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The Histological Change of the Fractured epiphyseal Plate of the Distal End of the Femur in the Growing Rabbit

Lee HK, Lee KJ

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):301-306.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.301
The orthopaedic treatment regarding to the residual deformity secondary to epiphyseal plate injury is the most important thing. Author particularily interested in the microscopic finding upon the repair of damaged...
The Analysis of the Normal Rauges of the Hip Motion in Busan Newborns and Infants

Yoo CI, Lee SI

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):293-300.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.293
Normal ranges of hip motion ia newborns and infants is very important. The newborns and infants, it was very difficult to diffe nciate the limitation of hip motion affected by...
A Clinical Observation of Limitation of Joint Motion of Extremities

Kang SY, So BK

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):286-292.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.286
In spite of decreasing the rate of industrial accident, the number of injured work people has been rising up tendency in Korea recently. Above twe third of the accident was...
Congenital Agenesis of Odonteid Process: A Case Report

Kim YM, Hong CY, Han SH

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):281-285.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.281
Anomalous development of the odonteid precess is an uncommon clinical occurence that can seriously impair the integrity af the atlantoaxial articulation. Absence of the odontoid process may be either congenital...
Familial Absence of the Patella: A Report of three Members is a Family

Kim DH, Yoo KS, Kim KM

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):277-280.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.277
Bilateral absence of the patella as an isolated congenital abnormality is an extremly rare condition. Three members in a family were found to be afflicted with the condition. Clinical examination...
A Case of Atraumatic Aseptic Necrosis of Both Talus: A Case Report

Kim DH, Kim HG, Yoo KS

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):273-276.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.273
We report one case of aseptic necrosis of both talus which has developed without any evidence of previous trauma. Aseptic necrosis of the talus is known to occur after any...
Arthrogram of Ankle Joint

Kim NH, Um SM

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):266-272.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.266
Recently we performed arthrography in 10 cases of ankle injuries and obtained abnormal findings roentgenographically suspected to be ligamentous injury in only 8 cases. In two cases surgical exploration was...
The Tibio-Femoral Angle and the Intergonal Distance in Korean Children

Rhee SK, Kim DW, Choi CG, Roh YW

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):260-265.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.260
No abstract available in English.
Alveolar Soft-Part Sarcom: A Case Report

Park BM, Lee HY

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):255-259.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.255
Alveolar soft-part sarcoma has been originally described as a unique pathological entitiy by Christopherson, Foote, and Stewart in 1952, who have chosen its name because of their uncertainty in determining...
Osteochondritis Dissecans of Both Knee Joints

Kang CN, Choi KH, Park CT

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):250-254.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.250
A case of osteochondritis dissecans of both knee joints is developed in 15 year old boy. Since the original articles of Paget, Koning and others were reported, many theories as...
Melorheostosis Combined with Exostosis: A Case Report

Yoo KS, Kim KM, Choi KS

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):246-249.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.246
Melorheostosis is a rare from of hyperostosis characterized by candle greasing down along the major axis of long bones. A case of melorheostosis combined with exostosis in the fifth toe...
A Case of Chordoma in the Sacro: Coccygyeal Area

Kim YM, Kim SR, Han SH

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):242-245.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.242
Chordoma is a rare distinctively malignant tumor thought to be histogenetically related to the primitive notochord, It is locally infiltrative but does not metastasize until late. The usual initial symptom...
A Case of Giant Cell Tumer of Tendon Sheath Associated with Regional Bone Destruction

Byun YS, Lee HK, Bun CB

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):237-241.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.237
An giant cell tumor arising from the tendon sheath and other soft tissue of the extremities, hasbeen of clinical and pathologic interst for many years, which is the second most...
Cervical Syringomyelia: A Case Report

Lee KS, Kim KH, Oh SH, Kim HJ

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):232-236.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.232
Syringomyelia was described by Etienne et al in 1954 and was named by Ollivier in 1827 by reason of the pathologic cavitation of cord. Also it is considered a very...
Pulmonary Function in Adults with Tuberculous Kyphosis of the Spine

Woo YK, Moon MS, Kim I

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):225-231.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.225
Kyphosis and scoliosis develops from various causes, Tuberculosis is the main cause of kyphosis and spinal deformity in Korea. Such spinal deformities are frequently accompanied by cardiac and respiratory changes....
A Case of Multiple Skeletal Tuberculosis with Spina Ventosa: A Case Report

Park BD, Kim DH, Kim HG, Yoo KS

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):220-224.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.220
A case of multiple skeletal tuberculosis with spina ventosa proved by radiological and pathologicaI methods in 3 year old Korean male child is reported. It was treated with antituberculous chemotherapy...
Clinical Experience of Mismatched blood Transfusion, resulted in acute Renal Failure

Kang CN, Choi KH, Kim JH, Jung KH

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):213-219.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.213
A case report on the ABO-type imcompatible transfusion has been made. The case was O-type, 51 year old male who has been transfused 1,000ml of A-type whole blood during and...
Neurovaseular Island Pedicle Graft for Restoration of Sensation After Amputation of Fingertip Pulp

Kim CS, Byun YS, Lee HK

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):209-212.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.209
A case of the neurovascalar island pedicle graft for restoration of sensation after amputation of both thumb fingertip pulp in 17 years old male patient is presented at Department of...
Old Unreduced Anterior Dislocation of the Radial Head: Two Cases Report

Cho JL, Lee KS, Oh SH, Kim KH

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):202-208.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.202
Two cases of old unreduced radial head dislocation in children were experienced in this hospital. These were the results of neglected Monteggia fracture. Dislocated radial heads were reduced under direct...
The Time of the Fracture Union and the Influence of Growth upon Angular Deformity of Rat's Tibia

Woo YK, Moon MS

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 1976 Jun;11(2):194-201.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.1976.11.2.194
No abstract in English.

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