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Differences in Symptoms, Functions, and Their Outcomes According to the Degree of Trauma in Patients with Early Psychosis

Moon S, Yoon JA, Lee KY, Piao YH, Kim SW, Lee BJ, Lee SH, Kim JJ, Won S, Kim SH, Kang SH, Kim E, Chung YC, Yu JC

Objectives There has been growing interest in the relationship between mental illness and premorbid trauma recently. The purpose of this study was to examine the difference in symptoms, functions,...
Performance of the MP570T pulse oximeter in volunteers participating in the controlled desaturation study: a comparison of seven probes

Choi BM, Kang BJ, Yun HY, Jeon B, Bang JY, Noh GJ

Background: The performance of the pulse oximeter was evaluated based on the ISO 80601-2-61:2011 (E) guidelines. This study aimed to determine whether the various finger probes of the MP570T pulse...
Associations between Early Hyperoxia and Long Term Neurologic Outcome in Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Kim JC, Chun BJ, Moon JM, Cho YS

Purpose: We studied the impact of arterial oxygen tension (PaO2) on the long term neurologic outcome in patients with acute carbon monoxide poisoning. Methods: The study population included 311 patients who...
Defining Treatment Response, Remission, Relapse, and Recovery in First-Episode Psychosis: A Survey among Korean Experts

Lee BJ, Kim SW, Kim JJ, Yu JC, Lee KY, Won SH, Lee SH, Kim SH, Kang SH, Kim E, Kim K, Piao YH, Chung YC

Objective For the proper treatment of first-episode psychosis, assessment of treatment response, remission, relapse, and recovery is important. Therefore, the present study aimed to develop operational definitions of clinical outcomes...
PaCOâ‚‚ at Early Stage is Associated with Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Yang KM, Chun BJ, Moon JM, Cho YS

PURPOSE: The objective was to determine the association between PaCOâ‚‚ and adverse cardiovascular events (ACVEs) in carbon monoxide (CO)-poisoned patients. METHODS: This retrospective study included 194 self-breathing patients after CO poisoning...
Change in Size of Gastric Hyperplastic Polyps after Helicobacter pylori Eradication: A Prospective Study

Yoo AY, Park JJ, Joo MK, Lee BJ, Chun HJ, Lee SW

BACKGROUND/AIMS: Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) eradication is known to be effective for reducing the size of gastric hyperplastic polyps (HPPs). This study investigated the change in size of gastric HPPs...
‘Sirim’ (Cold) Pain as a Common Symptom in Korean Patients with Clinically Suspected Small-Fiber Neuropathy

Cho EB, Seok JM, Min JH, Suh BC, Park KJ, Kim BJ

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Diagnosing small-fiber neuropathy (SFN) is challenging because there is no gold-standard test and few diagnostic tests. This study investigated the clinical symptom profile and its associations with...
Different Clinical Courses for Poisoning with WHO Hazard Class Ia Organophosphates EPN, Phosphamidon, and Terbufos in Humans

Mun JG, Moon JM, Lee MJ, Chun BJ

PURPOSE: Extremely hazardous pesticides are classified as World Health Organization (WHO) hazard class Ia. However, data describing the clinical course of WHO class Ia OP (organophosphate) poisonings in humans are...
Periosteal Fixation Applied to Patients with Large-angle Paralytic Strabismus

Eom HD, Kwon YK, Son BJ, Chun BY

PURPOSE: To evaluate the effect of periosteal fixation in patients with large-angle paralytic strabismus that was not corrected through conventional strabismus surgery. METHODS: Four eyes of three patients with large-angle paralytic...
Pseudoaneurysm Formation due to Popliteal Artery Injury Caused by Drilling during Medial Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy

Chun KC, So BJ, Kang HT, Chun CH

We report a case of 53-year-old woman with an injured popliteal artery due to excessive drilling with a drill bit during medial opening wedge high tibial osteotomy (MOWHTO). Pseudoaneurysm was...
Toxic Optic Neuropathy Caused by Chlorfenapyr Poisoning

Park SJ, Jung JU, Kang YK, Chun BY, Son BJ

PURPOSE: To report a case of toxic optic neuropathy caused by chlorfenapyr ingestion accompanied by central nervous system involvement. CASE SUMMARY: A 44-year-old female visited our clinic complaining of reduced visual...
Effects of dietary acetaminophen and vitamin C supplement on serum cortisol and tumor necrosis factor-alpha concentrations in pigs vaccinated with foot-and-mouth disease vaccine

