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Tardy Ulnar Nerve Palsy after Olecranon Fracture: 3 Cases Report

Kang KS, Lee EW, Kang SY, Lee HJ, Park KH, Yoo TY

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2000 Aug;35(4):669-672.
There has not been reported that the tardy ulnar nerve palsy could be developed as a sequelae of the olecranon fracture. The purpose of this paper is to report our...
Piriformis Syndrome: A Case Report

Lee KS, Ha KW, Chung WK, Lee BT

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2000 Aug;35(4):665-668.
The most common cause of pain in the distribution of sciatic nerve is a herniated lumbar disc, Spinal stenosis, intrapelvic masses, and diabetic neuropathy may also produce scitica-like symptom. Infrequently,...
Intraosseous Ganglion in Triquetrum: A Case Report

Park MR, Lee KH, Kim SH

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2000 Aug;35(4):661-664.
We have experienced a middle aged male patient with wrist pain, and he showed a cystic lesion within triquetrum in plain radiograph. The curettage and autogenous cancellous bone graft were...
Vascular Leiomyoma of the Median Nerve: A Case Report

Lee WI, Song MR, Kim SH, Kang SY

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2000 Aug;35(4):657-660.
Vascular leiomyoma or angioleiomyoma is a uncommon benign solitary tumor that arises from the tunica muscularis of blood vessels. It is usually located in the wall of the uterus. It...
Selective Ultrasonography and Screening of Neonatal Hip

Lee SH, Park SW, Lee KS, Byun YS, Ha KW, Lee BT

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2000 Aug;35(4):651-656.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this paper was to evaluate the results and usefulness of neonatal hip screening using selective sonography prospectively. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 3,954 neonates were clinically examined and...
Clinical outcome in Cystic Diseases of Soft Tissue According to Treatment Modalities

Park IH, Kim PT, Baek JH, Kim IS

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2000 Aug;35(4):647-650.
PURPOSE: To find the most effective treatments in cystic diseases of soft tissue using three different treatment modalities. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We performed three different treatment modalities-curative excision, incision &...
The Results of Spinous Process-splitting Laminoplasty Using Heterograft Spinous Process Spacer

Chung JY, Kim YU, Joo DC

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2000 Aug;35(4):641-646.
PURPOSE: To assess the effectiveness and safety of heterograft spacer (Lubboc) as a substitute for autograft in cervical laminoplasty. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 21 patients with cervical myelopathy were treated by...
Lateral Plate Fixation in Intercondylar Fracture of the Humerus

Yang KH, Park SJ, Park SY

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2000 Aug;35(4):559-564.
PURPOSE: We reviewed the efficiency of the lateral plate fixation in 15 cases of intercondylar fracture of the humerus. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifteen patients was treated by open reduction and internal...

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