancer in females in Korea. Since most of colorectal cancers occur after the prolonged...
Korean Guideline for Colonoscopic Polypectomy

Lee SH, Shin SJ, Park DI, Kim SE, Jeon HJ, Kim SH, Hong SP, Hong SN, Yang DH, Lee BI, Kim YH, Kim HS, Kim HJ, Yang SK, Kim HJ, Multi-Society Task Force for Development of Guidelines for Colorectal Polyp Screening, Surveillance and Management

There is indirect evidence to suggest that 80% of colorectal cancers (CRC) develop from adenomatous polyps and that, on average, it takes 10 years for a small polyp to transform...
Submucosal Endoscopy, a New Era of Pure Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES)

Lee SH, Cho WY, Cho JY

Natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) involves the intentional perforation of the viscera with an endoscope to access the abdominal cavity and perform an intraabdominal operation. In a brief time...
Rectal Carcinoid Tumors: Pitfalls of Conventional Polypectomy

Jeon SM, Cheon JH

No abstract available.
Live Endoscopy Demonstration Using Superfast Broadband Internet Connections: The Future of Medical Education and Conferences

Han J

No abstract available.

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