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Transfusion in ABO-Incompatible Solid Organ Transplantation

Kim H, Ko DH

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2020 Apr;31(1):70-72.
  • doi: 10.17945/kjbt.2020.31.1.70
ABO-incompatible solid organ transplantation (ABOi TPL) is a widely accepted treatment option for treating end-stage renal or liver diseases. Although the appropriate selection of the ABO blood group for transfusion...
Practical Considerations in Convalescent Plasma Therapy for Coronavirus Disease 2019

Roh J, Kim HM, Kim JN, Kim S, Kim HO

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2020 Apr;31(1):67-69.
  • doi: 10.17945/kjbt.2020.31.1.67
Convalescent plasma therapy has been used to achieve passive immunization against diverse infectious agents by administering pathogen-specific antibodies. Coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19), which originated in Wuhan, China, has recently become...
COVID-19 and Transfusion Blood

Kim MH

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2020 Apr;31(1):61-66.
  • doi: 10.17945/kjbt.2020.31.1.61
Two Cases of Successful Plasma Exchange with Unfractionated Heparin Anticoagulation in Patients Exhibiting Anaphylaxis to Acid-citrate-dextrose Formula A

Kang H, Kim DH, Jeon DS, Lee W, Ryoo N, Ha J

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2020 Apr;31(1):55-60.
  • doi: 10.17945/kjbt.2020.31.1.55
Plasma exchange performed with the aid of acid-citrate-dextrose formula A (ACD-A) is generally regarded as safe. However, unfractionated heparin (UFH) can serve as an anticoagulant for patients experiencing serious side...
The Effect of the Transfusion Indication Verification Program on the Appropriateness of Fresh Frozen Plasma Transfusion

Kim SY, Bae GH, Lee HR

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2020 Apr;31(1):43-54.
  • doi: 10.17945/kjbt.2020.31.1.43
Background: Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) has been inappropriately using in spite of limited transfusion indications. Our institution applied the transfusion indication data-entry to a computerized order system in February 2018....
Satisfaction Survey of the Regional Networks for Blood Transfusion Management Project

Lim YA, Kim KH, Jung YZ, Choi SR, Song CE, Kim JN

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2020 Apr;31(1):34-42.
  • doi: 10.17945/kjbt.2020.31.1.34
Background: The Korean Blood Safety Commission established the Regional Networks for Blood Transfusion Management (RNBTM) Project which has operated in 14 regions across the country since 2017 to help blood...
Perioperative Management of Anemia Based on Patient Blood Management

Koh JW

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2020 Apr;31(1):21-33.
  • doi: 10.17945/kjbt.2020.31.1.21
Perioperative anemia is common during surgery and is an important risk factor for the transfusion of RBC, morbidity and mortality. Blood transfusion has been a common practice for a long...
Suggestions for Specialization and Enhancing Capacity in National Blood Services

Kim HO, Cha YJ, Park Q, Choi EK, Lim YA, Seo DH, Hwang YS

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2020 Apr;31(1):5-20.
  • doi: 10.17945/kjbt.2020.31.1.5
Blood is an essential medical resource for treating diseases and trauma of people, but a limited biological resource for which no artificial production is possible. Therefore, systematic and rational management...
How Does COVID19 Affect Blood Transfusion and Blood Management?

Lim YA, Seo DH, Hwang YS

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2020 Apr;31(1):1-4.
  • doi: 10.17945/kjbt.2020.31.1.1
The scientific interest in transfusion medicine as related to COVID19 can be summarized in three important points. 1) How can we identify asymptomatic COVID19 infected potential blood donors from healthy...

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