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A Case of Delayed Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction in a Patient with Anti-c, Anti-E, and Anti-Jk(b)

Kim S, Hur M, Lee KM, Chun W

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2009 Aug;20(2):144-150.
Delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction (DHTR) due to multiple red blood cell (RBC) alloantibodies has rarely been reported in Korea. We report a case of DHTR in a patient with anti-c,...
A Case of Simultaneously Detecting Anti-D as an Autoimmune Antibody and Anti-E as an Alloimmune Antibody

Kang MG, Lim YA, Park KU

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2009 Aug;20(2):138-143.
We report here on a case of simultaneously detecting anti-D as an autoimmune antibody and anti-E as an alloimmune antibody without any evidence of autoimmune hemolytic anemia. A 66-year-old female...
A Case of Anti-Jk(a) Whose Reactivity Was Abolished in an Enzyme Gel Test

Shin JW, Chai GR, Bang HI, Park R, Choi TY

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2009 Aug;20(2):134-137.
We report a case of Anti-Jk(a), whose reactivity was abolished in an enzyme gel test. A 56-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital because of fever, myalgia, nausea and vomiting....
A Case of Hemochromatosis Successfully Treated by 'Double Red Blood Cell' Phlebotomy

Park BG, Min YS, Kwon SW

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2009 Aug;20(2):129-133.
Hemochromatosis is a disorder of the iron metabolism leading to organ damage, such as skin pigmentation, liver cirrhosis, heart failure and diabetes, due to progressive tissue iron overload. Phlebotomy is...
The Frequency and Distribution of Unexpected Red Cell Antibodies at National Cancer Center

Park BM, Song YK, Kim TS, Lee GH, Choi JS, Seong MW, Lee DH, Kong SY

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2009 Aug;20(2):120-128.
BACKGROUND: Performing antibody screening and identification tests before blood transfusion are important since unexpected red cell antibodies can cause acute or delayed hemolytic transfusion reactions. We investigated the frequency and...
Evaluation of Quality of Intraoperative Salvaged Red Blood Cells Processed by CATS(Plus)

Kim YJ, Lee JS, Kwon JY, Song DY, Lee EY, Son HC, Kim HH

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2009 Aug;20(2):113-119.
BACKGROUND: CATS(Plus) (continuous autotransfusion system, Fresenius Kabi, Friedberg, Germany) is a continuous, chamber type cell salvage system for performing an intraoperative autologous transfusion. We evaluated the quality of intraoperative salvaged...
A Study to Verify the Stability of Currently Stored Blood Donor Samples (A First Year Study)

Oh DJ, Youn KW, Lee JS, Kang JW, Seo HJ, Yoon MJ, Woo KN, Yoon JY, Suh IB, Kim JS, Pack HJ, Ha MN, Kwon SY, Hwang YS

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2009 Aug;20(2):105-112.
BACKGROUND: The Korean Red Cross (KRC) has stored blood donor samples for 10 years under -20degrees C since 2004. These samples have been used for investigating transfusion related infections and...
Analysis of the Reentry Test Results of the HCV Deferred Donors

Park YM, Park JY, Kang JW, Kwon SY, Oh DJ, Park QE

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2009 Aug;20(2):99-104.
BACKGROUND: The donor deferral registry (DDR) program has been operating since 2004. The donors who registered in the DDR are prohibited from donating blood. But some of them can enter...
Analysis of the Reentry Test Results of the Deferred Donors with Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Reactivity

Kang JW, Jun SW, Kwon SY, Oh DJ

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2009 Aug;20(2):93-98.
BACKGROUND: Since 2004, the donors showing hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) reactive results have been registered in the donor deferral registry (DDR). Some of them can donate blood as eligible...
Establishment of a Korean Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Low Titer Performance Panel for Performance Validation of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Immunoassays

Kwon SY, Cho YJ, Youn KW, Choi KY, Joo HA, Oh D, Cho NS, Lee JH, Ryu S, Ha GW

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2009 Aug;20(2):84-92.
BACKGROUND: A range of well characterized materials are needed for validating the performance of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) immunoassays. These materials are purchased currently from overseas manufacturers at a...
International Comparison of Blood Product Prices

Kim S, Park Q, Park JR, Kim HO

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2009 Aug;20(2):75-83.
BACKGROUND: Due to the slowing of population growth, population ageing, and more aggressive medical treatment, Korea will be faced with the challenge of blood shortage. One solution to the blood...

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