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Validation of Korean-Language Version of Chronic Otitis Media Questionnaire-12 to Reflect the Disease Activity of Chronic Otitis Media

Kong TH, Shin YJ, Ku CH, Park SM, Park YA, Park SY

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The Chronic Otitis Media Questionnaire-12 (COMQ-12) was developed in the United Kingdom to assess disease specific Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) of chronic otitis media (COM) patients....
Korean Complementary Acupuncture Treatment Associated Severe Facial Infection Case

Kim KS, Lee WS, Shim SM, Kwak SH, Kim YM, Ji SY

Acupuncture, an Asian traditional medicine, has been studied and applied in Northeastern Asia including Korea for thousands of years. This traditional medicine is believed to have significant improvements in reducing...
Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Testing of the Perigastric Vagus Nerve Branches to Evaluate Viability and Signals along Nerve Pathways during Gastrectomy

Kong SH, Kim SM, Kim DG, Park KH, Suh YS, Kim TH, Kim IJ, Seo JH, Lim YJ, Lee HJ, Yang HK

PURPOSE: The perigastric vagus nerve may play an important role in preserving function after gastrectomy, and intraoperative neurophysiologic tests might represent a feasible method of evaluating the vagus nerve. The...
Comprehensive Cancer Panel Sequencing Defines Genetic Diversity and Changes in the Mutational Characteristics of Pancreatic Cancer Patients Receiving Neoadjuvant Treatment

Yoon KA, Woo SM, Kim YH, Kong SY, Lee MK, Han SS, Kim TH, Lee WJ, Park SJ

BACKGROUND/AIMS: Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA) is associated with an extremely poor prognosis. This study assessed the genetic diversity among patients with PDA and compared their mutational profiles before and after...
The Changes of Trends in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer over a 10-Year Period: Single Center Study

Kim CH, Moon JS, Chung SM, Kong EJ, Park CH, Yoon WS, Kim TG, Kim W, Yoon JS, Won KC, Lee HW

BACKGROUND: This study aims to describe the trends in the severity and treatment modality of patients with diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) at a single tertiary referral center in Korea over...
A Child with Mycoplasma pneumoniae-related Encephalitis Presenting as Hyperactive Behavior Change

Kim HB, Kong SM, Park JS, You SJ

Mycoplasma pneumoniae is a respiratory pathogen responsible for various upper and lower respiratory tract diseases. This also induces extra-pulmonary manifestations, with encephalitis being the most frequent and critical manifestation in...
Comparison of Proteins Secreted into Extracellular Space of Pathogenic and Non-pathogenic Acanthamoeba castellanii

Moon EK, Choi HS, Park SM, Kong HH, Quan FS

Pathogenic Acanthamoeba spp. cause granulomatous amoebic encephalitis and keratitis. Acanthamoeba keratitis (AK) is a rare but serious ocular infection that can result in permanent visual impairment or blindness. However, pathogenic...
Somatic Mutations from Whole Exome Sequencing Analysis of the Patients with Biliary Tract Cancer

Yoon KA, Woo SM, Kim YH, Kong SY, Han SS, Park SJ, Lee WJ

Biliary tract cancer (BTC) is a rare cancer and is associated with a poor prognosis. To understand the genetic characteristics of BTC, we analyzed whole-exome sequencing data and identified somatic...
Unmet Primary Physicians' Needs for Allergic Rhinitis Care in Korea

Yang HJ, Kim YH, Lee B, Kong DY, Kim DK, Kim MA, Kim BS, Kim WY, Kim JH, Park Y, Park SY, Bae WY, Song K, Yang MS, Lee SM, Lee YM, Lee HJ, Cho JH, Jee HM, Choi JH, Yoo Y, Koh YI, Work Group for Rhinitis, the Korean Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Allergic rhinitis (AR) is one of the most common chronic allergic respiratory diseases worldwide. Various practical guidelines for AR have been developed and updated to improve the care of AR...
Does Herpes Virus Reactivation Affect Prognosis in Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss?

