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A Survey of Ectoparasite Infestations in Stray Dogs of Gwangju City, Republic of Korea

Chee JH, Kwon JK, Cho HS, Cho KO, Lee YJ, Abd El-Aty AM, Shin SS

  • Korean J Parasitol.
  • 2008 Jun;46(2):114-114.
  • doi: 10.3347/kjp.2008.46.2.114
Prevalence of Haplorchis taichui and Haplorchoides sp. Metacercariae in Freshwater Fish from Water Reservoirs, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Nithikathkul C, Wongsawad

  • Korean J Parasitol.
  • 2008 Jun;46(2):109-112.
  • doi: 10.3347/kjp.2008.46.2.109
A parasitological investigation on trematode metacercariae was made on 62 freshwater fishes of 13 species in northern Thailand; Cyclocheilichthys apogon, Puntioplites proctozysron, Labiobarbus siamensis, Barbodes gonionotus, Barbodes altus, Henicorhynchus siamensis,...
Genotyping of a Korean isolate of Toxoplasma gondii by multilocus PCR-RFLP and microsatellite analysis

Quan JH, Kim TY, Choi IU, Lee YH

  • Korean J Parasitol.
  • 2008 Jun;46(2):105-108.
  • doi: 10.3347/kjp.2008.46.2.105
Although the Korean isolate KI-1 of Toxoplasma gondii has been considered to be a virulent type I lineage because of its virulent clinical manifestations, its genotype is unclear. In the...
Mactra veneriformis, an Intertidal Clam, as a New Second Intermediate Host for Acanthoparyphium marilae (Digenea: Echinostomatidae)

Han ET, Chai JY

  • Korean J Parasitol.
  • 2008 Jun;46(2):101-104.
  • doi: 10.3347/kjp.2008.46.2.101
Metacercariae of Acanthoparyphium marilae Yamaguti, 1934 (Digenea: Echinostomatidae) were discovered in an intertidal clam, Mactra veneriformis, in a southwestern coastal area of the Republic of Korea. A total of 128...
A 27 kDa Cysteine Protease Secreted by Newly Excysted Paragonimus westermani Metacercariae Induces Superoxide Anion Production and Degranulation of Human Eosinophils

Chung YB, Kita H, Shin MH

  • Korean J Parasitol.
  • 2008 Jun;46(2):95-99.
  • doi: 10.3347/kjp.2008.46.2.95
Eosinophil degranulation plays a crucial role in tissue inflammatory reactions associated with helminth parasitic nfections and allergic diseases. Paragonimus westermani, a lung fluke causing human paragonimiasis, secretes a large amount...
Changes of Serum Adiponectin Levels in Murine Experimental Sparganosis

Yang HJ

  • Korean J Parasitol.
  • 2008 Jun;46(2):91-93.
  • doi: 10.3347/kjp.2008.46.2.91
The weight gain phenomenon associated with sparganosis has been well documented and was first recognized n the 1960s. Many studies have been conducted regarding the plerocercoid growth factor in the...
Tegumental Ultrastructure of Adult Gynaecotyla squatarolae (Digenea: Microphallidae)

Lim DS, Choi KJ, Guk SM, Chai JY, Park IY, Park YK, Seo M

  • Korean J Parasitol.
  • 2008 Jun;46(2):87-90.
  • doi: 10.3347/kjp.2008.46.2.87
Gynaecotyla squatarolae (Digenea: Microphallidae) adult flukes were recovered from experimental chicks at day 4-6 post-infection and their tegumental ultrastructure was observed with a scanning electron microscopy. They were pyriform in...
Holostephanus metorchis (Digenea: Cyathocotylidae) from Chicks Experimentally Infected with Metacercariae from a Fish, Pseudorasbora parva, in the Republic of Korea

Seo M, Guk SM, Chai JY, Sim S, Sohn WM

  • Korean J Parasitol.
  • 2008 Jun;46(2):83-86.
  • doi: 10.3347/kjp.2008.46.2.83
Holostephanus metorchis (Digenea: Cyathocotylidae) is a patrrasite of birds, transmitted by freshwater fishes. H. metorchis adults were recovered from chicks experimentally infected with metacercariae collected from freshwater fishes, Pseudorasbora parva....
Prevalence of Zoonotic Metacercariae in Two Species of Grouper, Epinephelus coioides and Epinephelus bleekeri, and Flathead Mullet, Mugil cephalus, in Vietnam

Vo DT, Murrell D, Dalsgaard , Bristow G, Nguyen DH, Bui TN, Vo DT

  • Korean J Parasitol.
  • 2008 Jun;46(2):77-82.
  • doi: 10.3347/kjp.2008.46.2.77
Fishborne zoonotic metacercariae have not been reported from brackish water and marine fish from Vietnam waters although these parasites are common in the country's freshwater fish. Both wild-caught and cultured...
Antibody Responses to Cryptosporidium Antigen in HIV-positive Patients in the Republic of Korea

Guk SM, Chai JY, Shin YO, Seo M

  • Korean J Parasitol.
  • 2008 Jun;46(2):71-75.
  • doi: 10.3347/kjp.2008.46.2.71
The diagnosis of cryptosporidiosis has been carried out using coprologic techniques in the Republic of Korea. However, antibody responses to Cryptosporidium have rarely been studied. Serum antibodies from HIV-positive/oocyst-positive Korean...
Gametocyte Clearance in Uncomplicated and Severe Plasmodium falciparum Malaria after Artesunate-Mefloquine Treatment in Thailand

Tangpukdee N, Krudsood S, Srivilairit S, Phophak N, Chonsawat , Yanpanich , Kano S, Wilairatana P

  • Korean J Parasitol.
  • 2008 Jun;46(2):65-70.
  • doi: 10.3347/kjp.2008.46.2.65
Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) is currently promoted as a strategy for treating both uncomplicated and severe falciparum malaria, targeting asexual blood-stage Plasmodium falciparum parasites. However, the effect of ACT on...
Expressed Sequence Tags of Trichinella spiralis Muscle Stage Larvae

Park HK, Chang SW, Kang SW, Cho MK, Choi SH, Hong YC, Lee YS, Jeong HJ, Yu HS

  • Korean J Parasitol.
  • 2008 Jun;46(2):59-63.
  • doi: 10.3347/kjp.2008.46.2.59
In order to obtain greater insight into the relevant genomic expression patterns of Trichinella spiralis, 992 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) were collected from a cDNA library of T. spiralis...

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