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A Study on Classification of Obesity for Koreans based on the Articles in the Korean Journal of Community Nutrition: Articles Enlisted from 1996 to 2011

Kim Y

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2013 Oct;18(5):525-538.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2013.18.5.525
The purpose of this study was to provide information on obesity assessment for Koreans. Among total of 1012 research papers enlisted in the Korean J Community Nutrition form 1996 to...
Effects of Nutrition Education Promoting Vegetable, Fruit, and Fish Intake on the Severity of Atopic Dermatitis in Children: Results from a One-year Follow Up Study

Lee H, Ahn K, Han Y, Chung SJ

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2013 Oct;18(5):515-524.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2013.18.5.515
Atopic dermatitis (AD) is believed to be associated with the intake of antioxidant nutrients and fatty acids due to its immunological dysfunction. The purpose of this study was to examine...
Effect of Menu Calorie Labels on Menu Sales and Consumer's Recognition at a Korean Restaurant in a Hotel

Lee D, Lee JC, Kim MH

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2013 Oct;18(5):505-514.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2013.18.5.505
Effect of Menu Calorie Labels on Menu Sales and Consumer's Recognition at a Korean Restaurant in a Hotel The role of calorie information is to help consumers make healthier food...
Evaluation of the Quality Attribute and Satisfaction on School Foodservice in 2010

Yang IS, Yi BS, Park MK, Baek SH, Chung YS, Jeong JY, Kim YJ, Kim HY

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2013 Oct;18(5):491-504.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2013.18.5.491
The purposes of this study were to analyze the quality attributes, quality factors and customer satisfaction in school foodservice and to provide suggestions for improving school foodservice environments. The survey...
A Survey on the Salt Content of Kindergarten Lunch Meals and Meal Providers' Dietary Attitude to Sodium Intake in Gyeonggi-do Area

Kim JN, Park S, Ahn S, Kim HK

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2013 Oct;18(5):478-490.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2013.18.5.478
Dietary habit of excess sodium consumption is formed mainly by excessive salt intake from the younger age and this may lead to hypertension, stroke, and stomach cancer. This study was...
Health-related Factors and Nutritional Status in Shift-workers at Coffee Shops: Focused on Single Women in Twenties in Seoul

Lee SL, Kim SJ

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2013 Oct;18(5):467-477.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2013.18.5.467
This study examined the health-related factors and nutritional status of 89 single women workers in their 20's who work night and day shift at the take-out coffee shops and the...
A Study on Knowledge and Control Beliefs Regarding Breastfeeding of University Students by Their General Characteristics and Experienced Education in Breastfeeding

Lee JY, Lee KW, Hyun WJ

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2013 Oct;18(5):457-466.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2013.18.5.457
This study was conducted to investigate the effect of breastfeeding education experience on knowledge, control beliefs, and future intention toward breastfeeding to consider the needs of breastfeeding education program of...
A Study on Dietary Habits, Body Satisfaction and Nutritional Knowledge by Body Image of Middle School Girl Students in Chungbuk Area

Yeon JY, Shin KY, Lee SK, Lee HY, Kang BW, Park HK

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2013 Oct;18(5):442-456.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2013.18.5.442
This study was performed to investigate the dietary habits, body satisfaction and nutritional knowledge according to body image of middle school girl students (n = 284). The subjects were classified...
Interrelations Among Snack Preference, Purchasing Behaviors and Intake in Upper Grade Elementary School Students: Compared by the Gender and TV Watching Time

Her ES

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2013 Oct;18(5):429-441.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2013.18.5.429
This study was conducted to examine the interrelations among snack preference, purchasing behavior and intake of fifth and sixth grade students in elementary schools in Gyeongnam province. Frequency of snack...

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