J Korean Acad Psychiatr Ment Health Nurs.  2014 Jun;23(2):60-69.

The Effects of Self-esteem and Family Stress on Depression of Middle-aged Couples: Analysis of Actor-Partner Interdependence Model

  • 1College of Nursing Science, East-west Research Institute, Kyung Hee University, Korea. sunghshin@khu.ac.kr


This study was done to examine actor and partner effect of self-esteem and family stress on depression of middle-aged married couples.
Participants were 133 couples aged 40-60 years, who lived in Seoul, Incheon, or Gyeonggi provinces. All measures were self-administered. Data were analyzed using SPSS 18.0 and AMOS 18.0 program.
Husband and wife's self-esteem had an actor effect (wife beta=-.45, p<.001; husband beta=-.35, p<.001 respectively) on their depression. Wife's family stress had an actor effect (beta=.27, p=.006) on her depression and a partner effect (beta=.31, p=.002) on her husband's depression. Meanwhile, it also had an indirect effect on her depression through self-esteem (beta=-.28, p<.001). Husband's family stress did not have an actor effect or a partner effect on his depression, but it had an indirect effect on his depression through self-esteem (beta=-.35, p<.001).
Results indicate that to prevent the constantly increasing depression of middle-aged married couples, programs should be conducted for both of the couple, but focused differently for wife and husband.


Middle-aged couples; Depression; Family stress; Self-esteem; APIM

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  • Figure 1 Hypothetical model.

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