Park SM, Han C, Lee JW, Kong TH, Seo YJ

OBJECTIVES: Several etiologies have been proposed to underlie idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss (ISSNHL), including viral infection, vascular disturbance, and immune-mediated mechanisms. However, none of these mechanisms are conclusive. Should...
2017 Multimodality Appropriate Use Criteria for Noninvasive Cardiac Imaging: Expert Consensus of the Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging

ASCI Practice Guideline Working Group, Beck KS, Kim JA, Choe YH, Hian SK, Hoe J, Hong YJ, Kim SM, Kim TH, Kim YJ, Kim YH, Kuribayashi S, Lee J, Leong L, Lim TH, Lu B, Park JH, Sakuma H, Yang DH, Yaw TS, Wan YL, Zhang Z, Zhao S, Yong HS

In 2010, the Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (ASCI) provided recommendations for cardiac CT and MRI, and this document reflects an update of the 2010 ASCI appropriate use criteria (AUC)....
A Questionnaire Survey of Quality Control of Flow Cytometry in Korea and Development of New Quality-Control Materials

Shim JS, Hwang SM, Kim IS, Shin SY, Oh JY, Lee KJ, Kong SY

BACKGROUND: There are few commercial quality-control (QC) materials for internal QC of flow cytometric analysis, especially for leukemia/lymphoma immunophenotyping. The purpose of this study was to investigate the current QC...
Induction Chemotherapy with Gemcitabine and Cisplatin Followed by Simultaneous Integrated Boost–Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy with Concurrent Gemcitabine for Locally Advanced Unresectable Pancreatic Cancer: Results from a Feasibility Study

Woo SM, Kim MK, Joo J, Yoon KA, Park B, Park SJ, Han SS, Lee JH, Hong EK, Kim YH, Moon H, Kong SY, Kim TH, Lee WJ

PURPOSE: This study assessed the feasibility and compliance of induction chemotherapy with gemcitabine and cisplatin followed by simultaneous integrated boost–intensity modulated radiotherapy (SIB-IMRT) with concurrent gemcitabine in patients with locally...
Extended use of Prostate Health Index and percentage of [-2]pro-prostate-specific antigen in Chinese men with prostate specific antigen 10–20 ng/mL and normal digital rectal examination

Chiu PK, Teoh JY, Lee WM, Yee CH, Chan ES, Hou SM, Ng CF

PURPOSE: We investigated the extended use of Prostate Health Index (PHI) and percentage of [-2]pro-prostate-specific antigen (%p2PSA) in Chinese men with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) 10–20 ng/mL and normal digital rectal...
A Case of Intrahepatic Sarcomatoid Cholangiocarcinoma Mimicking Liver Abscess

Kong SM, Kim KM, Lee JJ, Hong WP, Choi IS, Jeong KH, Kwan BS, Lee DG

Sarcomatoid transformation of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma is rarely found but usually has very poor prognosis due to the lack of effective approaches for early detection and its aggressive nature. We report...
Roles of RUNX1 and PU.1 in CCR3 Transcription

Kong SK, Kim BS, Hwang SM, Lee HH, Chung IY

CCR3 is a chemokine receptor that mediates the accumulation of allergic inflammatory cells, including eosinophils and Th2 cells, at inflamed sites. The regulatory sequence of the CCR3 gene, contains two...
Clinical Features and Prognosis of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss Secondary to Intralabyrinthine Hemorrhage

Lee JW, Park YA, Park SM, Kong TH, Park SY, Bong JP, Park DJ, Seo YJ

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: A number of etiologies of idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss (ISSNHL) have been proposed, including viral infection, vascular disturbance, and immune-mediated mechanisms. Intralabyrinthine hemorrhage (ILH) as a...
Prevalence of Trichomonas vaginalis in Women Visiting 2 Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics in Daegu, South Korea

Goo YK, Shin WS, Yang HW, Joo SY, Song SM, Ryu JS, Lee WM, Kong HH, Lee WK, Lee SE, Lee WJ, Chung DI, Hong Y

This study explored epidemiological trends in trichomoniasis in Daegu, South Korea. Wet mount microscopy, PCR, and multiplex PCR were used to test for Trichomonas vaginalis in vaginal swab samples obtained...
Psychiatric Symptoms Among Female Adult Victims of Sexual Molestation : Comparison with Rape Victims

Kim YS, Kim SJ, Kong BG, Kang JW, Moon JJ, Jeon DW, Lee SM, Ju HB, Jung DU

OBJECTIVES: According to the recent Korean National Police Agency report, rape victims were 17.1%, but sexual molestation victims were more than the rape victims by 78.0%. Despite many international reports...
Distribution of dental erosion and its related factors among workers in factories that use acids

Park SM, Shin MS, Kong MS, Kim HD

OBJECTIVES: No evidence has been found on various types of dental erosion, except for occupational dental erosion. This study aimed to evaluate the distribution of four types of dental erosion...

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