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The Effect of Morphine on REST Expression in Human Neuroblastoma NMB Cells

Kim DK, Kim CS, Kim HJ, Kook JK, Kim SH, Lee BH, Lee YH, Mo SY, Loh HH

  • Int J Oral Biol.
  • 2010 Jun;35(2):69-74.
The mu opioid receptor (MOR) has been regarded as the main site of interaction with analgesics in major clinical use, particularly morphine. The repressor element-1 silencing transcription factor (REST) functions...
Selenoprotein S Suppression Enhances the Late Stage Differentiation of Proerythrocytes Via SIRT1

Yang HY, Chung KJ, Park HR, Han SJ, Lee SR, Chay KO, Kim IY, Park BJ, Lee TH

  • Int J Oral Biol.
  • 2010 Jun;35(2):61-67.
Selenoprotein S (SelS) is widely expressed in diverse tissues where it localizes in the plasma membrane and endoplasmic reticulum. We studied the potential function of SelS in erythrocyte differentiation using...
Mechanism Underlying NaF-Induced Apoptosis in Human Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Hur YJ, Kim DK, Lee SE, Kim IR, Jeong NY, Kim JY, Park BS

  • Int J Oral Biol.
  • 2010 Jun;35(2):51-60.
Few studies have evaluated the apoptosis-inducing efficacy of NaF on cancer cells in vitro but there has been no previous investigation of the apoptotic effects of NaF on human oral...
Mechanisms Underlying Enterococcus faecalis-Induced Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha Production in Macrophages

Choi EK, Kim DE, Oh WM, Paek YW, Kang IC

  • Int J Oral Biol.
  • 2010 Jun;35(2):43-49.
Enterococcus faecalis, a gram-positive bacterium, has been implicated in endodontic infections, particularly in chronic apical periodontitis. Proinflammatory cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), are involved in the pathogenesis of these...
Recombinant Azurin from Pseudomonas aeruginosa Induces Apoptotic Cell Death in Oral Squamous Carcinoma Cells

Kim UK, Jeon HJ, Lee MH, Kim GC

  • Int J Oral Biol.
  • 2010 Jun;35(2):35-42.
The use of bacteria in the treatment of cancer has a long and interesting history. The use of live bacteria in this way however has a number of potential problems...

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