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Agomelatine for the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A Meta-Analysis

Wang SM, Woo YS, Kim NY, Na HR, Lim HK, Bahk WM

Objective: Despite multiple drugs available, a large proportion of patients with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) do not show adequate response and remission. Thus, additional novel pharmacological agents are needed to...
Differential Impact of Cigarette Smoking on Fracture Risks in Subjective Cognitive Decline and Dementia: A Nationwide Longitudinal Study

Um YH, Wang SM, Han Kd, Kim NY, Kang DW, Na HR, Lee CU, Lim HK

Objective We aimed to explore the differential impact of cigarette smoking on fracture risks in SCD and dementia. Methods A nationwide population-based cohort study design was used. Out of all the...
Effects of Moderate Intensity Exercise on the Cortical Thickness and Subcortical Volumes of Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease Patients: A Pilot Study

Um YH, Wang SM, Kim NY, Kang DW, Na HR, Lee CU, Lim HK

Objective We aimed to explore the impact of moderate intensity exercise on the cortical thickness and subcortical volumes of preclinical Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients. Methods Sixty-three preclinical AD patients with magnetic...
Serum proteomics analysis of feline mammary carcinoma based on label-free and PRM techniques

Zheng JS, Wei RY, Wang Z, Zhu TT, Ruan HR, Wei X, Hou KW, Wu R

Background: Feline mammary carcinoma is the third most common cancer that affects female cats. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to screen differential serum proteins in feline and clarify the...
The Influence of Current Mood States on Screening Accuracy of the Mood Disorder Questionnaire

Wang HR, Bahk WM, Yoon BH, Kim MD, Jung YE, Min KJ, Hong J, Woo YS

Objective: In this study we investigated whether current mood states of patients with bipolar disorder have an influence on the screening accuracy of the Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ). Methods: A total...
Drug hypersensitivity reactions in Asia: regional issues and challenges

Thong BY, Lucas M, Kang HR, Chang YS, Li PH, Tang MM, Yun J, Fok JS, Kim BK, Nagao M, Rengganis , Tsai YG, Chung WH, Yamaguchi , Rerkpattanapipat T, Kamchaisatian W, Leung TF, Yoon HJ, Zhang L, Latiff AH, Fujisawa T, Thien F, Castells M, Demoly P, Wang JY, Pawankar R

There are geographical, regional, and ethnic differences in the phenotypes and endotypes of patients with drug hypersensitivity reactions (DHRs) in different parts of the world. In Asia, aspects of drug...
Downregulation of SIRT2 by Chronic Stress Reduces Expression of Synaptic Plasticity-related Genes through the Upregulation of Ehmt2

Wang SE, Ko SY, Jo S, Jo HR, Han J, Kim YS, Son H

Silent information regulator 2 (Sirtuin2 / SIRT2) is a NAD⁺-dependent deacetylase that regulates the cellular oxidative stress response. It modulates transcriptional silencing and protein stability through deacetylation of target proteins...
Methylation Status of Transcriptional Modulatory Genes Associated with Colorectal Cancer in Northeast China

Gao HL, Wang X, Sun HR, Zhou JD, Lin SQ, Xing YH, Zhu L, Zhou HB, Zhao YS, Chi Q, Liu YP

BACKGROUND/AIMS: Methylation status plays a causal role in carcinogenesis in targeted tissues. However, the relationship between the DNA methylation status of multiple genes in blood leukocytes and colorectal cancer (CRC)...
Korean Medication Algorithm for Depressive Disorders 2017: Third Revision

Seo JS, Bahk WM, Wang HR, Woo YS, Park YM, Jeong JH, Kim W, Shim SH, Lee JG, Jon DI, Min KJ

OBJECTIVE: In 2002, the Korean Society for Affective Disorders developed the guidelines for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD), and revised it in 2006 and 2012. The third revision...
Sputasol (Dithiothreitol 0.54%) Improves the Detection of Human Papillomaviruses Using the Cobas 4800 System

Wang QY, Zhang HR, Gao Y, Li RH, Shang XH

No abstract available.
Predictors of a Shorter Time to Hospitalization in Patients with Bipolar Disorder: Medication during the Acute and Maintenance Phases and Other Clinical Factors

Shim IH, Woo YS, Wang HR, Bahk WM

OBJECTIVE: The present study was conducted to compare the effects of pharmacological treatments during the acute and maintenance phases of mood episodes, sociodemographic, and clinical characteristics between a shorter time...
Korean Medication Algorithm for Depressive Disorder: Comparisons with Other Treatment Guidelines

