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Effect of Amyloid Deposition in PET on Hippocampal Metabolism in Amnestic-Mild Cognitive Impairment : Pilot Study

Kim G, Lee YM, Park JM, Lee BD, Moon ES, Jeong HJ, Kim SY, Lee KY, Suh H, Kim HJ, Pak K, Mun CW, Kim JH, Chung YI

  • J Korean Soc Biol Ther Psychiatry.
  • 2019 Oct;25(3):251-256.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksbtp.2019.25.3.251
OBJECTIVES: Most studies of hippocampal metabolism(HM) in amnestic mild cognitive impairment(aMCI) gave inconsistent results. Our objective was to evaluate the effect of amyloid-beta(Aβ) status on hippocampal metabolism in aMCI. METHODS: Overall,...
Comparison of Inflammatory Markers Including C-Reactive Protein between Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia and Non-Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia

Lee H, Jung M, Hong N, Jon DI

  • J Korean Soc Biol Ther Psychiatry.
  • 2019 Oct;25(3):242-250.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksbtp.2019.25.3.242
OBJECTIVES: The present study is to investigate inflammatory markers and associated clinical factors between treatment resistant schizophrenia and non-treatment resistant schizophrenia. METHODS: Of the 116 schizophrenia subjects who were hospitalized for...
The Risk Factors Affecting Suicidal Ideation in Community Dwelling Elderly Individuals and Prediction of Suicidal Ideation through Assessment Tools

Jeon CW, Lee KH, Lee K, Sakong JK, Kwak KP

  • J Korean Soc Biol Ther Psychiatry.
  • 2019 Oct;25(3):232-241.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksbtp.2019.25.3.232
OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to investigate the risk factors affecting suicidal ideation in community dwelling elderly individuals and to predict suicidal ideation through assessment tools. METHODS: We investigated 2,343 elderly individuals,...
Chronic Medical Diseases and Depressive Symptoms in a Rural Group at High Risk for Depression: A 1-Year Follow-Up Study

Chung BS, Lee D, Choi JW, Oh HO, Kang GH, Lee SS, Kim BJ, Lee CS, Lee SJ, Seo JY, Lee YJ, Cha B, Park CS

  • J Korean Soc Biol Ther Psychiatry.
  • 2019 Oct;25(3):222-231.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksbtp.2019.25.3.222
OBJECTIVES: This study investigated the effects of chronic medical diseases on depressive symptoms in individuals at high risk for depression living in rural areas, over a 1-year period. METHODS: A community-based...
The Prevalence and Psychosocial Correlates of Depressive Symptoms in Patients with Hypertension

Jeon DJ, Kim SH, Park SH, Yoon HJ, Kim SG, Kim JH

  • J Korean Soc Biol Ther Psychiatry.
  • 2019 Oct;25(3):213-221.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksbtp.2019.25.3.213
OBJECTIVES: This study investigated the prevalence and psychosocial correlates of depressive symptoms in patients with hypertension. METHODS: The participants were 124 outpatients with hypertension who were treated at the Department of...
Factors Associated with Suicidal Ideation among Community-Dwelling Elderly

Yoon HS, Shin IS, Shin HY, Kim JM, Kim SW, Yoon JS

  • J Korean Soc Biol Ther Psychiatry.
  • 2019 Oct;25(3):205-212.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksbtp.2019.25.3.205
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to investigate factors associated with suicidal ideation among community-dwelling elderly. METHODS: In total, 492 community-dwelling elderly(over 60 years of age) participated in this study....
Learning and Oxytocin

Chung YI, Lee BD, Lee YM

  • J Korean Soc Biol Ther Psychiatry.
  • 2019 Oct;25(3):192-204.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksbtp.2019.25.3.192
Neuropeptide oxytocin serves as a neuromodulator in the brain and as a hormone in the body. Oxytocin as a hypothalamic hormone causes contractions during the second and third stages of...
The Psychiatric Effects of Cannabis

Kim BS

  • J Korean Soc Biol Ther Psychiatry.
  • 2019 Oct;25(3):183-191.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksbtp.2019.25.3.183
With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada and 11 states of the U.S., the interest surrounding cannabis use is increasing. However, many people and even clinicians in Korea...
Evolutionary Hypotheses of Mental Disorder and Their Limitations

Park H

  • J Korean Soc Biol Ther Psychiatry.
  • 2019 Oct;25(3):165-182.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksbtp.2019.25.3.165
Like the body of Hominin, mind is the result of natural selection. Therefore, an evolutionary approach in the biological aspects is essential for an intrinsic understanding of mental disorders. However,...

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