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Factors of Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Tissue Acquisition for Successful Next-Generation Sequencing in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Park JK, Lee JH, Noh DH, Park JK, Lee KT, Lee JK, Lee KH, Jang KT, Cho J

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):387-394.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl19011
Background/Aims: Recent advances in understanding the genetics of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) have led to the potential for a personalized approach. Several studies have described the feasibility of generating genetic...
Appraisal of a Model to Estimate Survival in Ambulatory Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Classified as Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer Stage B

Yoo JJ, Yu SJ, Lee B, Cho EJ, Lee JH, Kim SG, Kim YJ, Kim YS, Yoon JH

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):377-386.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl19112
Background/Aims: Patients with an intermediate stage of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) represent a highly heterogeneous population; therefore, many models have been proposed to predict the survival of these patients. The aim...
Impact of Interferon-Based Treatment on Quality of Life and Work-Related Productivity of Korean Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C

Ahn SH, Choe WH, Kim YJ, Heo J, Latarska-Smuga D, Kang J, Paik SW

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):368-376.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl18100
Background/Aims: Chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections put patients at risk of serious liver disease and adversely affects patient quality of life (QoL). MOSAIC (International Multicenter Prospective Observational Study to...
High Efficacy and Safety of Flat-Dose Ribavirin Plus Sofosbuvir/Daclatasvir in Genotype 3 Cirrhotic Patients

Pellicelli A, Messina V, Giannelli , Distefano , Palitti VP, Vignally P, Tarquini P, Izzi A, Moretti A, Babudieri , Dell’Isola S, Marignani , Scifo G, Iovinella , Cariti G, Pompili M, Candilo FD, Fontanella L, Ettorre GM, Vennarecci G, Ippolito A, Barbarini

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):357-367.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl18269
Background/Aims: Patients with genotype 3 hepatitis C virus (G3-HCV) cirrhosis are very difficult to treat compared to patients with other HCV genotypes. The optimal treatment duration and drug regimen associated...
Long-term Outcomes of Adalimumab Therapy in Korean Patients with Ulcerative Colitis: A Hospital-Based Cohort Study

Oh EH, Kim J, Ham N, Hwang SW, Park SH, Yang DH, Byeon JS, Myung SJ, Yang SK, Ye BD

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):347-356.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl19137
Background/Aims: Studies on long-term outcomes of adalimumab therapy in non-Caucasian patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) are lacking. Methods: We analyzed long-term outcomes of Korean UC patients treated with adalimumab at the...
Real-World National Colonoscopy Volume in Korea: A Nationwide Population-Based Study over 12 Years

Cha JM, Kwak MS, Kim HS, Kim SY, Park S, Park GU, Lee JK, Kim SJ, Lee HH, Kim JS, Kim WH

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):338-346.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl19108
Background/Aims: Little is known about the national colonoscopy volume in Asian countries. This study aimed to assess the national colonoscopy volume in Korea over a 12-year period on the basis...
Risk Factors for Postoperative Recurrence in Korean Patients with Crohn’s Disease

Kim SB, Cheon JH, Park JJ, Kim ES, Jeon SW, Jung SA, Park DI, Lee CK, Im JP, Kim YS, Kim HS, Lee J, Eun CS, Lee JM, Jang BI, Seo GS

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):331-337.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl19085
Background/Aims: A considerable number of patients with Crohn’s disease still need intestinal resection surgery. Postoperative recurrence is an important issue in Crohn’s disease management, including the selection of high-risk patients....
Increase in the Colorectal Cancer Screening Rate by a Round-Mailed Fecal Immunochemical Testing Kit and Associated Factors in Underserved Regions of Korea: A Community-Based Intervention Study

Hong S, Shin HY, Lee B, Hwang NR, Hwang SH, Jun JK

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):323-330.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl19124
Background/Aims: Postal distribution of a fecal immunochemical test (FIT) kit has been recommended as an effective method of increasing participation in colorectal cancer (CRC) screening. The present study was performed...
Clinical Practice and Guidelines for Managing Antithrombotics before and after Endoscopy: A National Survey Study

Jeon SW, Hong SJ, Lee ST, Kim H, Chun HJ

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):316-322.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl19133
Background/Aims: The proper handling of antithrombotics is critical, and this study aimed to assess guideline adherence in the management of antithrombotics before and after endoscopy. Methods: A survey questionnaire was developed....
Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Treatment of Liver Disease: Present and Perspectives

Kang SH, Kim MY, Eom YW, Baik SK

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):306-315.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl18412
Mesenchymal stem cell transplantation is an emerging therapy for treating chronic liver diseases. The potential of this treatment has been evaluated in preclinical and clinical studies. Although the mechanisms of...
Management of Difficult Bile Duct Stones by Large Balloon, Cholangioscopy, Enteroscopy and Endosonography

Nakai Y, Sato T, Hakuta R, Ishigaki K, Saito K, Saito T, Takahara N, Hamada T, Mizuno S, Kogure H, Tada M, Isayama H, Koike K

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):297-305.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl19157
Endoscopic management of bile duct stones is now the standard of care, but challenges remain with difficult bile duct stones. There are some known factors associated with technically difficult bile...
The Role of Intestinal Fungi and Its Metabolites in Chronic Liver Diseases

You N, Zhuo L, Zhou J, Song Y, Shi J

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):291-296.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl18579
Current studies have confirmed that liver diseases are closely related to intestinal microorganisms; however, those studies have mainly concentrated on bacteria. Although the proportion of intestinal microorganisms accounted for by...
Preventing Metachronous Gastric Cancer after the Endoscopic Resection of Gastric Epithelial Neoplasia: Roles of Helicobacter pylori Eradication and Aspirin

Watari J, Tomita T, Tozawa K, Oshima T, Fukui H, Miwa H

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl19079
Whether Helicobacter pylori eradication actually reduces the risk of metachronous gastric cancer (MGC) development remains a controversial question. In this review, we addressed this topic by reviewing the results of...
A New Era of Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Tissue Acquisition for Next-Generation Sequencing for Pancreatic Cancer

Song TJ

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):279-280.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl20130
Strategies to Increase the Participation Rate of Colorectal Cancer Screening

Jung YS

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):277-278.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl20110
To Do or Not to Do: Whether to Hold or Continue Antithrombotics before Endoscopy

Kim JS, Kim BW

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2020 May;14(3):275-276.
  • doi: 10.5009/gnl20122

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