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Needs of caregivers for national oral health screening for infants and children

Park SW, Park JA, Lee JY, Lee G, Jin BH

Objectives: This study aimed to evaluate the perception and needs of the caregivers of infants and children regarding oral health screening in order to identify the problems and the improvements...
Prevalence of Gastrointestinal and Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with Degenerative Lumbar Spinal Disease

Yang JH, Lee BH, Eum KS, Suk KS, Park JO, Kim HS, Lee HM, Moon SH

Background: Limited information is available about the proportion of patients with degenerative lumbar spinal disease (DLSD) who have gastrointestinal (GI) and cardiovascular (CV) risk factors. Many DLSD patients are prescribed...
Feasibility Study of Synthetic Diffusion-Weighted MRIin Patients with Breast Cancer in Comparison withConventional Diffusion-Weighted MRI

Choi BH, Baek HJ, Ha JY, Ryu KH, Moon JI, Park SE, Bae K, Jeon KN, Jung EJ

Objective: To investigate the clinical feasibility of synthetic diffusion-weighted imaging (sDWI) at different b-values in patientswith breast cancer by assessing the diagnostic image quality and the quantitative measurements compared with...
Defense Mechanisms and Psychological Characteristics According to Suicide Attempts in Patients with Borderline Personality Disorder

Lee YJ, Keum MS, Kim HG, Cheon EJ, Cho YC, Koo BH

Objective There have been many biological studies on suicide behaviors of borderline personality disorder (BPD), however few studies have sought to psychoanalytic characteristics including defense mechanisms. Therefore, we investigated psychological,...
Panel-Reactive and Donor-Specific Antibodies before Lung Transplantation can Affect Outcomes in Korean Patients Receiving Lung Transplantation

Moon SW, Park MS, Lee JG, Paik HC, Kim YT, Lee HJ, Park S, Choi SM, Kim DH, Cho WH, Yeo HJ, Park Si, Choi SH, Hong SB, Shim TS, Jo KW, Jeon K, Jeong BH, Kim SY, the Korean Organ Transplantation Registry Study Group

Purpose: Data on the distribution and impact of panel reactive antibodies (PRA) and donor specific antibodies (DSA) before lung transplantation in Asia, especially multi-center-based data, are limited. This study evaluated...
Gallbladder Perforation after Transarterial Chemoembolization in a Patient with a Huge Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Son MY, Han BH, Lee SU, Yun BC, Seo KI, Huh JD

Transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) is a common treatment for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The most common complications after TACE are non-specific symptoms called post-embolization syndrome, such as abdominal pain or fever....
A daily life that has changed forever

Jin BH

Neural Basis of Ambivalence towards Ideal Self-Image in Schizophrenia

Kim BH, Shin YB, Kyeong S, Lee SK, Kim JJ

Objective Little has been explored about a reflection towards self-image in schizophrenia, though it can be related to heterogeneous symptoms of the illness. We identified the neural basis of ambivalence...
Efficacy of non-surgical treatment accompanied by professional toothbrushing in the treatment of chronic periodontitis in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus:a randomized controlled clinical trial

Lee JY, Choi YY, Choi Y, Jin BH

Purpose: The present study aimed to evaluate the clinical benefit of additional toothbrushing accompanying non-surgical periodontal treatment on oral and general health in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Methods:...
Amyloid light-chain amyloidosis presented as focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in a kidney transplant recipient

Park SH, Kwon SH, Lee HY, Lee S, Ko EJ, Ban TH, Chung BH, Choi YJ, Yang CW

Amyloid light-chain (AL) amyloidosis after kidney transplantation is a rare disease in the world, and only one case of systemic AL amyloidosis after kidney transplantation is reported in Korea. We...
Competencies of Dental Hygienists for Oral Care Service for People with Disability

Lee JY, Kim YJ, Jin BH

Background: Dental treatment has shifted to the center of the community, and the public policy of the country has expanded to support the vulnerable classes such as the disabled. The...
Assessment of nephrotoxicity of herbal medicine containing aristolochic acid in mice

Quan Y, Jin L, Luo K, Jin J, Lim SW, Shin YJ, Ko EJ, Chung BH, Yang CW

Background/Aims: It is undetermined if herbal medicines (HM) containing aristolochic acid (AA)-containing have similar nephrotoxicity to AA itself. Methods: We administered HM containing a high concentration of AA for 5 days...
Antibacterial effect of different concentrations of Galla Chinensis extract on cariogenic bacteria in a biofilm model

Kim EJ, Jin BH

OBJECTIVES: Galla chinensis inhibited the adherence of planktonic oral bacteria and acid production by cariogenic bacteria. However, little is known about the relevant conditions of Galla Chinensis extract (GCE) exposure...
Looking forward to the power of a small grain

Jin BH

No abstract available.
Strategies for treating and managing chronic hepatitis C in children in the direct-acting antiviral era

Hong SJ, Choe BH

Inhibitory Effect of Topical Cartilage Acellular Matrix Suspension Treatment on Neovascularization in a Rabbit Corneal Model

Yun HW, Choi BH, Park DY, Jin LH, Min BH

BACKGROUND: The extracellular matrix (ECM) of articular cartilage has an inhibitory effect on vascularization, yet clinical utilization has been technically challenging. In this study, we aimed to fabricate a biologically...
Standardized Pathology Report for Colorectal Cancer, 2nd Edition

Kim Bh, Kim JM, Kang GH, Chang HJ, Kang DW, Kim JH, Bae JM, Seo AN, Park HS, Kang YK, Lee KH, Cho MY, Do IG, Lee HS, Chang HK, Park DY, Kang HJ, Sohn JH, Chang MS, Jung ES, Jin SY, Yu E, Han HS, Kim YW, The Gastrointestinal Pathology Study Group of the Korean Society of Pathologists

The first edition of the ‘Standardized Pathology Report for Colorectal Cancer,’ which was developed by the Gastrointestinal Pathology Study Group (GIP) of the Korean Society of Pathologists, was published 13...
Korean Children and Adolescents with Crohn's Disease Are More Likely to Present with Perianal Fistulizing Disease at Diagnosis Compared to Their European Counterparts

Kang B, Kim JE, Jung JH, Choe JY, Kim MJ, Choe YH, Kim S, Koh H, Lee YM, Lee JH, Lee Y, Lee JH, Lee HJ, Jang HJ, Choi Y, Choi SY, Kim JY, Choe BH

PURPOSE: We aimed to investigate the disease phenotype of Korean pediatric Crohn's disease (CD) patients at diagnosis according to the Paris classification by comparison with patients from the European multicenter...
Establishment of NOAEL for intracavernous injections of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells in rats

Kim JK, Jang MJ, Kim BH, Choi KR, Song G, Shin HC, Suh N, Kim YM, You D, Ahn TY, Kim CS

PURPOSE: To assess the possible negative health effects of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hBMSCs) on fertility and early embryonic development following intracavernous injections in rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A...
Apathy syndrome in a patient previously treated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for depression

Kim HG, Koo BH, Lee SW, Cheon EJ

There is considerable overlap in the clinical presentations of apathy and depression. However, differential diagnosis between apathy and other psychiatric conditions, including depression and dementia, is important. In this report,...

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