Lab Med Online.  2013 Jan;3(1):23-28. 10.3343/lmo.2013.3.1.23.

The Comparison between Serologic Tests and Magicplex HepaTrio Real-time PCR in the Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis

  • 1Department of Laboratory Medicine, Hanyang University Medical Center, Seoul, Korea.


Magicplex HepaTrio Real-time PCR (Magicplex, Seegene, Korea) simultaneously detects and distinguishes each type of hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C viruses. We investigated the diagnostic performance of Magicplex in comparison with that of serologic test.
We tested and analyzed 184 serum samples for hepatitis A IgM antibody (IgM antiHAV), hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg), and anti-hepatitis C virus antibody (antiHCV). Serologic markers including IgM antiHAV, HBsAg, and antiHCV were tested with electrochemiluminescence immunoassay method. We calculated positive rates of the test results and concordance rates between serologic tests and Magicplex.
The positive rates of IgM antiHAV, HBsAg, and antiHCV using serologic methods were 15.2% (28/184), 13.6% (25/184), and 8.2% (15/184), respectively. The positive rates of the corresponding viral nucleic acid detection by Magicplex were 18.5% (34/184), 16.3% (30/184), and 4.3% (8/184), respectively. The concordance rates between serologic test and Magicplex were 95.7% (176/184) in hepatitis A, 97.3% (179/ 184) in hepatitis B, and 96.2% (177/184) in hepatitis C.
In our study, the concordance rates between Magicplex and traditional serologic tests are over 95%. Magicplex could not yet totally replace traditional serologic tests because there are some possibilities of cross reaction among the hepatitis viruses and false negative results in hepatitis C. If Magicplex resolves these problems, it would be a useful tool for screening test for the diagnosis of viral hepatitis as it provides an automated, easy, and simultaneous detection of the 3 major hepatitis viruses.


Magicplex; Real-time PCR; Hepatitis; Serologic test
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