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Pantheon der Dermatologie - Pantheon of Dermatology

Loser C, Plewig G

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):110-110.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.110
No abstract available.
A Case of Steatocystoma Multiplex Limited to the Scalp

Kim SJ, Park HJ, Oh ST, Lee JY, Cho BK

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):106-109.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.106
We report here on a 63-year-old woman who had several small, yellowish papules on the scalp for the previous 2 years. There was no family history of similar lesions. Yellowish,...
Two Cases of Annular Skin Defects Repaired with Quadruple Fan Flaps (O-X Flap)

Oh JE, Lee SM, Whang KK

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):102-105.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.102
Nowadays, patients have high expectations when it comes to minimization of postoperative scarring after dermatologic surgical procedures. When an annular lesion is being excised, normal skin should be excised, as...
A Case of Varicella Combined with Hand-foot-mouth Disease in a Healthy Child

Na SY, Son YM, Lee HY, Baek JO, Roh JY, Lee JR

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):98-101.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.98
We report here on an 11-year-old child with a pustulovesicular eruption on her whole body, including her palms, soles and oral mucosa, and this was accompanied with fever. A serologic...
A Patient with Delayed Contact Dermatitis to Coral and She Displayed Superficial Granuloma

Ahn HS, Yoon SY, Park HJ, Lee JY, Cho BK

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):95-97.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.95
Contact with coral may cause a rare type of contact dermatitis, and the resulting skin reaction can be divided into different reactions: the acute, delayed and chronic types of coelenterate...
Facial Verruca Plana That Developed after Semipermanent Tattooing

Jung JY, Shin HS, Won CH, Cho S

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):92-94.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.92
Tattooing is becoming more popular around the world. As a result, the reported complications of tattoo are increasing. Local inflammation, infection and allergic reactions are the most common adverse effects....
The Photosensitivity Localized in a Vitiliginous Lesion Was Associated with the Intramuscular Injections of Synthetic Progesterone during an In Vitro Fertilization-embryo Transfer

Choi KW, Lee CY, Lee YK, Kim YH, Kim KH

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):88-91.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.88
The cutaneous diseases associated with progesterone are autoimmune progesterone dermatitis, erythema multiforme- like eruption, drug-induced progesterone dermatitis and solar urticaria. Estrogen and progesterone are widely used in oral contraceptives and...
A Case of Skin and Soft Tissue Infection Caused by Mycobacterium abscessus

Kwon YH, Lee GY, Kim WS, Kim KJ

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):84-87.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.84
Mycobacterium abscessus (M. abscessus) is an acid-fast bacillus that's classified as a pathogenic "rapid growing" nontuberculous mycobacteria. It is an uncommon cause of human disease, but it can cause skin...
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Masquerading as Rhinophyma

Kim MJ, Kim HS, Park YM, Kim HO

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):81-83.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.81
A rhinophyma lesion can mask the existence of coexisting occult skin cancers, and many types of tumors can mimic a rhinophyma. Although several coexistent malignant tumors have been reported in...
A Case of Acquired Smooth Muscle Hamartoma on the Sole

Lee D, Kim SH, Hong SK, Sung HS, Hwang SW

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):78-80.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.78
A smooth muscle hamartoma is a benign proliferation of smooth muscle bundles within the dermis. It arises from smooth muscle cells that are located in arrector pili muscles, dartos muscles,...
A Case of Vitiligo after Kawasaki's Disease

Cho HK, Eun LY, Song JS, Kang WH, Ro BI

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):75-77.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.75
Vitiligo is a common skin disease, but its pathogenesis has not been fully determined, though an autoimmune etiology is considered likely. Kawasaki disease (KD) is an acute multisystem vasculitis of...
Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia That Was Possibly Induced by Vaccination in a Child

Jeon EK, Cho AY, Kim MY, Lee Y, Seo YJ, Park JK, Lee JH

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):71-74.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.71
Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia (ALHE) is a rare benign vasoproliferative disease of an unknown cause involving the skin or subcutaneous tissue of the head and neck, and particularly around the...
A Case of Congenital Leukemia Cutis

Choi JH, Lee HB, Park CW, Lee CH

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):66-70.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.66
Congenital leukemia is a rare disease that develops from birth to 6 weeks of life. Leukemia cutis involves cutaneous infiltration by leukemic cells and is an unusual manifestation of leukemia,...
A Case of Giant Folliculosebaceous Cystic Hamartoma

Haw S, Lee MH

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):63-65.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.63
Clinically, folliculosebaceous cystic hamartoma (FSCH) lacks distinct features, but it has been reported as an asymptomatic, 1- to 3-cm, dome-shaped nodule on the face. Histopathologically, FSCH is characterized by adnexal...
Repeated Paradoxical Aggravation of Preexisting Psoriasis during Infliximab Treatment for Crohn's Disease

Park BC, Lim HJ, Kim BS, Lee WJ, Kim DW, Lee SJ

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):60-62.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.60
As more rheumatologists and dermatologists have begun to use biological agents such as TNF-alpha blocker, they have confronted an unexpected complication: psoriasis was paradoxically aggravated or induced by the TNF-alpha...
A Case of Incontinentia Pigmenti Associated with Multiorgan Abnormalities

Chung WK, Lee DW, Chang SE, Lee MW, Choi JH, Moon KC

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):56-59.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.56
Incontinentia pigmenti is a systemic disorder affecting the skin, teeth, eyes, nervous tissue, hair, nails, musculoskeletal system, and heart. We describe an 11-month-old girl with incontinentia pigmenti associated with a...
A Case of Isolated Plexiform Neurofibroma in a Patient with Myasthenia Gravis

Back SJ, Kim DH, Kim N, Lee Y, Seo YJ, Park JK, Lee JH

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):53-55.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.53
We report a case of an isolated plexiform neurofibroma occurring in a patient with myasthenia gravis. A 48-year-old man presented with asymptomatic skin-colored nodules on the tip of his 4th...
A Case of Non-Hallopeau-Siemens Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa

Kang GS, Ko WT, Kim JH, Choi SM, Kim AS, Kim DH, Suh MK

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):49-52.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.49
Dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (DEB) is a rare group of heritable mechanobullous disorders that are characterized by blistering and scarring of the skin and mucosae and these lesions are induced by...
A Case of Diffuse Neurofibroma of the Scalp

Yoo KH, Kim BJ, Rho YK, Lee JW, Kim YJ, Kim MN, Song KY

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):46-48.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.46
A neurofibroma is a benign tumor of the peripheral nerve sheath characterized by proliferation of Schwann cells, perineural cells, and endoneurial fibroblasts. Different types of neurofibromas can be identified, including...
Aneurysmal Benign Fibrous Histiocytoma with Atrophic Features

Shin JW, Park HS, Kim BK, Kim YA, Kim MG, Won CH, Cho S

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2009 Feb;21(1):42-45.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.42
Aneurysmal benign fibrous histiocytoma is an uncommon pathologic variant of dermatofibroma. In addition to the features of a typical dermatofibroma, it has large cleft-like or cavernous blood-filled spaces with numerous...

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