J Korean Radiol Soc.  1981 Sep;17(2):193-197. 10.3348/jkrs.1981.17.2.193.

Computed tomography in the diagnosis of cavum septum pellucidum


The cavum septum pellucidum is an antomical variants of the septum pellucidum, and lying between two lateralventricles and this is referred to as the fifth ventricle. Occasionally, posterior extension of the cavum septumpellucidum towards the splenium is seen and this is known as the cacum vergae, or sixth ventricle. The septum isdouble membrane and occasionally a narrow cavity containting CSF is present between these membrane. The roof ofthe cavum septum pellucidum is formed by the corpus callosum and its floor by the anterior pillars of the fornix. This cavum outlines with air is occasionally seen in the pneumoencephalography. Brain CT scans of 1000 patientswere performed, and the diagnosis could be made on the basis of the characteristic shape, density and location. Other diagnostic procedure are not necessary in these cases. Patients were examined with CT scanner from June-'80to Dec-'80, at department of radiology, Maryknoll Hospital, and 13 cases were diagnosed. CT findings of the cavumseptum pellucidum consists of slit like elongated trianglular or wedge shape, isodensity with CSF of the lateralventricle and location between both lateral ventricles. The recognition of the CT pattern of the cavum septumpellucidum becomes exceedingly important for differenciating between midline cystic lesions, such asneuroepithelial cysts, colloid cysts, cysts of cavum velum interpositum, paracytic cysts, craniopharyngiomas, theleaves of the septum pellucidum or tumors of the corpus callosum. Before availability of the CT, radiographicexamination of the cavum septum pellucidum consisted mainly of pneumoencephalography and ventriculography, however, now CT scanning provided the best radiographic means of the demonstrating the cavum septum pellucidum.

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Colloid Cysts
Corpus Callosum
Lateral Ventricles
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Tomography, X-Ray Computed
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