J Korean Acad Psychiatr Ment Health Nurs.  2014 Jun;23(2):113-123.

Ethical Attitudes, Perceptions of DNR and Advance Directives of General Population

  • 1College of Nursing, Jeju National University, Jeju, Korea.
  • 2Department of Nursing, Namseoul University, Cheonan, Korea. lovepdd@nsu.ac.kr


This study was done to identify differences in awareness and ethical attitudes associated with Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) and decision about advance directives among the general populations.
Participants were 193 ordinary people from 2 provinces and data were collected from December 23, 2013 to January 30, 2014. Structured questionnaires included awareness measuring tool and ethical attitudes measuring tool. Data were analyzed with descriptive analysis using descriptive statistics, t-test, and chi2-test with SPSS/WIN 18.0 program.
Most of the participants responded that they agreed on the necessity of DNR and needed to do it by guidelines, while 47.2% responded that patients and their families should make a decision about the DNR. After the decision about DNR, they also agreed that efforts should be made to give the best treatment even if a DNR decision had been made by the patient. In general, there was a significant difference in advance directives for CPR depending on gender and living with family or not.
For a professional and systematic approach to the problem, DNR guidelines sufficient to elicit social consensus are needed.


Resuscitation orders; Attitude; Perception; Advance directives

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