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Effects of vitamin D supplements in patients with chronic hepatitis C: a randomized, multi-center, open label study

Jeong JY, Jun DW, Park SJ, Sohn JH, Kim SG, Lee SW, Jeong SW, Kim MY, Kim W, Shim JJ, Kim HS, Suk KT, Ahn SB

Background/Aims: We aimed to assess the role of vitamin D supplementation in the response to pegylated interferon-α (PEG-IFN-α) plus ribavirin (RBV) treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C (CHC). Methods: Our...
Diagnosis and Operation Results for Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability with Subtle Cavovarus Deformity and a Peek-A-Boo Heel Sign

Shim DW, Suh JW, Park KH, Lee JW, Byun J, Han SH

Cavovarus deformity is considered an anatomical risk factor for chronic lateral ankle instability (CLAI). However, subtle deformity can be difficult to detect, and its correction is controversial. The current study...
Effect of Operator Volume on In-Hospital Outcomes Following Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Based on the 2014 Cohort of Korean Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (K-PCI) Registry

Lee JH, Eom SY, Kim U, Lee CH, Son JW, Jeon DW, Bae JH, Oh SK, Cha KS, Suh Y, Koh YY, Yang TH, Shim DK, Bae JW, Park JS

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The relationship between operator volume and outcomes of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) has not been fully investigated. We aimed to...
Coexistence of Cerebral Microbleeds and Amyloid Pathology in Patients with Cognitive Complaints

Lim EY, Ryu SY, Shim YS, Yang DW, Cho AH

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: We investigated the prevalence of amyloid positivity and cerebral microbleeds (CMBs) in subjects with cognitive complaints with the aim of identifying differences in clinical parameters and cognitive...
Do Kimchi and Cheonggukjang Probiotics as a Functional Food Improve Androgenetic Alopecia? A Clinical Pilot Study

Park DW, Lee HS, Shim MS, Yum KJ, Seo JT

PURPOSE: Probiotic supplementation demonstrates beneficial effects on serum lipid profiles. We hypothesized that probiotics could benefit patients presenting with alopecia, secondary to improved blood flow to the scalp. MATERIALS AND METHODS:...
Long-term Breastfeeding in the Prevention of Allergic Rhinitis: Allergic Rhinitis Cohort Study for Kids (ARCO-Kids Study)

Han DH, Shin JM, An S, Kim JS, Kim DY, Moon S, Kim JS, Cho JS, Kim SW, Kim YH, Roh HJ, Shim WS, Rha KS, Kim SW, Lee SS, Kim DW, Cho KS, Yim HJ, Park SK, Rhee CS

OBJECTIVES: There is a great deal of interest in the possibility that environmental factors may influence the risk of developing allergic rhinitis (AR) in early life. We investigated the simultaneous...
Addition of Cervical Elastography May Increase Preterm Delivery Prediction Performance in Pregnant Women with Short Cervix: a Prospective Study

Park HS, Kwon H, Kwak DW, Kim MY, Seol HJ, Hong JS, Shim JY, Choi SK, Hwang HS, Oh MJ, Cho GJ, Kim K, Oh SY, Korean Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology Research Group

BACKGROUND: We investigated whether there is a difference in elastographic parameters between pregnancies with and without spontaneous preterm delivery (sPTD) in women with a short cervix (≤ 25 mm), and...
Functional Effects of Single Semitendinosus Tendon Harvesting in Anatomic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Comparison of Single versus Dual Hamstring Harvesting

Lee DW, Shim JC, Yang SJ, Cho SI, Kim JG

BACKGROUND: This study aimed to determine the effects of single semitendinosus tendon (ST) harvesting for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction by comparing outcomes of single ST and semitendinosus-gracilis tendon (ST-G)...
Different Cortical Thinning Patterns Depending on Their Prognosis in Individuals with Subjective Cognitive Decline

Lim EY, Shim YS, Hong YJ, Ryu SY, Cho AH, Yang DW

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Subjective cognitive decline (SCD) may be the first stage corresponding to subtle cognitive changes in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) spectrum disorders. We evaluated the differences in...
Zika Virus Impairs Host NLRP3-mediated Inflammasome Activation in an NS3-dependent Manner

Gim E, Shim DW, Hwang I, Shin OS, Yu JW

Zika virus (ZIKV) is a mosquito-borne flavivirus associated with severe neurological disorders including Guillain-Barré syndrome and microcephaly. The host innate immune responses against ZIKV infection are essential for protection; however,...
Increased Bone Mineral Density after Abstinence in Male Patients with Alcohol Dependence

