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Positive Association of Human SHC3 Gene with Schizophrenia in a Northeast Chinese Han Population

Lv Y, Sun Y, Wang GY, Yin J, Li CJ, Luo YY, Luan ZL

Objective Schizophrenia is one of the most devastating neuropsychiatric disorders. Genetic epidemiological studies have confirmed that schizophrenia is a genetic disease. Genes promoting neurodevelopment may be potential candidates for schizophrenia....
Risk factors of postoperative remote intracerebral hemorrhage after craniotomy for ruptured cerebral aneurysms

Lee I, Park CW, You CJ, Choi DH, Park K, Kim YB, Kim WK, Yee GT, Kim MJ, Kim EY

Objective: We aimed to identify the relation between perioperative cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) drain through lumbar drainage (LD) and development of postoperative (POP) remote intracerebral hemorrhage (rICH) in craniotomy to treat...
Primary Extragonadal Germ Cell Tumors in Klinefelter Syndrome: 10-Years of Experience from a Single Institute

Kim Y, Ahn WK, Han JW, Hahn SM, Kwon SY, Lyu CJ

Background: Approximately 8% of male patients presenting with primary mediastinal germ cell tumors (GCTs) have Klinefelter syndrome (KS), while patients diagnosed with retroperitoneal GCTs also exhibit a range of chromosomal...
Loss of Heterozygosity at Chromosome 16q Is a Negative Prognostic Factorin Korean Pediatric Patients with Favorable Histology Wilms Tumor:A Report of the Korean Pediatric Hematology Oncology Group (K-PHOG)

Park JE, Noh OK, Lee Y, Choi HS, Han JW, Hahn SM, Lyu CJ, Lee JW, Yoo KH, Koo HH, Jeong SY, Sung KW

Purpose Loss of heterozygosity (LOH) at chromosomes 1p and 16q is a poor prognostic factor in favorable histology Wilms tumor (FHWT). This study investigated the prevalence of LOH at 1p and 16q and...
Comparison of major cardiac and cerebrovascular events in patients withacute myocardial infarction according to the use of emergency medical serviceduring one-year clinical follow-up

Kim SJ, Lee ES, Jeong MH, Kim MC, Sim DS, Hong YJ, Kim JH, Ahn Y, Cho MC, Kim CJ, Kim YJ

  • KMID: 2500267
  • J Korean Soc Emerg Med.
  • 2020 Apr;31(2):181-190.
Objective: The emergency medical service (EMS) is expected to improve the prognosis of patients suffering from acute myocardial infarction (AMI). We investigated the impact of utilizing EMS on the clinical outcomes...
Clopidogrel versus Aspirin after Dual Antiplatelet Therapy in Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients Undergoing Drug-Eluting Stenting

Sim DS, Jeong MH, Kim HS, Gwon HC, Seung KB, Rha SW, Chae SC, Kim CJ, Cha KS, Park JS, Yoon JH, Chae JK, Joo SJ, Choi DJ, Hur SH, Seong IW, Cho MC, Kim DI, Oh SK, Ahn TH, Hwang JY, on behalf of the KAMIR-NIH registry investigators

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: There is a paucity of data regarding the benefit of clopidogrel monotherapy after dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) in patients treated with drug-eluting stents (DES). This study compared...
Comparison of three midsagittal planes for three-dimensional cone beam computed tomography head reorientation

Lee EH, Yu HS, Lee KJ, Han SS, Jung HD, Hwang CJ

OBJECTIVE: This study compared three prominent midsagittal planes (MSPs) to identify the MSP that best approximates the true symmetrical MSP. METHODS: Forty-three patients (mean age, 23.0 ± 8.20 years) were grouped...
Intensity of Statin Treatment in Korean Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction and Very Low LDL Cholesterol

Sim DS, Jeong MH, Kim HS, Gwon HC, Seung KB, Rha SW, Chae SC, Kim CJ, Cha KS, Park JS, Yoon JH, Chae JK, Joo SJ, Choi DJ, Hur SH, Seong IW, Cho MC, Kim DI, Oh SK, Ahn TH, Hwang JY, on behalf of the Korea Acute Myocardial Infarction Registry-National Institutes of Health (KAMIR-NIH) registry investigators

OBJECTIVE: Data on the intensity of statin therapy for patients with acute myocardial infarction (MI) and very low baseline low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol level are lacking. We sought to assess...
Experimental Neurobiology: The Past, Present, and Future

Oh YJ, Han PL, Lee CJ

No abstract available.
Tweety-homolog (Ttyh) Family Encodes the Pore-forming Subunits of the Swelling-dependent Volume-regulated Anion Channel (VRAC(swell)) in the Brain

