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Clinical Characteristics of Allergy to a Brinzolamide 1.0%/Brimonidine 0.2% Fixed Combination in Korean Glaucoma Patients

Park IK, Bae SH, Kim KW, Chun YS

Purpose: We describe the clinical aspects of allergy to a brinzolamide 1.0%/brimonidine 0.2% fixed combination (BBFC) in Korean patients with glaucoma. Methods: The medical records of 117 glaucoma patients treated with...
The Change of Eyebrow Height According to Frontalis Muscle Function after Upper Lid Blepharoplasty

Choi SM, Park IK, Shin JH

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the change in eyebrow position and three parts of brow according to frontalis muscle (FM) function after upper lid blepharoplasty. Methods: We...
Impacts of Remaining Single above the Mean Marriage Age on Mental Disorders and Suicidality: a Nationwide Study in Korea

Lee J, Kim H, Woo J, Chang SM, Hong JP, Lee DW, Hahm BJ, Cho SJ, Park JI, Jeon HJ, Seong SJ, Park JE, Kim BS

Background: This study investigated the impact of getting older than the mean marriage age on mental disorders and suicidality among never-married people. Methods: We performed an epidemiological survey, a nationwide study...
Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Outcomes of Tumors at the Carotid Bifurcation

Kang J, Heo SH, Park YJ, Kim DI, Kim YW

Purpose: Primary tumor at the carotid bifurcation is uncommon, which includes paraganglioma, schwannoma, and lymphoma. Due to their rarity, characteristics of these tumors and problems related to their surgical treatment...
Treatment of life-threatening acute osteomyelitis of the jaw during chemotherapy: a case report

Jung J, Kim S, Park JS, Lee CR, Jeon Jh, Kwon IJ, Myoung H

Oral and maxillofacial infection is a common complication in patients undergoing chemotherapy. The treatment of oral diseases in such patients differs from that administered to healthy patients. This paper reports...
Applicability of ISNT Rule Using Bruch's Membrane Opening-based Optic Nerve Head Parameters

Choi HS, Park SP, Na KI

Purpose: To evaluate the applicability of the ISNT rule (neuroretinal rim thickness order: inferior > superior > nasal > temporal)when using Bruch's membrane opening-based optic nerve head parameters to discriminate...
KSNM/KSID/KOSHIC Guidance for Nuclear Medicine Department Against the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic

Bang JI, Lee HY, Cho YS, Choi H, Chong A, Eo JS, Kim JY, Kim TS, Kwon HW, Lee EJ, Lee ES, Park HL, Park SB, Shim Hk, Song BI, Yoo ID, Lee KJ, Lee HJ, Han SH, Lee JS, Park JM, Kim SH

The dramatic spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has profound impacts on every continent and life. Due to humanto-human transmission of COVID-19, nuclear medicine staffs also cannot escape the risk...
Influence of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocol on Postoperative Inflammation and Short-term Postoperative Surgical Outcomes After Colorectal Cancer Surgery

Jallounv HE, Lee IK, Kim MK, Sung NY, Turkistani SAA, Park SM, Won DY, Hong SH, Kye BH, Lee YS, Jeon HM

Purpose: Many studies have shown that the enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols improve postoperative surgical outcomes. The purpose of this study was to observe the effects on postoperative inflammatory...
Histologic determination of apocrine gland depth in patients with axillary osmidrosis

Park CH, Choi M, Kong TH, Lee JH, Kim IK

Background Subdermal shaving is a surgical procedure for the treatment of axillary osmidrosis. In this procedure, a direct axillary incision is made, and the apocrine glands are removed. Insufficient subcutaneous...
Efficacy and Cost-effectiveness of Surgical Biopsy for Histologic Diagnosis of Indeterminate Nodules Suspected for Early Stage Lung Cancer: Comparison with Percutaneous Needle Biopsy

