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Effects of Perceived Stress, Sleep, and Depression on Resilience of Female Nurses in Rotating Shift and Daytime Fixed Work Schedules

Jeong JL, Kwon HM, Kim TH, Choi MR, Eun HJ

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2019 Dec;26(2):111-124.
  • doi: 10.14401/KASMED.2019.26.2.111
OBJECTIVES: Healthy sleep is important and can have a positive effect on resilience. The aim of the present study was to compare the differences in resilience between two group nurses...
Analysis of State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Patients Diagnosed with Insomnia in an Outpatient Department

Lee SD, Ryu SH, Ha JH, Jeon HJ, Park DH

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2019 Dec;26(2):104-110.
  • doi: 10.14401/KASMED.2019.26.2.104
OBJECTIVES: Insomnia patients who visited the psychiatric outpatient of a university department, were divided into those patients with insomnia alone and those with depression or anxiety disorder, along with insomnia....
Development of Safety Usage Guidelines for Sedative Hypnotics Using the Delphi Technique

Nam YJ, Cho CH, Lee Y, Lee HJ

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2019 Dec;26(2):86-103.
  • doi: 10.14401/KASMED.2019.26.2.86
OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study was to develop evidence- and consensus-based clinical safety usage guidelines for sedative hypnotics using the Delphi technique. METHODS: A group of 15 sleep experts from...
Understanding and Application of Lucid Dreams in Sleep Medicine

Cyn J

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2019 Dec;26(2):75-85.
  • doi: 10.14401/KASMED.2019.26.2.75
A lucid dream is defined as a dream during which a dreamer is aware that she/he is dreaming. The existence of lucid dream has long been known in the literature,...
Sleep and Anger

Seo Y, Kim SJ

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2019 Dec;26(2):67-74.
  • doi: 10.14401/KASMED.2019.26.2.67
Anger is a multi-dimensional concept ranging from feeling irritable to violent aggression. A growing body of literature suggests the relevance of sleep in regard to anger. The current study aims...

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