Lab Med Online.  2011 Jan;1(1):57-63.

Evaluation of ABO Antibody Titration Using Tube and Column Agglutination Techniques

  • 1Department of Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine, Korea University, Seoul, Korea.


ABO antibody titration is useful for the evaluation of ABO-incompatible bone marrow or solid organ transplantations, yet the results quite vary between different test methods used. We compared the results of microcolumn agglutination and tube methods.
Anti-A and anti-B isoagglutionin titers were determined in 63 healthy individuals (23 O, 20 A, and 20 B blood groups) using 4 different methods: immediate spin tube (tube), microcolumn agglutination without anti-human globulin (AHG) (CAT), tube with AHG (tube-AHG) and microcolumn agglutination with AHG (CAT-AHG).
The median (range) titers of anti-A and anti-B in group O individuals by tube, CAT, tube-AHG, and CAT-AHG methods were 64 (8-512), 64 (8-512), 128 (8-2,048), and 128 (16-2,048); 64 (16-128), 128 (16-256), 128 (16-512), and 256 (16-512), respectively. The median (range) titers of anti-A in group B and anti-B in group A individuals by the four methods were 64 (16-128), 128 (8-128), 128 (8-256), and 256 (8-256); 64 (8-128), 64 (8-128), 32 (8-128), and 64 (8-256), respectively. The isoagglutinin titer measured by CAT-AHGmethod was the highest. The titers measured by CAT and CAT-AHG methods were 0-1 titer higher than those by tube and tube-AHG methods, respectively. Whatever method was used, the isoagglutinin titers were higher in women than in men.
CAT-AHG was the most sensitive method among the four methods tested. Since AHG titer values are critical for the clinical management and CAT has less manual procedures than tube method, CAT-AHG method could be used for the standardization of ABO antibody titration in different institutions.


Isoagglutinin titer; Microcolumn test; Tube method
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