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Emerging Zoonoses: the "One Health Approach"

Rabozzi G, Bonizzi L, Crespi E, Somaruga C, Sokooti M, Tabibi R, Vellere F, Brambilla , Colosio C

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2012 Mar;3(1):77-83.
Zoonoses represent a public health risk recently pointed out by the spreading of previously unknown human infectious diseases emerging from animal reservoirs such as severe acute respiratory syndrome and avian...
OccIDEAS: An Innovative Tool to Assess Past Asbestos Exposure in the Australian Mesothelioma Registry

Macfarlane E, Benke G, Sim MR, Fritschi L

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2012 Mar;3(1):71-76.
Malignant mesothelioma is an uncommon but rapidly fatal disease for which the principal aetiological agent is exposure to asbestos. Mesothelioma is of particular significance in Australia where asbestos use was...
Surveillance Programme of Work-related Diseases (WRD) in France

Valenty M, Homere J, Mevel M, Dourlat T, Garras L, Brom M, Imbernon E

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2012 Mar;3(1):67-70.
The surveillance programme of work-related diseases (WRD) is based on a network of occupational physicians who notify all WRD diagnosed during a two-week observation period. The aims are mainly to...
Outbreak of Sudden Cardiac Deaths in a Tire Manufacturing Facility: Can It Be Caused by Nanoparticles?

Kim EA, Park J, Kim KH, Lee N, Kim DS, Kang SK

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2012 Mar;3(1):58-66.
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to review clinical characteristics and working environments of sudden cardiac death (SCD) cases associated with a tire manufacturer in Korea, and review possible...
Occupational Lifting Tasks and Retinal Detachment in Non-Myopics and Myopics: Extended Analysis of a Case-Control Study

Mattioli S, Curti S, De Fazio R, Mt Cooke R, Zanardi F, Bonfiglioli R, Farioli A, Violante F

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2012 Mar;3(1):52-57.
OBJECTIVES: Lifting heavy weights involves the Valsalva manoeuvre, which leads to intraocular pressure spikes. We used data from a case-control study to further investigate the hypothesis that occupational lifting is...
Tracing New Occupational Diseases, an Introduction

van der Laan G

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2012 Mar;3(1):50-51.
No abstract available.
European Approaches to Work-Related Stress: A Critical Review on Risk Evaluation

Zoni S, Lucchini R

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2012 Mar;3(1):43-49.
In recent years, various international organizations have raised awareness regarding psychosocial risks and work-related stress. European stakeholders have also taken action on these issues by producing important documents, such as...
Assessment of Muscle Fatigue Associated with Prolonged Standing in the Workplace

Halim I, Omar AR, Saman AM, Othman I

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2012 Mar;3(1):31-42.
OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this study were to determine the psychological fatigue and analyze muscle activity of production workers who are performing processes jobs while standing for prolonged time periods. METHODS:...
Comparison of Three Different Slip Meters under Various Contaminated Conditions

Kim J

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2012 Mar;3(1):22-30.
OBJECTIVES: To challenge the problem of slipperiness, various slipmeters have been developed to assess slip hazard. The performance of in-situ slipmeter is, however, still unclear under the various floor conditions....
Association of Biomarker Levels with Severity of Asbestos-Related Diseases

Park EK, Yates DH, Creaney J, Thomas PS, Robinson B, Johnson AR

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2012 Mar;3(1):17-21.
OBJECTIVES: Asbestos-related diseases (ARDs) have increased globally over the decades, causing an economic burden and increased health care costs. It is difficult to predict the risk of development of ARDs...
Lead Poisoning: Historical Aspects of a Paradigmatic "Occupational and Environmental Disease"

Riva MA, Lafranconi A, D'Orso MI, Cesana G

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2012 Mar;3(1):11-16.
Lead poisoning is one of the earliest identified and most known occupational disease. Its acute effects have been recognized from antiquity when this condition principally afflicted manual workers and slaves,...
The Occupational Exposure Limit for Fluid Aerosol Generated in Metalworking Operations: Limitations and Recommendations

Park D

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2012 Mar;3(1):1-10.
The aim of this review was to assess current knowledge related to the occupational exposure limit (OEL) for fluid aerosols including either mineral or chemical oil that are generated in...

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