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A Case of Metastatic Epididymal and the Other Metastatic Testicular Carcinoma from Sigmoid Carcinoma

Jung YS, Yang DK, Kim PW, Moon CI, Lee SW, Ji HG, Choi JH, Lee JH, Shin DB, Cho SP, Yoon JC

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):706-706.
Metastatic tumor of the epididymis is a rare tumor. There are around 31 cases in the literature until now. The primary tumor was from the prostate in 18 cases, large...
Stability of Cisplatin and Etoposide in Normal Solution

Oh SC, Kim YM, You YI, Jo SJ, Kim BS, Shin SW, Kim YH, Kim JS

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):700-705.
PURPOSE: The cisplatin and etoposide had been reported to be an effective anti-tumor drug for small cell lung cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and so on. The aim of this...
Effect of Granisetron Plus Dexamethasone in the Prevention of Delayed Nausea and Vomiting

Shim JW, Lee YS, Kim HU, Jung GW, Park YH, Chang SH, Whang JY, Jang JS, Lee JS

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):690-699.
BACKGROUND: Granisetron, a new 5-HT3 receptor antagonist, was reported as a highly effective antiemetics, especially in combination with dexamethasone, in the prevention of acute emesis induced by cisplatin. But there...
Type IV Collagen and E-cadherin Expression of Progressive Uterine Cervical Epithelial Lesions

Sol MY, Kim JY

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):681-689.
PURPOSE: This study was designed to evaluate the role and the value as progression markers, of type IV collagen and E-cadherin in the pathogenesis of progressive uterine cervical epithelial lesions....
Glutathione S-Transferase Polymorphisms and Genetic Susceptibility to Cervical Cancer

Kim JW, Lee CG, Sohn YW, Min HK, Han SM, Cho EY, Kim KS, Shin JW, Kim SJ, Park TC, Lee JM, Namkoong S

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):673-680.
PURPOSE: The identification of genetic traits that predispose individuals to environmentally induced cancers is one of the challanges in the assessment of individual cancer risk. The genetically determined differences in...
Pronostic Value of The Expression of Mutant p53 and EGFR mRNA in Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder

Oh BR, Sim JH, Park CS, Ryu SB, Park YI

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):663-672.
PURPOSE: We evaluated the correlation between the clinical outcome and the expression of p53 protein and EGFR mRNA in bladder cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sixty seven patients with transitional cell...
The Detection of the Heat Production in Breast Cancer

Choi HW, Lee DW, Lee HA, Park W, Lee MH

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):656-662.
PURPOSE: It is known that heat production in breast cancer is caused by hypermetabolism, hypervascularization and hyperperfusion in the affected regions of the breast. The object of this study is...
Effect of Paclitaxol, Cisplatin, and 5-Flurouracil Chemotherapy in Advanced Stomach Cancer

Kim YH, Shin SW, Kim BS, Kim JH, Kim JK, Mok YJ, Kim JS, Song CW, Ryu HS, Kim JS, Hyun JH

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):648-655.
PURPOSE: Paclitaxel has not been used widely in gastrointestinal cancers. However, a recent phase II report of paclitaxel in patients with esophageal adenocarcinoma has suggested a possible role of paclitaxel...
Tumor Angiogenesis As a Predictor of Prognosis in Gastric Carcinoma

Im SA, Lee SN, Kim SS

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):640-647.
PURPOSE: Angiogenesis is an essential component of tumor growth and proven to be a prognostic factor in breast, cervix, prostate carcinoma and melanoma. This study was designed to define the...
Effects of Combined Splenectomy with Total Gastrectomy on the Prognosis in Gastric Cancer

Mok YJ, Kim SJ, Son GS, Cho MY, Kim YC, Kim SM

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):632-639.
PURPOSE: This study was carried out to evaluate the impact of combined splenectomy with total gastrectomy on survival and postoperative morbidity in advanced gastric cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS: We performed...
Using the Lymph Node Metastasis Prediction Program in Curative Resection of Gastric Cancer

Lee JH, Ha WS, Lee YJ, Kwon SI, Park ST, Cho YH, Lee YJ, Kwon JY, Kang BG, Jeong MH, Shon S

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):623-631.
PURPOSE: The gastric cancer is most frequent malignant disease in Korea. With increase of GNP and social welfare, lot of people pay attention to that. But many of gastric cancer...
Comparison of Radiation Therapy and Combined Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy for Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer

Lee GT, Byun JH, Hwangbo K, Mok JO, Kim ES, Won JH, Baick SH, Choi DH, Hong DS, Park HS

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):616-622.
PURPOSE: In locally advanced head and neck cancer, radiation therapy is currently unsatisfactory because the end result is often limited regional disease control and survival. A clinical study was carried...
Phase III Randomized Trial of ACNU in Addition to Surgery and Radiotherapy for Patients with Supratentorial Malignant Gliomas

Jung HW, Oh CW, Chung CK, Yang HJ, Choi KS, Han DH, Chi JG, Bang YJ, Heo DS, Kim NK, Ahn YO, Kim IH

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):608-615.
No abstract available
Study of UV DNA Repair Endonucleases with Respect to Skin Cancers

Kim J, Nam YS, Park YI

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):599-607.
No abstract available
p53 Gene Mutations in Astrtocytoma Detection by Direct DNA Sequencing

Choi WH, Choi KC, Chi JG

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):590-598.
PURPOSE: Mutations in the p53 gene have been recognized in brain tumor, and clonal expansion of p53 mutant cells has been shown to be associated with glioma progression. However, studies...
Radiosensitivity in Acquired Cisplatin-Resistant Human Stomach Adenocarcinoma Cells

Park WY, Hong WS

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):584-589.
No abstract available
The Effect of Metallothionein on the Resistance to Cisplatin in Transfected Mouse NIH/3T3 Cells

Sohn MH, Kwak JY, Yim CY

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):576-583.
PURPOSE: Metallothionein is an intracellular cystein-rich thiol-containing protein. Increased metallothionein content in tumor cells has been suggested to be a mechanism of resistance to cisplatin. In most of previous studies...
Limited Cytotoxic Effect of Adenoviral-mediated p53 Gene Transfer in Variable Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Cell Lines

Kim J, Lee SH, Hwang ES, Kim JS, Kim K, Lee JH

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):565-575.
PURPOSE: Cancer gene therapeutic strategy using p53 tumor suppresser gene have been suggested to be effective in many solid tumors including non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). To test generalized applicability,...
Effects of Interleukin-2 Transduction into the Human Hepatoma Cell Lines Using Retroviral Vector

Gong SJ, Yoo NC, Kim JH, Shin DH, Uhm HD, Jeong SJ, Cho JY, Rha SY, Kim YS, Chung HC, Roh JK, Min JS, Kim BS

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):555-564.
PURPOSE: We compared the differences between parent hepatoma cell lines and interleukin-2 (IL-2) transduced hepatoma cell lines using N2A/IL-2 and LNC/IL-2 retrovirus with regards to in vitro sensitivity to peripheral...
Expression of Rous Sarcoma Virus Enhancer Factor Gene in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Shin BA, Kim KK, Cho CK, Lee HC, Oh JS, Rhee JH, Chang MY

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1997 Aug;29(4):547-554.
PURPOSE: We have previously cloned three enhancer factor genes encoding proteins that bind to long terminal repeats (LTRs) of Rous sarcoma virus. Among these genes, RSV- EF-I gene is expressed...

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