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Association between body temperature measured at the emergency department with prognosis in septic shock patients

Choi JH, Park YS, Chung SP, Shin TG, Kim WY, Choi SH, Jo YH, Kang GH, Shin J, Lim TH, Han KS, Suh GJ, Korean Shock Society (KoSS) Investigators

  • KMID: 2506061
  • J Korean Soc Emerg Med.
  • 2020 Aug;31(4):346-354.
Objective: Prior studies have explored the relationship between initial body temperature (BT) and mortality in patients with sepsis in the emergency department (ED). However, there has been no study on...
Changes in Characteristics of Patients with Liver Cirrhosis Visiting a Tertiary Hospital over 15 Years: a Retrospective Multi-Center Study in Korea

Jang WY, Chung WJ, Jang BK, Hwang JS, Lee HJ, Hwang MJ, Kweon YO, Tak WY, Park SY, Lee SH, Lee CH, Kim BS, Kim SH, Suh JI, Park JG

Background: Liver cirrhosis has become a heavy burden not only for patients, but also for our society. However, little is known about the recent changes in clinical outcomes and characteristics...
Clinical Targeted Next-Generation sequencing Panels for Detection of Somatic Variants in Gliomas

Shin H, Sa JK, Bae JS, Koo H, Jin S, Cho HJ, Choi SW, Kyoung JM, Kim JY, Seo YJ, Joung JG, Kim NKD, Son DS, Chung J, Lee T, Kong DS, Choi JW, Seol HJ, Lee JI, Suh YL, Park WY, Nam DH

Purpose Targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) panels for solid tumors have been useful in clinical framework for accurate tumor diagnosis and identifying essential molecular aberrations. However, most cancer panels have been...
Neuroimaging in Randomized, Multi-Center Clinical Trials of Endovascular Treatment for Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Systematic Review

Suh CH, Jung SC, Kim B, Cho SJ, Woo DC, Oh WY, Lee JG, Kim KW

Appropriate use and analysis of neuroimaging techniques is an inevitable aspect of clinical trials for patients with acute ischemic stroke. Neuroimaging examinations were recently used to define the core eligibility...
The Effect of Education and Vitamin D Supplementation on the Achievement of Optimal Vitamin D Level in Korean Postmenopausal Women

Lee CJ, Kim SS, Suh WY, Kim JS, Jung JG, Yoon SJ, Seo YR, Yang HJ

BACKGROUND: Despite daily vitamin D recommendations, women with osteoporosis may not achieve optimal 25-hydroxy-vitamin D (25[OH]D) levels. We retrospectively evaluated the effect of education and vitamin D supplementation (1,000 IU/day)...
Daclatasvir and asunaprevir combination therapy for patients with chronic hepatitis C virus genotype 1b infection in real world

Oh JY, Kim BS, Lee CH, Song JE, Lee HJ, Park JG, Hwang JS, Chung WJ, Jang BK, Kweon YO, Tak WY, Park SY, Jang SY, Suh JI, Kwak SG

BACKGROUND/AIMS: Previous studies have reported a high rate of sustained virologic response (SVR) and a low rate of serious adverse events with the use of daclatasvir (DCV) and asunaprevir (ASV)...
Dummy Run of Quality Assurance Program before Prospective Study of Hippocampus-Sparing Whole-Brain Radiotherapy and Simultaneous Integrated Boost for Multiple Brain Metastases from Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: Korean Radiation Oncology Group (KROG) 17-06 S

Chung E, Noh JM, Lee KC, Kim JH, Chung WK, Suh YG, Lee JA, Seol KH, Wu HG, Kim YS, Noh OK, Park JW, Lee DS, Lee J, Kim YS, Park WY, Kang MK, Jo S, Ahn YC

PURPOSE: Lung Cancer Subcommittee of Korean Radiation Oncology Group (KROG) has recently launched a prospective clinical trial (KROG 17-06) of hippocampus-sparing whole brain radiotherapy (HS-WBRT) with simultaneous integrated boost (SIB)...
Quick Sepsis-related Organ Failure Assessment score is not sensitive enough to predict 28-day mortality in emergency department patients with sepsis: a retrospective review

Kim KS, Suh GJ, Kim K, Kwon WY, Shin J, Jo YH, Lee JH, Lee H

OBJECTIVE: To test the hypothesis that the quick Sepsis-related Organ Failure Assessment (qSOFA) score, derived from vital signs taken during triage and recommended by current sepsis guidelines for screening patients...
Vitiligo with Leukotrichia Following Topical Diphenylcyclopropenone Immunotherapy for Acute Diffuse and Total Alopecia