Han YE, Kwon J, Won J, An H, Jang MW, Woo J, Lee JS, Park MG, Yoon BE, Lee SE, Hwang EM, Jung JY, Park H, Oh SJ, Lee CJ

In the brain, a reduction in extracellular osmolality causes water-influx and swelling, which subsequently triggers Cl⁻- and osmolytes-efflux via volume-regulated anion channel (VRAC). Although LRRC8 family has been recently proposed...
Current Status and Growth of Nuclear Theranostics in Singapore

Huang HL, Tong AK, Thang SP, Yan SX, Lam WW, Loke KS, Tang CY, Cheng LT, Ooi GS, Low HC, Magsombol , Tham WY, Goh CX, Tan CJ, Khor YM, Zaheer S, Bharadwaj , Xie W, Ng DC

The concept of theranostics, where individual patient-level biological information is used to choose the optimal therapy for that individual, has become more popular in the modern era of ‘personalised’ medicine....
Spontaneous Resolution of Iatrogenic Calcinosis Cutis after Parenteral Calcium Gluconate Therapy in Neonates

Song KS, Lee SW, Kim DH, Min KK, Yon CJ

Iatrogenic calcinosis cutis is due to the intravenous administration of calcium gluconate or calcium chloride to treat hypocalcemia. The arthors report three cases of calcinosis cutis with calcifications involving the...
Pharmacological Dissection of Intrinsic Optical Signal Reveals a Functional Coupling between Synaptic Activity and Astrocytic Volume Transient

Woo J, Han YE, Koh W, Won J, Park MG, An H, Lee CJ

The neuronal activity-dependent change in the manner in which light is absorbed or scattered in brain tissue is called the intrinsic optical signal (IOS), and provides label-free, minimally invasive, and...
Predictors of midpalatal suture expansion by miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion in young adults: A preliminary study

Shin H, Hwang CJ, Lee KJ, Choi YJ, Han SS, Yu HS

OBJECTIVE: We sought to determine the predictors of midpalatal suture expansion by miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion (MARPE) in young adults. METHODS: The following variables were selected as possible predictors: chronological age,...
Botulinum toxin type A enhances the inhibitory spontaneous postsynaptic currents on the substantia gelatinosa neurons of the subnucleus caudalis in immature mice

Jang SH, Park SJ, Lee CJ, Ahn DK, Han SK

Botulinum toxin type A (BoNT/A) has been used therapeutically for various conditions including dystonia, cerebral palsy, wrinkle, hyperhidrosis and pain control. The substantia gelatinosa (SG) neurons of the trigeminal subnucleus...
Predictors of One-Year Mortality in Smokers with Acute Myocardial Infarction

Seol SY, Jeong MH, Lee SH, Sohn SJ, Kim MC, Sim DS, Hong YJ, Kim JH, Ahn Y, Cho MC, Kim CJ, Kim YJ, Other Korea Acute Myocardial Infarction Registry-NIH Investigators

BACKGROUND/AIMS: It is well known that smoking is associated with clinical outcomes in patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI). In this study, we aimed to predict the one-year mortality in...
Clinical Risk Factors Influencing Dental Developmental Disturbances in Childhood Cancer Survivors

Kang CM, Hahn SM, Kim HS, Lyu CJ, Lee JH, Lee J, Han JW

PURPOSE: Although studies regarding dental developmental disturbances after childhood cancer treatment have increased, they have many limitations. Studies analyzing the significance of independent clinical risk factors with regard to the...
Effect of Pioglitazone in Combination with Moderate Dose Statin on Atherosclerotic Inflammation: Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Using Serial FDG-PET/CT

Choo EH, Han EJ, Kim CJ, Kim SH, O JH, Chang K, Seung KB

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Non-statin therapy plus lower intensity statin might be an alternative in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD). A recent data suggested an anti-inflammatory therapy can reduce recurrent...
Comparison of the Effects of Ezetimibe-Statin Combination Therapy on Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Patients with and without Diabetes: A Meta-Analysis

Hong N, Lee YH, Tsujita K, Gonzalez J, Kramer CM, Kovarnik T, Kouvelos G, Suzuki H, Han K, Lee CJ, Park SH, Lee BW, Cha BS, Kang ES

BACKGROUND: Ezetimibe-statin combination therapy has been found to reduce low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and the risk of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACEs) in large trials. We sought to examine...
Living-donor liver transplantation for giant hepatic hemangioma with diffuse hemangiomatosis in an adult: a case report

Lee JH, Yoon CJ, Kim YH, Han HS, Cho JY, Kim H, Jang ES, Kim JW, Jeong SH

Hepatic hemangioma represents the most common benign primary hepatic neoplasm. Although most such tumors are small and asymptomatic, giant hepatic hemangioma is frequently symptomatic, and requires intervention. Moreover, diffuse multiple...

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