Restor Dent Endod.  2015 Feb;40(1):30-36. 10.5395/rde.2015.40.1.30.

A study on the compatibility between one-bottle dentin adhesives and composite resins using micro-shear bond strength

  • 1Department of Conservative Dentistry Gangnam Severance Dental Hospital, Seoul, Korea.
  • 2Department of Conservative Dentistry and Oral Science Research Center, Yonsei University College of Dentistry, Seoul, Korea.


This study was performed to determine whether the combined use of one-bottle self-etch adhesives and composite resins from same manufacturers have better bond strengths than combinations of adhesive and resins from different manufacturers.
25 experimental micro-shear bond test groups were made from combinations of five dentin adhesives and five composite resins with extracted human molars stored in saline for 24 hr. Testing was performed using the wire-loop method and a universal testing machine. Bond strength data was statistically analyzed using two way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Tukey's post hoc test.
Two way ANOVA revealed significant differences for the factors of dentin adhesives and composite resins, and significant interaction effect (p < 0.001). All combinations with Xeno V (Dentsply De Trey) and Clearfil S3 Bond (Kuraray Dental) adhesives showed no significant differences in micro-shear bond strength, but other adhesives showed significant differences depending on the composite resin (p < 0.05). Contrary to the other adhesives, Xeno V and BondForce (Tokuyama Dental) had higher bond strengths with the same manufacturer's composite resin than other manufacturer's composite resin.
Not all combinations of adhesive and composite resin by same manufacturers failed to show significantly higher bond strengths than mixed manufacturer combinations.


Compatibility; Micro-shear bone strength; One bottle self-etch adhesive; One-step self-etch adhesive; Resin composite

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Composite Resins


  • Figure 1 Preparation of specimens for Micro-Shear Bond Strength Tests. (a) Tooth slice; (b) Post-it note placement; (c) Tube; (d) Composite resin filled in the tube; (e) Specimen for micro-shear bond test; (f) Wire-Loop Method (EZ Test, Shimadzu, Kyoto, Japan).

  • Figure 2 Micro-shear bond strength plots for the experimental groups and Tukey test results for the interaction between dentin adhesives and composite resins. Horizontal bars indicate that there is no significant difference. (Black arrow) The material groups designated in the box were the combination of the adhesive and the composite resin supplied by the same manufacturer. XV, Xeno V; CD, Ceram X Duo; GB, G-Bond; CS, Clearfil S3 Bond; CH, Charisma; EQ, Estelite Quick; CM, Clearfil Majesty; IB, iBond; GD, Gradia Direct; BF, BondForce.


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