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What are the head computed tomography scan rates in children presenting with headache to an Australian community teaching hospital emergency department?

Klim S, Krieser D, Kelly AM

  • Pediatr Emerg Med J.
  • 2019 Jun;6(1):31-33.
  • doi: 10.22470/pemj.2019.00024
We aimed to determine head computed tomography (CT) scan rate in the children presenting with non-traumatic headache who visited an Australian community teaching hospital emergency department. This was a planned...
A case of hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis caused by an Epstein-Barr virus infection, presenting with unremitting fever and rash

Oh SB, Koh CY

  • Pediatr Emerg Med J.
  • 2019 Jun;6(1):26-30.
  • doi: 10.22470/pemj.2018.00297
Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) is a hyperinflammatory syndrome caused by excessive activation of lymphocytes and macrophages, leading to cytokine storm. Infection-associated HLH is most common, and Epstein-Barr virus is the leading...
Two cases of pyogenic liver abscess due to Klebsiella pneumoniae in immunocompetent children

Shin HD, Lee MS, Hong JP, Kim T, Kim DJ, Yoo JH

  • Pediatr Emerg Med J.
  • 2019 Jun;6(1):21-25.
  • doi: 10.22470/pemj.2019.00038
Pyogenic liver abscess (PLA) can be caused by bacteria entering the liver via the portal vein or primary bacteremia, or it can be cryptogenic. Recently, Klebsiella pneumoniae has been increasingly...
A rare presentation of Rapunzel syndrome with multiple small bowel intussusceptions

Min KJ, Tchah H, Kim SM, Choi JY

  • Pediatr Emerg Med J.
  • 2019 Jun;6(1):17-20.
  • doi: 10.22470/pemj.2019.00010
Rapunzel syndrome is caused by gastric trichobezoar with extended tail and small bowel obstruction. Patients with gastric trichobezoar can be asymptomatic until the bezoar increases in size. We report a...
Comparison of acute phase reactant levels of Kawasaki disease patients who visited with less than 5 days duration of fever and with 5 days or longer

Do HJ, Jeong JH, Kim DH, Kim TY, Kang C, Lee SH, Lee SB

  • Pediatr Emerg Med J.
  • 2019 Jun;6(1):11-16.
  • doi: 10.22470/pemj.2018.00304
PURPOSE: Kawasaki disease (KD) is a common, acute systemic vasculitis in children. Acute phase reactants (APRs) have been used to assist diagnosis, and to predict outcome in children with KD....
Damage control resuscitation in children

Kim JH, Ko Y, Jung K

  • Pediatr Emerg Med J.
  • 2019 Jun;6(1):1-10.
  • doi: 10.22470/pemj.2019.00066
Damage control resuscitation is a relatively new resuscitative strategy for patients with severe traumatic hemorrhage. This strategy consists of permissive hypotension and early balanced transfusion, and transfers the patients to...

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