Wang HR, Bahk WM, Seo JS, Woo YS, Park YM, Jeong JH, Kim W, Shim SH, Lee JG, Jon DI, Min KJ

In this review, we compared recommendations from the Korean Medication Algorithm Project for Depressive Disorder 2017 (KMAP-DD 2017) to other global treatment guidelines for depression. Six global treatment guidelines were...
Psychometric Properties of the Hypomania Checklist-32 in Korean Patients with Mood Disorders

Yoon BH, Angst J, Bahk WM, Wang HR, Bae SO, Kim MD, Jung YE, Min KJ, Lee HB, Won S, Hong J, Choi MS, Jon DI, Woo YS

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to examine the validity of the Korean version of the Hypomania Checklist-32, second revision (HCL-32-R2) in mood disorder patients. METHODS: A total of 454...
Burden of Respiratory Disease in Korea: An Observational Study on Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma, COPD, and Rhinosinusitis

Yoo KH, Ahn HR, Park JK, Kim JW, Nam GH, Hong SK, Kim MJ, Ghoshal AG, Muttalif A, Lin HC, Thanaviratananich S, Bagga S, Faruqi R, Sajjan S, Baidya S, Wang DY, Cho SH

PURPOSE: The Asia-Pacific Burden of Respiratory Diseases (APBORD) study is a cross-sectional, observational one which has used a standard protocol to examine the disease and economic burden of allergic rhinitis...
Bioequivalence of Generic and Brand Name Clozapine in Korean Schizophrenic Patients: A Randomized, Two-Period, Crossover Study

Woo YS, Wang HR, Yoon BH, Lee SY, Lee KH, Seo JS, Bahk WM

OBJECTIVE: Clozapine is the treatment of choice for refractory schizophrenia. The aim of this study was to compare the pharmacokinetics of the brand name (Clozaril) formulation and a generic formulation (Clzapine)...
Genetic Diversity of Toxoplasma gondii Strains from Different Hosts and Geographical Regions by Sequence Analysis of GRA20 Gene

Ning HR, Huang SY, Wang JL, Xu QM, Zhu XQ

Toxoplasma gondii is a eukaryotic parasite of the phylum Apicomplexa, which infects all warm-blood animals, including humans. In the present study, we examined sequence variation in dense granule 20 (GRA20)...
Difference in Treatment Outcome in Hospitalized Major Depression Patients with versus without Anxious Distress Specifier in DSM-5

Kim SW, Wang HR, Woo YS, Jun TY, Bahk WM

OBJECTIVE: In Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition (DSM-5), a new specifier of major depressive disorder (MDD) "with anxious distress" allows characterization of additional symptoms. The aim...
Korean Medication Algorithm for Bipolar Disorder 2014: Depressive Episode

Seo JS, Bahk WM, Lee JG, Woo YS, Jeong JH, Wang HR, Kim MD, Sohn I, Shim SH, Min KJ, Jon DI, Shin YC, Yoon BH

  • KMID: 2287781
  • Korean J Psychopharmacol.
  • 2014 Apr;25(2):68-78.
OBJECTIVE: Since the Korean Medication Algorithm Project for Bipolar Disorder (KMAP-BP) was developed in 2002, the third revision of KMAP-BP was performed in 2014 in order to reflect the recent...
Korean Medication Algorithm for Depressive Disorder: Comparisons with Other Treatment Guidelines

Wang HR, Bahk WM, Park YM, Lee HB, Song HR, Jeong JH, Seo JS, Lim ES, Hong JW, Kim W, Jon DI, Hong JP, Woo YS, Min KJ

  • KMID: 2316324
  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2014 Jan;11(1):1-11.
We aimed to compare the recommendations of the Korean Medication Algorithm Project for Depressive Disorder 2012 (KMAP-DD 2012) with other recently published treatment guidelines for depressive disorder. We reviewed a...
Agomelatine: The Novel Antidepressant

Woo YS, Wang HR, Bahk WM

  • KMID: 2287863
  • Korean J Psychopharmacol.
  • 2014 Jan;25(1):1-10.
Major depression is a common mental illness, associated with high morbidity and mortality. Antidepressants have been the first-line therapies due to their confirmed efficacy, however, considering high rate of poor...

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