Cha CN, Lee BJ, Park EK, Yoo CY, Kim S, Lee HJ

This study evaluated the effect of a combination of acetaminophen and vitamin C (CAV) on reducing serum cortisol and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) concentrations in piglets vaccinated with foot-and-mouth disease...
A Long, Solitary, Rosary-Shaped Spinal Neurofibroma

Choi SW, Lee JC, Chun DI, Kim JH, Shin BJ

STUDY DESIGN: Case report. OBJECTIVES: We report the case of a long, solitary, rosary-shaped neurofibroma that was misdiagnosed as another disease due to the patient's surgical history involving repetitive procedures and...
Guidelines for the Surgical Management of Laryngeal Cancer: Korean Society of Thyroid-Head and Neck Surgery

Korean Society of Thyroid-Head and Neck Surgery Guideline Task Force, Ahn SH, Hong HJ, Kwon SY, Kwon KH, Roh JL, Ryu J, Park JH, Baek SK, Lee GH, Lee SY, Lee JC, Chung MK, Joo YH, Ji YB, Hah JH, Kwon M, Park YM, Song CM, Shin SC, Ryu CH, Lee DY, Lee YC, Chang JW, Jeong HM, Cho JK, Cha W, Chun BJ, Choi IJ, Choi HG, Lee KD

Korean Society of Thyroid-Head and Neck Surgery appointed a Task Force to develop clinical practice guidelines for the surgical treatment of laryngeal cancer. This Task Force conducted a systematic search...
Quality of Life and Physical Ability Changes After Hospital-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation in Patients With Myocardial Infarction

Lee BJ, Go JY, Kim AR, Chun SM, Park M, Yang DH, Park HS, Jung TD

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of hospital-based cardiac rehabilitation (CR) on quality of life (QOL) and physical ability in patients with myocardial infarction (MI). METHODS: Patients with MI who were referred...
Analysis of Poisoning Patients Using 2016 ED Based Injury in-depth Surveillance Data

Chung SP, Lee MJ, Kang H, Oh BJ, Kim H, Kim YW, Chun BJ, Kim KH

PURPOSE: Some advanced countries have reported annual statistics for poisoning based on data from poison control centers. This study was conducted to propose a baseline format and statistics of poisoning...
Clinical Practice Guideline for Stroke Rehabilitation in Korea 2016

Kim DY, Kim YH, Lee J, Chang WH, Kim MW, Pyun SB, Yoo WK, Ohn SH, Park KD, Oh BM, Lim SH, Jung KJ, Ryu BJ, Im S, Jee SJ, Seo HG, Rah UW, Park JH, Sohn MK, Chun MH, Shin HS, Lee SJ, Lee YS, Park SW, Park YG, Paik NJ, Lee SG, Lee JK, Koh SE, Kim DK, Park GY, Shin YI, Ko MH, Kim YW, Yoo SD, Kim EJ, Oh MK, Chang JH, Jung SH, Kim TW, Kim WS, Kim DH, Park TH, Lee KS, Hwang BY, Song YJ

“Clinical Practice Guideline for Stroke Rehabilitation in Korea 2016” is the 3rd edition of clinical practice guideline (CPG) for stroke rehabilitation in Korea, which updates the 2nd edition published in...
The Impacts of Influenza Infection and Vaccination on Exacerbation of Myasthenia Gravis

Seok HY, Shin HY, Kim JK, Kim BJ, Oh J, Suh BC, Kim SY, Kang SY, Ahn SW, Bae JS, Kim BJ

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Upper respiratory infection (URI), including influenza, may exacerbate the symptoms of myasthenia gravis (MG), which is an autoimmune disease that causes muscle weakness. There is also concern...
Design and Methodology of the Korean Early Psychosis Cohort Study

Kim SW, Lee BJ, Kim JJ, Yu JC, Lee KY, Won SH, Lee SH, Kim SH, Kang SH, Chung YC

The present study details the rationale and methodology of the Korean Early Psychosis Cohort Study (KEPS), which is a clinical cohort investigation of first episode psychosis patients from a Korean...
Online Registry for Nationwide Database of Current Trend of Helicobacter pylori Eradication in Korea: Interim Analysis

Kim BJ, Kim HS, Song HJ, Chung IK, Kim GH, Kim BW, Shim KN, Jeon SW, Jung YJ, Yang CH, Kim JH, Kim TH, Kim SG, Shin WG, Kim SM, Han SW, Lee JH, Kim KH, Park SK, Park BJ, Lee J, Kim JG, Korean College of Helicobacter and Upper Gastrointestinal Research

Eradication of Helicobacter pylori using first-line therapy is becoming less effective. Subjects who had been treated for H. pylori infection were prospectively enrolled through an on-line database registry from October...

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