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Regional Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data Improve Screening Accuracy of Subjective Memory Complaints and Informant Reports of Cognitive Decline

Yim SJ, Yi D, Byun MS, Sung K, Lee DY

Objective We investigated whether the addition of Alzheimer’s disease-signature region cortical thickness (AD-Ct) and hippocampal volume (Hv) obtained from brain MRI to subjective memory complaints and informant-reports of cognitive decline...
Intramuscular Giant Lipoma of the Anterior Compartment of the Ankle: A Case Report

Jang MG, Song JH, Yi JW, Kim DY

Intramuscular lipomas are benign adipose tumors of the soft tissues that may resemble liposarcomas because of their size, deep location, and occasionally infiltrative growth. An awareness of their existence is...
Components of human breast milk: from macronutrient to microbiome and microRNA

Kim SY, Yi DY

Human breast milk (HBM) is essential for the infant’s growth and development right after birth and is an irreplaceable source of nutrition for early human survival. Various infant formulas have...
KSNR Clinical Consensus Statements: Rehabilitation of Patients with Parkinson's Disease

KSNR PD Writing Group, Kim DY, Oh HM, Bok SK, Chang WH, Choi Y, Chun MH, Han SJ, Han TR, Jee S, Jung SH, Jung HY, Jung TD, Kim MW, Kim EJ, Kim HS, Kim YH, Kim Y, Kim DY, Kim DY, Kim DK, Ko SH, Ko MH, Lee JK, Lee J, Lee SJ, Lee SG, Lim SH, Oh BM, Paik NJ, Park KD, Park SW, Park GY, Park JH, Park YG, Pyun SB, Ryu B, Seo HG, Shin YI, Sohn MK, Yang SN, Yoo SD, Yoo WK

Clinical consensus statements (CCSs) aim to improve care for patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) and reduce the variability of rehabilitation methods in clinical practice. A literature search was conducted to...
Carcinoid tumor of gallbladder in a dog

Woo SH, Go DM, Cheon D, Kim JH, Choi G, Oh YI, Kim DY

A 7-year-old female mixed-breed dog was presented to a veterinary clinic for pyometra. During abdominal ultrasonography, an abnormal finding was noted in the gallbladder. A cholecystectomy was performed. Grossly, the...
Splenic myxoid liposarcoma in a dog

Go DM, Woo SH, Cheon D, Kim J, Oh YI, Kim DY

A 7-year-old Maltese was presented to a veterinary clinic for a history of anorexia, soft feces, and anemia. During abdominal sonography and computed tomography imaging, splenic mass was suspected. Laparotomy...
Comparison of Amyloid Positivity Rate and Accumulation Pattern between Amnestic and Non-Amnestic Type Mild Cognitive Impairment

Lee SH, Lee JH, Byun MS, Yi D, Jung G, Park JE, Lee DY

Objective We aimed to compare cerebral beta-amyloid protein (Aβ) positivity rate and amyloid accumulation pattern on amyloid positron emission tomography (PET) between mild cognitive impairment (MCI) subtypes, i.e. amnestic mild...
Effects of Sedation Performed by an Anesthesiologist on Pediatric Endoscopy: a Single-Center Retrospective Study in Korea

Yang SM, Yi DY, Choi GJ, Lim IS, Chae SA, Yun SW, Lee NM, Kim SY, Choi ES

Background: Endoscopy is used for diagnosing and treating various digestive diseases in children as well as in adults. However, in pediatric patients, it is recommended that sufficient sedation should be...
Severe or Profound Sensorineural Hearing Loss Caused by Novel USH2A Variants in Korea: Potential Genotype-Phenotype Correlation

Lee SY, Joo K, Oh J, Han JH, Park HR, Lee S, Oh DY, Woo SJ, Choi BY

Objectives. We, herein, report two novel USH2A variants from two unrelated Korean families and their clinical phenotypes, with attention to severe or more than severe sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL). Methods. Two...
Normative Data of the Phonemic Fluency Test in Korean Middle-Aged and Elderly Population

Yi D, Lee Y, Joung H, Kim H, Ahn H, Byun MS, Lee JH, Byeon GH, Lee DY, KBASE Research Group

