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The True Deep Femoral Artery Aneurysm: A Case Report

Jang LC, Park SS

A 55-year-old man with a palpable pulsatile mass and pain in his left thigh was presented to us. He had no history of trauma in his left leg, interventions, operation,...
Intensive Long Distance Running as a Possible Cause of Multiple Splanchnic Arterial Aneurysms: A Case Report

Jang LC, Park SS

This is a case report that suggests the possible association between multiple splanchnic arterial aneurysms and long-distance running. The clinical features of one patient admitted at Chungbuk National University Hospital...
Anatomical Features and Early Outcomes of Endovascular Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm from a Korean Multicenter Registry

Kwon H, Lee DY, Choi SJ, Park KH, Min SK, Chang JH, Huh S, Jeon YS, Won J, Byun SJ, Park SJ, Jang LC, Kwon TW

PURPOSE: To introduce a nation-based endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) registry in South Korea and to analyze the anatomical features and early clinical outcomes of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) in patients...
The experience of transumbilical endoscopic appendectomies

Lee CH, Jeon WJ, Youn SJ, Yun HY, Jang LC, Choi JW, Song YJ, Ryu DH

Minimally invasive surgery is being widely accepted in various fields of surgery. Although several appendectomy techniques have been reported but, there is no standardization. We report here the experiences of...
Polyarteritis nodosa presented as a dilatation of the intrahepatic bile duct

Choi HL, Sung RH, Kang MH, Jeon HJ, Yun HY, Jang LC, Choi JW, Song YJ, Ryu DH

Polyarteritis nodosa (PAN) is a systemic necrotizing vasculitis of small- and medium-sized arteries in multiorgan systems. PAN may affect the gastrointestinal tract in 14%-65% of patients, but rarely involves the...
Subepithelial Benign Duodenal Tumors Treated by Surgical Resection: A Case Series at A Single Institution

Park SM, Kim JH, Ryu DH, Jang LC, Kang SY, Sung R, Choi JW

BACKGROUND/AIMS: The incidence of duodenal tumors has increased by health surveillance. However, preoperative diagnosis of subepithelial duodenal tumors remains difficult because of the wide variety of pathologies and the location...
Metastatic Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma to the Thyroid Gland

Kim DJ, Jang LC, Choi JW, Park JW

Clear cell renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the most common histological subtype of malignant renal tumors. Although RCC frequently metastasizes to many organs, it rarely metastasizes to the thyroid gland...
Common bile duct dilatation after cholecystectomy: a one-year prospective study

Park SM, Kim WS, Bae IH, Kim JH, Ryu DH, Jang LC, Choi JW

PURPOSE: Bile duct dilatation after cholecystectomy continues to be a matter of controversy. We aimed determine the magnitude of common bile duct (CBD) dilatation after cholecystectomy followed up to 1...
A Dissecting Aneurysm of the Common and Proper Hepatic Artery with Dissection of the Celiac Axis and the SMA

Lee CH, Jang LC

  • KMID: 2307867
  • Korean J Vasc Endovasc Surg.
  • 2012 May;28(2):83-87.
A spontaneous dissecting aneurysm of visceral arteries without trauma or an iatrogenic cause is rare. We would like to report a case of a dissecting aneurysm of the common and...
Retroperitoneal Tumors Mimicking Adrenal Tumor

Kim DJ, Jang LC, Choi JW, Park JW

Periadrenal retroperitoneal tumors are frequently misdiagnosed as adrenal tumors because of its rarity and anatomical vicinity. Thus, there are only very few cases reported and little information available in the...
The Prevalence of Abdominal Aortoiliac Artery Aneurysm in the Hospital Patient Group and Treatment Status

Choi HL, Lee CH, Jang LC

PURPOSE: Abdominal aortoiliac artery aneurysm (AIAA) is a common disease in the elderly. The prevalence of AIAA was well known in western countries. However, in Korea, there are a few...
Hospital Patients Based Incidence of Acute Aortic Dissection

Lee CH, Jang LC

PURPOSE: Acute aortic dissection (AAD) is considered one of the most common aortic catastrophes. However, there are a few epidemiological studies and true incidence was unknown in the general population....
Sonic Hedgehog Protein Expression in Various Thyroid Tissues and Its Clinical Implication

Ryu KS, Lee OJ, Kim WJ, Park SS, Kim DJ, Park JW, Choi JW, Jang LC, Clark OH

PURPOSE: The Hedgehog (Hh) signaling pathway is important in embryonic development including cell differentiation and proliferation. Recently, activation of this pathway has been implicated in several forms of solid cancers....
Relationship between Tortuosity and Atherosclerotic Changes of the Abdominal Aorta

Lee JY, Jang LC, Sun WY, Park JW, Choi JW

PURPOSE: Tortuosity and atherosclerosis of the abdominal aorta are commonly observed in the elderly. Few studies about aortic tortuous changes have been performed. This study was carried out to investigate...
Can Review of Sonographic Findings Spare Diagnostic Thyroidectomy in Patients with Thyroid Nodules Suspicious of Follicular Neoplasm Cytologically?

Choi HL, Kim DJ, Sun WY, Yun HY, Jang LC, Choi JW, Lee SY, Lee OJ, Park JW

PURPOSE: Follicular neoplasms (FNs) such as follicular adenoma and carcinoma (FTC), nodular hyperplasia (NH) and follicular variant of papillary carcinoma (FVPC) share cytological features. In the present study, we investigate...
Successful Removal of a Migrated Catheter of Chemoport in Right Atrium

Choi HL, Yang HY, Ryu DH, Jang LC, Lee SJ, Song YJ, Sun WY

The use of totally implantable central venous access devices (chemoport) has increased with the development of chemotherapeutic agents in oncologic patients, especially with no venous access site. However, there can...
Acute Ischemic Hepatitis and Pancreatic Abscess after Elective Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair: A Case Report

Jang LC, Sun WY

  • KMID: 2096895
  • J Korean Soc Vasc Surg.
  • 2010 Nov;26(3):188-191.
Acute ischemic hepatitis and pancreatic abscess after aortic surgery are not common gastrointestinal complications. We report here on a case of ischemic hepatitis and pancreatic abscess that occurred sequentially after...
Patterns of Recurrent Hernias according to the Types of Previous Hernioplasties

Kim DJ, Choi HL, Sun WY, Ryu DH, Jang LC, Choi JW, Park JW

PURPOSE: Recently, conventional tissue repairs are gradually being replaced by tension-free hernioplasties using meshes (mesh repairs) in hernia surgery. The aim of the present study was to evaluate patterns of...
Laparoscopic Appendectomy Using a 5 mm Scope

Jeong JS, Kim DH, Min IC, Sun WY, Choi JW, Jang LC, Park JW, Ryu DH

  • KMID: 1465773
  • J Korean Soc Endosc Laparosc Surg.
  • 2009 Jun;12(1):21-25.
PURPOSE: This clinical research was performed to determine the safety of laparoscopic appendectomy using a 5 mm scope by comparing the outcomes with open appendectomy. METHOD: We examined the medical records...
Unilateral Leg Swelling Caused by a Ganglion Cyst on the Hip Joint

Sun WY, Jang LC, Park JW, Choi JW

Unilateral leg swelling may arise from numerous conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, lymphedema and chronic venous insufficiency. Ganglion cysts on hip joint can also impinge on the femoral vein...

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