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Pulmonary Hemorrhage with Hemoptysis in Systemic Lupus Erythematosis

Yang ES, Yoon SK, Moon KR

  • Pediatr Allergy Respir Dis.
  • 2004 Dec;14(4):409-414.
Pulmonary hemorrhage is a rare, but serious manifestation of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). In this report we describe a 13-year-old girl with pulmonary hemorrhage as the sole presenting clinical manifestation...
Effect of Cooling and Rewarming on Muc Gene and Interleukin 8 Expression in Respiratory Epithelial Cells

Kim CH, Kim WK, Jang KC, Sohn MH, Lee KE, Kim KE

  • Pediatr Allergy Respir Dis.
  • 2004 Dec;14(4):402-408.
PURPOSE: Cooling and rewarming have been described to contribute to the pathogenesis of exercise induced asthma. However, little is known about the cellular response to cooling and rewarming of respiratory...
The Efficacy and Safety of Inhaled Steroid Therapy for Prevention of Recurrent Wheezing after Bronchiolitis

Kim SR, Lim KH, Kim MJ, Kim YH, Jung JA, Yang S, Hwang IT, Lee HR

  • Pediatr Allergy Respir Dis.
  • 2004 Dec;14(4):392-401.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and metabolism of inhaled steroids to prevent recurrent wheezing after bronchiolitis. METHODS: Sixty two patients were randomly divided into...
Comparison of Clinical Effect and Compliance according to Administration Route of beta2-agonist in Childhood Asthma

Lee JH, Kim YS, Kong DY, Pyun BY

  • Pediatr Allergy Respir Dis.
  • 2004 Dec;14(4):384-391.
PURPOSE: This study was performed to evaluate the efficacy and compliance of beta2- agonist according to the type of preparations in the children with asthma. METHODS: Randomly selected 30 patients,...
Rehospitalization for Respiratory Illness in Very Low Birth Weight Infants during the First Year of Life

Sa-Kong Y, Lee BH, Jeung H, Lee YJ, Lee KW

  • Pediatr Allergy Respir Dis.
  • 2004 Dec;14(4):377-383.
PURPOSE: The aims of this study were to investigate the incidence of rehospitalization for very low birth weight (VLBW) infants due to respiratory illness during the first year of life,...
Viral etiology and Epidemiology of Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in Hospitalized Children (Choongchung Province in May 2001 through April 2004)

Park JS

  • Pediatr Allergy Respir Dis.
  • 2004 Dec;14(4):366-376.
PURPOSE: Acute respiratory tract infection is one of the most common illnesses in children. Causes of acute lower respiratory infections (ALRI) are known to be caused by bacteria, mycoplasma, and...
Diagnostic Availability of PCR in the Mycoplasma pneumoniae Pneumonia of Children

Lee HJ, Kim ES, Jeong HJ, Rha YH, Chung SJ, Cha SH

  • Pediatr Allergy Respir Dis.
  • 2004 Dec;14(4):358-365.
PURPOSE: Mycoplasma pneumoniae is one of the most common causes of pneumonia in children and adolescents. Though cold agglutinin test and specific antibody test are used in the diagnosis of...
Association of HRCT Findings Suggestive of Bronchiolitis Obliterans with Bronchial Hyperresponsiveness after Mycoplasma pneumoniae Pneumonia

Yoo Y, Suh DI, Kim DK, Yu J, Koh YY, Kim CK

  • Pediatr Allergy Respir Dis.
  • 2004 Dec;14(4):350-357.
PURPOSE: Bronchiolitis obliterans (BO) is an uncommon disease of the respiratory bronchioles and alveolar ducts that results in fibrosis and obliteration of the small airways. The causes of BO are...
Analysis of the Etiologies, Radiologic Findings, Bronchoscopic Findings, and Clinical Courses of Right Middle Lobe Syndrome in Children

Kim YJ, You DK, Park HY, Cho JM, Park YM, Shin MY, Ahn KM, Lee SI

  • Pediatr Allergy Respir Dis.
  • 2004 Dec;14(4):342-349.
PURPOSE: Right middle lobe syndrome is defined as chronic atelectasis of the middle lobe of the right lung. The purpose of this study was to analyze the etiologies, radiologic findings,...
The Relationship between Fungal Sensitization and Month of Birth in Children with Allergies

Kim ES, Kim KW, Kwon BC, Song JS, Sohn MH, Kim KE, Choi SY

  • Pediatr Allergy Respir Dis.
  • 2004 Dec;14(4):332-341.
PURPOSE: Fungus allergy is one of the major causes of atopic diseases. It has been suggested that the exposure to aeroallergens during early infancy is important in subsequent development of...
Middle Lobe Syndrome in Children

Hong SJ, Lee SY

  • Pediatr Allergy Respir Dis.
  • 2004 Dec;14(4):329-331.
No abstract available.
Early Exposure to Inhalant Allergens and Sensitization

Rha YH

  • Pediatr Allergy Respir Dis.
  • 2004 Dec;14(4):324-328.
No abstract available.
Current Trends in Asthma

Park YM

  • Pediatr Allergy Respir Dis.
  • 2004 Dec;14(4):306-323.
Asthma is a complex genetic disorder that is characterized by airway inflammation and reversible airflow obstruction. Asthma is increasing in prevalence worldwide as a result of factors associated with a...
Triggers of Atopic Dermatitis

Burks KD, Jones SM

  • Pediatr Allergy Respir Dis.
  • 2004 Dec;14(4):285-305.
Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a complex, chronic inflammatory skin disorder associated with cutaneous hyperreactivity to environmental triggers. Atopic dermatitis is often the first step in the "atopic march, " which...

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