Blood Res.  2017 Jun;52(2):95-99. 10.5045/br.2017.52.2.95.

Dapsone therapy for refractory immune thrombocytopenia patients: a case series

  • 1Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Seongnam, Korea.
  • 2Department of Internal Medicine, Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital, Hallym University College of Medicine, Hwaseong, Korea.


Dapsone has been recommended as a second-line immunosuppressive agent for patients with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP).
We retrospectively analyzed the efficacy and safety of dapsone therapy in patients with ITP.
Nine ITP patients were treated with dapsone at a dose of 50-100 mg/day between May 2013 and March 2016. All patients were refractory to multiple previous treatments, with a median of 7 agents (range, 4-8), and 3 patients had undergone a previous splenectomy. The median pre-treatment platelet count was 4×10⁹/L (range, 3-27×10⁹/L). Only 1 patient (11.1%) responded to dapsone therapy. No severe adverse events were observed, except for 1 case of dapsone hypersensitivity syndrome.
Although dapsone is still useful for some patients, it may be ineffective in heavily pretreated patients with profound thrombocytopenia.


Immune thrombocytopenia; Dapsone; Efficacy; Toxicity

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Platelet Count
Purpura, Thrombocytopenic, Idiopathic*
Retrospective Studies


  • Fig. 1 Platelet count during dapsone treatment of (A) patient 2 and (B) patient 3.

  • Fig. 2 Clinical feature of a patient with dapsone hypersensitivity syndrome. (A) Skin erythema with extensive scaling on face and neck. (B) Multiple hypermetabolic lymph nodes in both neck and axilla, portocaval, celiac axis, retrocrural, both paraaortic, aortocaval, and both external iliac and inguinal areas.

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