Park JB, Seong SH, Jang JY, Yang MH, Kim JH, Suh KS, Sim WY, Jang MS

Leukotrichia is defined as depigmentation of hair within vitiligo macules and is considered indicative of the destruction of the melanocyte reservoir within the hair follicle. A 15-year-old woman with acute...
Development of Squamous Cell Carcinoma from Actinic Keratosis after Ingenol Mebutate Gel Use

Choi JW, Suh DW, Lew BL, Sim WY

Ingenol mebutate gel is a new short-term topical treatment approved in 2012 by the US Food and Drug Administration and its efficacy has been demonstrated in numerous studies. To report...
Neuroimaging in Acute Ischemic Stroke: Role and Recent Advances

Cho SJ, Jung SC, Suh CH, Kim KW, Woo DC, Oh WY, Lee JG, Kim BJ

Neuroimaging plays a key role in assessing the detection of acute hemorrhage, diagnosis of infarct core, detection of steno-occlusive arteries, mismatch between infarct core and penumbra, and collateral circulation in...
Stasis Dermatitis Associated with Budd-Chiari Syndrome

Won YY, Suh DW, Lew BL, Sim WY

No abstract available.
A case of microscopic polyangiitis presenting with acute spinal subdural hemorrhage

Suh WY, Lee EK

This report describes a case of a 62-year-old woman with microscopic polyangiitis (MPA) who developed acute spinal subdural hemorrhage. MPA was confirmed by positive autoantibodies to myeloperoxidase and focal segmental...
Comparison of Intubation Efficiency by Suction Device in a Hemorrhagic Airway Manikin Model: Yankauer Suction Tip vs. Polyvinyl Chloride Catheter Suction Tip

Lee HB, Jung YS, Suh GJ, Kwon WY

PURPOSE: Tracheal intubation in a hemorrhagic airway is a difficult procedure because the visibility can be obscured by blood or vomitus. Several devices and methods have been developed to overcome...
Association between the simultaneous decrease in the levels of soluble vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 and S100 protein and good neurological outcomes in cardiac arrest survivors

Kim MJ, Kim T, Suh GJ, Kwon WY, Kim KS, Jung YS, Ko JI, Shin SM, Lee AR

OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to determine whether simultaneous decreases in the serum levels of cell adhesion molecules (intracellular cell adhesion molecule-1 [ICAM-1], vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 [VCAM-1], and E-selectin) and...
Characteristics and outcomes of patients with septic shock who transferred to the emergency department in tertiary referral center: multicenter, retrospective, observational study

Kim MG, Shin TG, Jo IJ, Kim WY, Ryoo SM, Chung SP, Beom JH, Choi SH, Kim K, Jo YH, Kang GH, Suh GJ, Shin J, Lim TH, Han KS, Hwang SY, for the Korean Shock Society (KoSS) Investigators

OBJECTIVE: We evaluated the clinical characteristics and prognoses of patients with septic shock who transferred to the emergency department (ED) in a tertiary referral center. METHODS: This study was performed using...
Chronic Hepatitis B Infection Is Significantly Associated with Chronic Kidney Disease: a Population-based, Matched Case-control Study

Kim SE, Jang ES, Ki M, Gwak GY, Kim KA, Kim GA, Kim DY, Kim DJ, Kim MW, Kim YS, Kim YS, Kim IH, Kim CW, Kim HD, Kim HJ, Park NH, Baik SK, Suh JI, Song BC, Song IH, Yeon JE, Lee BS, Lee YJ, Jung YK, Chung WJ, Cho SB, Cho EY, Cho HC, Cheon GJ, Chae HB, Choi D, Choi SK, Choi HY, Tak WY, Heo J, Jeong SH

BACKGROUND: Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection leads to hepatic and extrahepatic manifestations including chronic kidney disease (CKD). However, the association between HBV and CKD is not clear. This study investigated...
Angioleiomyoma Occurred on the Ear Lobe: A Case Report and Literature Review

Choi JW, Suh DW, Lew BL, Sim WY

No abstract available.
Korean Shock Society septic shock registry: a preliminary report

Shin TG, Hwang SY, Kang GH, Kim WY, Ryoo SM, Kim K, Jo YH, Chung SP, Joo YS, Beom JH, Choi SH, Yoon YH, Kwon WY, Lim TH, Han KS, Choi HS, Suh GJ

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the clinical characteristics, therapeutic interventions, and outcomes of patients with septic shock admitted to the emergency department (ED). METHODS: This study was a preliminary, descriptive analysis of a...
Spirometry and Bronchodilator Test

Sim YS, Lee JH, Lee WY, Suh DI, Oh YM, Yoon JS, Lee JH, Cho JH, Kwon CS, Chang JH

Spirometry is a physiological test for assessing the functional aspect of the lungs using an objective indicator to measure the maximum amount of air that a patient can inhale and...

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