Song TH, Shim JC, Jung DU, Moon JJ, Jeon DW, Kim SJ, Oh MK

OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to compare the bone mineral density of male patients with alcohol dependence with that in healthy controls and to assess changes in bone density after abstinence. METHODS:...
Productivity Loss of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients according to the Their Stages of the Disease Activity Score

Bae SC, Cha JH, Choe JY, Choi SJ, Cho SK, Chung WT, Joung CI, Jung YO, Kang YM, Kim DW, Kim J, Kim YJ, Lee CK, Lee HS, Lee J, Lee SH, Lee SH, Lee SS, Lee YA, Nah SS, Shim SC, Song GG, Suh CH, Won S, Yoo WH, Yoon BY

OBJECTIVE: Productivity loss was compared by 3-stage of disease activity and associations between higher disease activity and high productivity loss were identified. METHODS: Data were extracted from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Patient-reported...
Comparative Analysis between Spinning and Other Causes in Exercise-Induced Rhabdomyolysis

Shim DW, Hyun SY, Woo JH, Jang JH, Choi JY

PURPOSE: Spinning-induced rhabdomyolysis (SIR) has been increasing in recent years and accounts for a large proportion of exercise-induced rhabdomyolysis (EIR). The purpose of this study was to compare the clinical...
Low-Tube-Voltage CT Urography Using Low-Concentration-Iodine Contrast Media and Iterative Reconstruction: A Multi-Institutional Randomized Controlled Trial for Comparison with Conventional CT Urography

Kim SY, Cho JY, Lee J, Hwang SI, Moon MH, Lee EJ, Hong SS, Kim CK, Kim KA, Park SB, Sung DJ, Kim Y, Kim YM, Jung SI, Rha SE, Kim DW, Lee H, Shim Y, Hwang I, Woo S, Choi HJ

OBJECTIVE: To compare the image quality of low-tube-voltage and low-iodine-concentration-contrast-medium (LVLC) computed tomography urography (CTU) with iterative reconstruction (IR) with that of conventional CTU. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This prospective, multi-institutional, randomized...
The Korean Version of the University of California San Diego Performance-based Skills Assessment: Reliability and Validity

Kim SJ, Kim JM, Shim JC, Seo BJ, Jung SS, Ryu JW, Seo YS, Lee YC, Moon JJ, Jeon DW, Park KD, Jung DU

OBJECTIVE: The study’s aim was to develop and standardize a Korean version of the University of California San Diego Performance-based Skills Assessment (K-UPSA), which is used to evaluate the daily...
Screening for Depressive Disorder in Elderly Patients with Chronic Physical Diseases Using the Patient Health Questionnaire-9

Park SC, Lee HY, Lee DW, Hahn SW, Park SH, Kim YJ, Choi JS, Lee HS, Lee SI, Na KS, Jung SW, Shim SH, Kim KW, Paik JW, Kwon YJ

OBJECTIVE: We aimed to identify depressive symptom profiles that indicated the presence of depressive disorder and present optimal cut-off sub-scores for depressive symptom profiles for detecting depressive disorder in elderly...
The Korean Version of the Schizophrenia Cognition Rating Scale: Reliability and Validity

Kang EC, Kim SJ, Seo YS, Jung SS, Seo BJ, Ryu JW, Shim JC, Moon JJ, Jeon DW, Park KD, Jung DU

OBJECTIVE: This study's aim was to develop and standardize a Korean version (SCoRS-K) of the Schizophrenia Cognition Rating Scale (SCoRS), which is used to evaluate the degree of cognitive dysfunction...
Clinical Predictors for Mild Cognitive Impairment Progression in a Korean Cohort

Shim YS, Yang DW, Yoon B, Lee Y, Hong CH, Seo SW, Yoon SJ, Jeong JH, Park MH, Choi SH, Kim SY

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and their caregivers are concerned with the likelihood and time course of progression to dementia. This study was performed to identify...
Dysfunctional Patterns of Gamma-Band Activity in Response to Human Faces Compared to Non-Facial Stimuli in Patients with Schizophrenia

Lee SH, Kim S, Shim MS, Kim DW, Im CH

OBJECTIVE: Healthy individuals show stronger gamma-band activities (GBAs) for socially relevant stimuli (human faces) than for non-relevant ones. This study aimed to examine whether this gamma-band preference occurs in patients...
Closure of Myelomeningocele Defects Using a Limberg Flap or Direct Repair

Shim JH, Hwang NH, Yoon ES, Dhong ES, Kim DW, Kim SD

BACKGROUND: The global prevalence of myelomeningocele has been reported to be 0.8-1 per 1,000 live births. Early closure of the defect is considered to be the standard of care. Various...

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