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A Case of Tuberculous Lymphadenitis Causing Obstructive Jaundice

Lee CH, Kim JS, Lee G, Bak YT, Kim JH, Kim JG, Won NH, Jo ER, Lee SJ, Moon HY

  • KMID: 2084028
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):115-120.
Obstructive disorders of the biliary trees include occlusions of the bile duct lumen by stones, intrinsic disorders of the bile ducts, and extrinsic compressions. The most common biliary cause of...
Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography Using Barium Sulfate As a Contrast Material

Kang JK, Park IS, Chung JB

  • KMID: 2084027
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):111-114.
An occasional patient has both a pressing need for visualization of the biliary system in spite of a past history of reaction to iodinated contrast media. We report a patient,...
A Case of Anomalous Termination of Common Bile duct into Duodenal Bulb with the Gall Bladder Empyema

Shim CS, Cho JY, Jeong J, Byun HY, Lee SE, Chun YS

  • KMID: 2084026
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):105-110.
Although it is commonly appreciated that there is an inordinately large number of anormalies associated with the excretory ducts of the liver, comparatively little attention has been paid to the...
Primary Malignant Lymphoma of the Small Intestine Causing Adult Intussusception as an Initial Symptom

Chung KW, Sun HS, Park SH, Choi MG, Han JY, Yoo KD, Jung H, Rhim HY, Cho SH

  • KMID: 2084025
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):100-104.
While intussusception can occur at any age, the disease is most often seen in children and no etiologic factor can be seen in most cases of childhood intussusception. In contrast,...
Three Cases of Anomalous Drainage of Common Bile Duct into the Duodenal Bulb

Min YI, Lee SG, Lee GC, Kim TW, Lee SG, Kim MW, Park KM

  • KMID: 2084024
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):94-99.
Classic anatomical descriptions state that the common bile duct enters to the medial border of the second part of duodenum. Isolated case reports of the common bile duct in other...
A Case Report of Leiomyosarcoma of the Duodenum

Yoon CM, Yang DH, Kim SJ, Kim TD, Kim SM, Joo YE, Rheu DH, Han SW, Ji MS, Rew CS

  • KMID: 2084023
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):89-93.
Leiomyosarcoma of the duodenum is an uncommon tumor and have not specific symptoms and signs, almost all cases of tumor were diagnosed in operating room. This tumor is generally firm,...
Four Cases of Brunner's Gland Adenoma

Chung JM, Lee SH, Seol SY, Kim HT, Koo DS, Ok SC, Oh KS, Cho HD

  • KMID: 2084022
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):82-88.
Brunners gland adenoma is a benign epithelial tumor of the duodenum originating from submucosal Brunners gland. This is an extremely rare entity that account for only 10.6% of benign duodenal...
A Case of Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis Associsted with Protein - losing Enteropathy

Park JJ, Park HK, Paik SK, Hyun JL, Kim TJ

  • KMID: 2084021
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):74-81.
Eosinophilic gastroenteritis is characterized by peripheral eosinophilia, eosinophilic infiltration of the bowel and gastrointestinal symptoms. The disease may affect any area of the gastrointestinal tract. Various manifestations are present, corresponding...
Chinical Comparison of the Traditional Versus Laparoscopic Surgery in Cholecystectomy for Cholelithiasis

Whang CW, Son GS, Suh SO

  • KMID: 2084020
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):64-73.
Laparascapic Cholecystectomy is a recentely rapidly emerged, minimally invasive procedure whereby the gallbladder is removed using laparoscopic techniques. The procedure offers the patient reduced hospital stay, faster to work, less...
Histologic Diagnosis between Right Lobe and Left Lobe in Patients with HBsAg(+) Chronic Liver Diseases

Moon YM, Kang JK, Park IS, Chon CY, Chung JB, Han KH, Park CI, Lee SJ, Cho MY, Chung JP

  • KMID: 2084019
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):56-63.
We compared the histological diagnosis and activity between the right and left lobes in order to assess the sampling variability in HBsAg(+) chronic liver diseases. From May 1987 to September...
Clinical Significance of Anomalous Pancreaticobiliary Ductal Union Diagnosed by Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography

Moon YM, Kang JK, Park IS, Chung JB, Yoo HM, Choi KJ, Song SY, Chung JP

  • KMID: 2084018
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):49-55.
To evaluate the clinical significance of anomalous pancreaticobiliary ductal union(PBDU), we analysed 11 cases(0.19%) of anomalous PBDU among 5675 cases performed ERCP from Jan. 1973 to Aug. 1992. According to...
Role of Oxygen - Derived Free Radical in the ERCF - Induced Hyperamylasemia

Moon YM, Kang JK, Park IS, Chung JB, Hahm KB, Lee DK, Moon HY, Seo CH

  • KMID: 2084017
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):37-48.
There is growing evidence that oxygen-derived free radicals(OFR's) play a role in the pathogenesis of pancreatic diseases, especially of acute pancreatitis. Many types of experimental ex vivo and in vitro...
Filiform Polyposis in Non-Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A clinicopathologic analysis of five cases

Kim YI, Kim WH, Chang MS

  • KMID: 2084016
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):32-36.
Filiform polyposis(FP), an unusual form of inflammatory polyposis, has been recently designated to a lesion characterized by multiple, long slender, finger-like projections of mucosa and submucosa of the gastrointestinal tract....
Clinical Observaton of 148 Endoscopic Gastrointestinal Polypectomy

Yook EJ, Im EH, Sung JW, Kim BH, Jeong HY, Lee HY, Kim YK, Kim SG, Kim JH

  • KMID: 2084015
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):24-31.
Gastrointesinal polyp is a premalignant lesion, it is recommanded to be removed. Endoscopic polypectomy has long been considered as a safe and effective method for removal of polyps. One hundred...
Brunner's Gland Hamartoma. A Clinicopathologic Analysis of Six Cases

Kim YI, Kim WH, Chang MS

  • KMID: 2084014
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):19-23.
Pathological proliferation of Brgnners gland is rare, and its wide range of morphologieal variations have led to confusing the terminology with considerable lack of agreement. Six cases of duodenal nodular...
Endoscopic Local Injection of Hypertionic Saline Epinephrine Solution for Arrest Hemorrhage from Upper Gastrointestinal Tract: Hemostatic and diagnostic rate according to the time interval

Bae JD, Lee JH, Kang MM, Kim KJ, Choi SM, Son HS, Ahn KS

  • KMID: 2084013
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):8-18.
A prospective randomised trial was performed to assess the diagnostic accuracy according to the time interval and the efficacy of endoscopic injection of hypertonic saline-epinephrine(HS- E)solution, consisting of 3.5% sodium...
Endoscopie Variceal Ligation As an Alternative Treatment to Sclerotherapy for Esophageal Varices

Bae JD, Lee JH, Kang MM, Kim KJ, Choi SM, Son HS, Ahn KS

  • KMID: 2084012
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1994 Mar;14(1):1-7.
Currently, endoscopic injection sclerotherapy(EIS) is the most widely used method for treating and eradicating acutely bleeding esophageal varices in repeated sessions, but may be associated with some undesirable local and...

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