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Inhibitory effects of a beta-dunnione compound MB12662 on gastric secretion and ulcers

Jo IG, Park D, Kyung J, Kim D, Cai J, Kim J, Kwak TH, Yoo SK, Jeong HS, Kim YB

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2013 Sep;29(3):178-181.
The effects of a beta-dunnione compound MB12662 on the gastric secretion and ulcers were investigated in rats. In order to assess the effects of MB12662 on the gastric secretion and...
Development of osteoporosis animal model using micropigs

Kim SW, Kim KS, Solis CD, Lee MS, Hyun BH

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2013 Sep;29(3):174-177.
Osteoporosis is a known major health problem and a serious disease of the bone, there has been a great need to develop more and newer animal models for this disease....
Effects of estrogen on food intake, serum leptin levels and leptin mRNA expression in adipose tissue of female rats

Fungfuang , Terada M, Komatsu N, Moon C, Saito TR

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2013 Sep;29(3):168-173.
The integration of metabolism and reproduction involves complex interactions of hypothalamic neuropeptides with metabolic hormones, fuels, and sex steroids. Of these, estrogen influences food intake, body weight, and the accumulation...
Proteomic analysis of liver in miniature pigs according to developmental stages using two-dimensional electrophoresis and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry

Yi SS, Oh SJ, Kim IY, Yeom HJ, Yeom SC, Hwang SY, Seong JK

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2013 Sep;29(3):162-167.
Due to the shortage of human organ donors for transplant, various studies of xenotransplantation, or the use of animal organs instead of human organs, have been carried out. The organs...
Focal cerebral ischemic injury decreases calbindin expression in brain tissue and HT22 cells

Ouh IO, Kim YM, Gim SA, Koh PO

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2013 Sep;29(3):156-161.
Calbindin is a calcium binding protein that controls intracellular calcium levels and has a neuroprotective function against apoptotic stimuli. We investigated the expression of calbindin in ischemic brain injury. Focal...
Systemic administration of low dosage of tetanus toxin decreases cell proliferation and neuroblast differentiation in the mouse hippocampal dentate gyrus

Yan BC, Kim IH, Park JH, Ahn JH, Cho JH, Chen BH, Lee JC, Choi JH, Yoo KY, Lee CH, Cho JH, Kim JD, Won MH

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2013 Sep;29(3):148-155.
In the present study, we investigated the effect of Tetaus toxin (TeT) on cell proliferation and neuroblast differentiation using specific markers: 5-bromo-2-deoxyuridine (BrdU) as an exogenous marker for cell proliferation,...
Morphometrical dimensions of the sheep thoracolumbar vertebrae as seen on digitised CT images

Mageed M, Berner D, Julke H, Hohaus C, Brehm W, Gerlach K

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2013 Sep;29(3):138-147.
The sheep spine is widely used as a model for preclinical research in human medicine to test new spinal implants and surgical procedures. Therefore, precise morphometric data are needed. The...
Development and application of neural stem cells for treating various human neurological diseases in animal models

Yi BR, Kim SU, Choi KC

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2013 Sep;29(3):131-137.
Stem cells derived from adult tissues or the inner cell mass (ICM) of embryos in the mammalian blastocyst (BL) stage are capable of self-renewal and have remarkable potential for undergoing...

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