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Search Guidelines

Search Fields

*The use of capital or lowercase letters does not affect the search results.

Field Name Abbreviation
KoreaMed ID KMID
Abstract Words AB
Affiliation AD
All Fields ALL
Author Initial AU
Author Full Name FAU
Article Title Words TI
Article Title Words + Abstract Words TIAB
Issue ISSU
Journal Title or Journal Abbreviation JTI
Journal Title or Journal Abbreviation TA
Keyword KW
MeSH Terms MH
Keyword KEY
Publication Year DPY
Publication Month DPM
Volume VI
Volume VOL

Basic Search

Searching for the title of a journal, the abbreviation of a journal, the name of an author, and the abbreviated name of an author is possible without using “Search Fields”.
(e.g., bronchodilators, asthma children or Kim DS or J Korean Med Sci)

To search for specific phrases, put the search phrase in double quotation marks.
(e.g., "asthma children")

If no “Search Fields” are set, “Search Fields” is automatically set to [ALL].
(e.g., "asthma children" is translated as "asthma children"[ALL])

If no other logical operator is specified, the basic logical operation is “AND” between words.
(e.g., asthma children is translated as asthma AND children)

The “Search Fields” function operates on the level of individual words.
(e.g., asthma children is translated as asthma[ALL] AND children[ALL])

Stop words

i me my myself we
our ours ourselves you your
yours yourself yourselves he him
his himself she her hers
herself it its itself they
them their theirs themselves what
which who whom this that
these those am is are
was were be been being
have has had having do
does did doing a an
the and but if or
because as until while of
at by for with about
against between into through during
before after above below to
from up down in out
on off over under again
further then once here there
when where why how all
any both each few more
most other some such no
nor not only own same
so than too very s
t can will just don
should now
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