Lab Med Online.  2013 Jul;3(3):131-137. 10.3343/lmo.2013.3.3.131.

Evaluation of the Mindray BC-6800 Complete Blood Counts Analyzer

  • 1Department of Laboratory Medicine, Hallym University College of Medicine, Anyang, Korea.


The BC-6800 (Mindray, China) is a recently developed hematology analyzer that utilizes 'SF Cube Technology' to improve the reliability of complete blood counts (CBC), white blood cell (WBC) differentials, and erythroblast counts. In this study, we evaluated the performance of the BC-6800 for CBC, WBC differentials, reticulocyte counts, and erythroblast counts and analyzed the efficiency of its flag system.
Specimens from 100 healthy controls and 95 patients were used. We performed precision and correlation studies of CBC, WBC differentials, reticulocyte counts, and erythroblast counts. We also analyzed the efficiency of the flag system in detecting abnormal blood cells.
The coefficients of variation (CVs) of precision were <2% for most CBC parameters and <5% for neutrophil, eosinophil, and reticulocyte counts. The results obtained using the BC-6800 were well correlated with those of the ADVIA 2120 (Siemens, USA) and LH 750 (Beckman Coulter Corporation, USA). The correlation coefficients (r) were >0.9800 for CBC except erythrocyte indices, and >0.9500 for WBC differentials except monocyte and basophil. The WBC differentials and erythroblast counts obtained using the BC-6800 were well correlated with those of manual counts. The efficiencies of the flag system were 77.9% for Blasts, 82.1% for Immature Gran, 86.3% for Atypical Lymph, and 92.6% for NRBC present.
The BC-6800 showed good precision and correlation with pre-existing hematology analyzers. The flag systems were quite efficient for detecting abnormal blood cells. Our study demonstrated that the BC-6800 hematology analyzer exhibits suitable performance and is helpful in routine laboratories.


BC-6800; Hematology analyzer; CBC; Erythroblast; Flag

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  • Fig. 1 'SF Cube Technology' of the BC-6800. After reaction with reagents, the blood cells undergo 3D analysis using information from laser light scatter at two angles and fluorescence signals.

  • Fig. 2 Comparison of WBC differentials between the BC-6800 and manual differential counts (N=186).

  • Fig. 3 Comparison of nucleated red blood cell counts between BC-6800 and manual count (N=95).

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자동혈구분석기 Mindray BC-6200의 성능 평가; Sysmex XE-2100 및 현미경 수기법과의 비교
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