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Traumatic Dislocation of Posterior Chamber Phakic Intraocular Lens into the Berger's Space

Kim JY, Kim KH, Lee JE

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 2016 Oct;30(5):396-397.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.2016.30.5.396
No abstract available.
Systemic Minocycline Treatment of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Giant Fornix Syndrome

Lee KW, Jung JW

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 2016 Oct;30(5):394-395.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.2016.30.5.394
No abstract available.
Ocular Myasthenia Gravis in Monozygotic Twins with Mirror-image Myopic Anisometropia

Chung SA, Jang S

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 2016 Oct;30(5):392-393.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.2016.30.5.392
No abstract available.
Central Retinal Artery Occlusion Masquerading as Branch Retinal Artery Occlusion

Kang SI, Kim YC

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 2016 Oct;30(5):390-391.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.2016.30.5.390
No abstract available.
Clinical Evaluation of Functional Vision of +1.5 Diopters near Addition, Aspheric, Rotational Asymmetric Multifocal Intraocular Lens

Kretz FT, Khoramnia , Attia MS, Koss MJ, Linz K, Auffarth G

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 2016 Oct;30(5):382-389.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.2016.30.5.382
PURPOSE: To evaluate postoperative outcomes and visual performance in intermediate distance after implantation of a +1.5 diopters (D) addition, aspheric, rotational asymmetric multifocal intraocular lens (MIOL). METHODS: Patients underwent bilateral cataract...
The Relationship between Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte Ratio and Age-related Macular Degeneration

Kurtul BE, Ozer PA

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 2016 Oct;30(5):377-381.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.2016.30.5.377
PURPOSE: To investigate the possible associations of neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) and high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) level with age-related macular degeneration (ARMD). METHODS: Patients were divided to three groups of 40...
The Efficacy of Intravitreal Aflibercept in Submacular Hemorrhage Secondary to Wet Age-related Macular Degeneration

Shin KH, Lee TG, Kim JH, Kim JW, Kim CG, Lee DW, Han JI, Lew YJ, Cho HJ

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 2016 Oct;30(5):369-376.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.2016.30.5.369
PURPOSE: To evaluate the efficacy of intravitreal aflibercept monotherapy in submacular hemorrhage (SMH) secondary to wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). METHODS: This study included 25 eyes in 25 patients with SMH...
Non-human Immunodeficiency Virus-related Ocular Syphilis in a Korean Population: Clinical Manifestations and Treatment Outcomes

Kim Y, Yu SY, Kwak HW

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 2016 Oct;30(5):360-368.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.2016.30.5.360
PURPOSE: To describe the clinical manifestations and treatment outcomes of ocular syphilis in patients without human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. METHODS: A total of 45 eyes from 39 patients with ocular...
Incidence and Clinical Features of Neovascularization of the Iris following Acute Central Retinal Artery Occlusion

Jung YH, Ahn SJ, Hong JH, Park KH, Han MK, Jung C, Woo SJ

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 2016 Oct;30(5):352-359.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.2016.30.5.352
PURPOSE: To investigate the incidence of neovascularization of the iris (NVI) and clinical features of patients with NVI following acute central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO). METHODS: A retrospective review of 214...
Anterior Diabetic Retinopathy Studied by Ultra-widefield Angiography

Bae K, Lee JY, Kim TH, Cho GE, Ahn J, Kim SJ, Kim JH, Kang SW

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 2016 Oct;30(5):344-351.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.2016.30.5.344
PURPOSE: To evaluate the prevalence of anterior type diabetic retinopathy (DR) using ultra-widefield fluorescein angiography and to identify the factors associated with anterior type DR incidence. METHODS: A retrospective case review...
Influence of Myopia on Size of Optic Nerve Head and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness Measured by Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography

Bae SH, Kang SH, Feng CS, Park J, Jeong JH, Yi K

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 2016 Oct;30(5):335-343.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.2016.30.5.335
PURPOSE: To investigate optic nerve head size and retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness according to refractive status and axial length. METHODS: In a cross-sectional study, 252 eyes of 252 healthy...
The Long-term Clinical Outcome after Corneal Collagen Cross-linking in Korean Patients with Progressive Keratoconus

Kim TG, Kim KY, Han JB, Jin KH

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 2016 Oct;30(5):326-334.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.2016.30.5.326
PURPOSE: To evaluate the long-term clinical effectiveness and safety of corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL) in progressive keratoconus compared with untreated contralateral eyes. METHODS: In this retrospective study, nine eyes of nine...
The Change of Lacrimal Gland Volume in Korean Patients with Thyroid-associated Ophthalmopathy

Huh HD, Kim JH, Kim SJ, Yoo JM, Seo SW

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 2016 Oct;30(5):319-325.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.2016.30.5.319
PURPOSE: To describe the change of lacrimal gland volumes in Korean patients with thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy (TAO) via computed tomography (CT). METHODS: A retrospective review of CT images from 217 TAO patients...

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