Na KJ, Park IK, Park S, Kang CH, Kim YT

Background: Indeterminate pulmonary nodules (IPN) suspected for early stage lung cancer mandate accurate diagnosis. Both percutaneous needle biopsy (PCNB) and surgical biopsy (SB) are valuable options. The present study aimed...
Higher Tumor Cellularity in Resected Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Is a Negative Prognostic Indicator

Cho IK, Kim H, Lee Jc, Lee J, Kim J, Ahn S, Park H, Hwang JH

Background/Aims: Desmoplasia is a prominent feature of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA). Stromal desmoplasia reflects the low cellularity that is characteristic of PDA, and it may play a role in PDA...
Therapeutic Response to 20 mg of Esomeprazole Twice Daily in Patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease-related Non-cardiac Chest Pain: An Open-Label Randomized Pilot Study

Choi JK, Shim HI, Shin CM, Yoon H, Park YS, Kim N, Lee DH

Background/Aims: Non-cardiac chest pain (NCCP) is defined as recurrent angina pectoris-like pain without evidence of coronary heart disease, and is usually related to esophageal diseases, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease...
Blunt Transection of the Entire Anterolateral Abdominal Wall Musculature Following Seatbelt-Related Injury

Kim H, Kim JH, Kim GH, Sun HW, Park CI, Park SJ, Lee CK, Kim S

Traumatic abdominal wall hernias (TAWHs) are uncommon and the incidence of this, which is rarely encountered in clinical practice, has been estimated at 1%. Furthermore, blunt transection of the entire...
Effects of Massive Transfusion Protocol Implementation in Trauma Patients at a Level I Trauma Center

Sun HW, Lee SB, Park SJ, Park CI, Kim JH

Purpose This study was conducted to investigate whether rapid and efficient administration of blood products was achieved and whether clinical outcomes were improved by applying a massive transfusion protocol (MTP). Methods From January...
Risk Factor Analysis of Endoscopic Dilation Procedure for the Management of Subglottic Stenosis in Pediatric Patients

Park MH, Choi N, Song BH, Jeong HS, Son YI, Chung MK

Background and Objective Endoscopic airway dilation is the primary treatment for pediatric subglottic stenosis (SGS) due to its feasibility and non-invasiveness. The aim of this study is to evaluate the...
Risk Factor Analysis of Endoscopic Dilation Procedure for the Management of Subglottic Stenosis in Pediatric Patients

Park MH, Choi N, Song BH, Jeong HS, Son YI, Chung MK

Background and Objective Endoscopic airway dilation is the primary treatment for pediatric subglottic stenosis (SGS) due to its feasibility and non-invasiveness. The aim of this study is to evaluate the...
Brimonidine-induced Atypical Conjunctivitis with Chronic Granulomatous Anterior Uveitis

Park IK, Chun YS

Purpose: To report a case of chronic granulomatous anterior uveitis which occurred after 2-year use of eye drops containing brimonidine. Case summary: A 82-year-old patient with intermittent angle-closure glaucoma had been...
Which Patients Are a Better Candidate of Laparoscopic Repair in Obturator Hernia Patients?

Kwak JS, Lee SE, Park SM, Lee SJ, Kwon SU, Bae IE, Sung NS, Moon JI, Yoon DS, Choi IS, Choi WJ

Purpose: Obturator hernia is a difficult disease to diagnose. If a surgical treatment is delayed in obturator hernia, a bowel resection may be required due to strangulation. The surgical treatment...
The Role of Primary Tumor Resection in Patients with Pleural Metastasis Encountered at the Time of Surgery

Park S, Chung Y, Lee HJ, Park IK, Kang CH, Kim YT

Background: Evidence is lacking on whether the resection of lung parenchymal cancer improves the survival of patients with unexpected pleural metastasis encountered during surgery. We conducted a single-center retrospective study...
Sequential Bilateral Hip Fractures in Elderly Patients

Woo SH, Park KS, Choi IS, Ahn YS, Jeong DM, Yoon TR

Purpose: To evaluate the incidence and presentation of osteoporotic sequential bilateral hip fractures (SBHF) in Center for Joint Disease, Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital as there are limited studies with...

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