  • KMID: 2500622
  • J Korean Geriatr Psychiatry.
  • 2020 Apr;24(1):22-27.
Objective:The available normative data for the phonemic fluency test in Korean older adults have concerns for its utility. The aim of the currently study is to provide the normative data...
The Effect of Holder Pasteurization and Storage on Macronutrients in Donor Human Milk

Kim J, Lee NM, Yi DY, Chung SH, Choi YS

Objective Milk delivered to human milk banks should be pasteurized and stored at −20℃ in order to inactivate any microbial agents that may be present. We aimed to quantify the changes...
Factors Associated to Returning Home in the First Year after Stroke

Kim SH, Shin YI, Kim SC, Ko SH, Kim DY, Lee J, Sohn MK, Lee SG, Oh GJ, Lee YS, Joo MC, Han EY, Han J, Chang WH, Min JH, Kim YH

The objective of this study was to investigate factors affecting the return home one year after a stroke. The subjects of this study consisted of patients who participated in a...
Performance Evaluation of Newly Developed Korean Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Panels for MicroScan System Using Clinical Isolates from Teaching Hospitals in Korea

Kang DY, Hong JS, Park BY, Jang IH, Kim D, Lee H, Jeong SH

BACKGROUND: Antimicrobial resistant continues to pose a threat to public health. Therefore, rapid and accurate antimicrobial susceptibility testing is very important. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the...
Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reactions to Antiepileptic Drugs: A Nationwide Registry-Based Study in Korea

Park CS, Kang DY, Kang MG, Kim S, Ye YM, Kim SH, Park HK, Park JW, Nam YH, Yang MS, Jee YK, Jung JW, Kim SH, Kim CW, Kim MY, Kim JH, Lee J, Lee JG, Kim SH, La HO, Kim MH, Park SJ, Koh YI, Lee SM, Kwon YE, Jin HJ, Kim HK, Kang HR, Choi JH, Korean Registry of Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reactions Consortium

PURPOSE: Severe cutaneous adverse reactions (SCARs), including Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS), toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN), and drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms (DRESS) to antiepileptic drug (AED), are rare, but...
Comparison study of the response with botulinum toxin muscle injection in the ICR mice from three different sources

Seo MS, Kim YI, Kang KK, Oh SK, Sung SE, Jung YS, Cho JY, Song H, Hwang DY, Park SJ, Kim KS

Botulinum-toxin A (BoNT/A) is a widely used not only for cosmetics but also for various experimental purposes including muscle-related research. In this study, we applied BoNT/A to mouse muscle of...
Erratum to: Impact of Functional Status on Noncardioembolic Ischemic Stroke Recurrence Within 1 Year: The Korean Stroke Cohort for Functioning and Rehabilitation Study

Kim MS, Joo MC, Sohn MK, Lee J, Kim DY, Lee SG, Shin YI, Kim SY, Oh GJ, Lee YS, Han EY, Han J, Ahn J, Chang WH, Kim YH

At the request of the author, the author's alphabetical affiliation and address should be as follow.
Pityriasis Versicolor on Becker's Nevus

Oh DY, Kim JS, Lee HY, Jeon YJ, Lee JS, Koo DW, Jung KE

No abstract available.
Risk Factors of Central Venous Catheter Leakage in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Kim YD, Lee NM, Kim SY, Yi DY, Yun SW, Chae SA, Lim IS

OBJECTIVE: Leakage of central venous catheter in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a serious complication that can lead to death. The purpose of this study was to identify the...
Macronutrient Analysis of Human Milk according to Storage and Processing in Korean Mother

Kim MH, Shim KS, Yi DY, Lim IS, Chae SA, Yun SW, Lee NM, Kim SY, Kim S

PURPOSE: As the importance of breastfeeding has been reinforced, human milk is often stored for practical reasons. Therefore, we evaluated optimal storage and processing methods for human milk from a...
A Permanent Hair Loss in a Patient with Hypersensitivity to Intralesional Triamcinolone Injection

Lee YI, Lee M, Lee S, Kim DY

Despite multiple possible side effects, mesotherapy with a diverse mixture of unapproved products has been performed for the treatment of hair loss. In this case report, we present a rare...

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