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Prognostic Value of Coronary CT Angiography forPredicting Poor Cardiac Outcome in Stroke Patientswithout Known Cardiac Disease or Chest Pain:The Assessment of Coronary Artery Disease in StrokePatients Study

Yoon SH, Kim E, Jeon Y, Yi SY, Bae HJ, Jang IK, Lee JM, Yoo SM, White CS, Chun EJ

Objective: To assess the incremental prognostic value of coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) in comparison toa clinical risk model (Framingham risk score, FRS) and coronary artery calcium score (CACS) for...
Feasibility Study of Synthetic Diffusion-Weighted MRIin Patients with Breast Cancer in Comparison withConventional Diffusion-Weighted MRI

Choi BH, Baek HJ, Ha JY, Ryu KH, Moon JI, Park SE, Bae K, Jeon KN, Jung EJ

Objective: To investigate the clinical feasibility of synthetic diffusion-weighted imaging (sDWI) at different b-values in patientswith breast cancer by assessing the diagnostic image quality and the quantitative measurements compared with...
Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Toxocara apodemi (Nematoda: Ascarididae) from Striped Field Mice, Apodemus agrarius, in Korea

Kim HC, Hong EJ, Ryu SY, Park J, Cho JG, Yu DH, Chae JS, Choi KS, Park BK

Adult ascarid worms from the field mice, Apodemus agrarius, were observed with a light and scanning electron microscope, and molecularly analized with 18S rRNA gene. In the scanning electron microscope,...
Epidemiological Investigation for Outbreak of Clostridium perfringens Enteritis among Students at a College in 2018

Bae EJ, Hwang SM, Kwon GY, Lee MS

Purpose: This study was conducted to provide the results of the epidemiological investigation for outbreak of Clostridium perfringens enteritis among students at a college in Sejong City. Methods: This investigation was...
Correlation between carcass grade and progesterone receptor membrane component 1 in Korean Hanwoo

Lee SR, Kim CY, Lee YH, Kim Jh, Ryu Sy, Park Bk, Hong EJ

Carcass grade primarily depends on marbling of intramuscular fat, which is associated with the texture and tenderness of beef. Accordingly, various economical molecular tests for high intramuscular fat in beef...
Safety and Effectiveness of Indwelling Percutaneous Drainage in Hospitalized Terminally Ill Cancer Patients with Recurrent Ascites

Park K, Lee GW, Kim JJ, Oh SB, Oh SY, Park EJ, Kim JH, Jang JY, Jeon UB

Objectives: Terminally ill cancer patients in hospice palliative care unit are reluctant to undergo repetitive invasive procedures due to coagulopathies and poor performance or condition, while catheter management such as...
End-of-Life Care of Hospitalized Children with Advanced Heart Disease

Lee J, Kim GB, Song MK, Lee SY, Kim MS, Bae EJ

Background: Despite improvements in palliative care for critically ill children, the characteristics of end-of-life care for pediatric patients with advanced heart disease are not well-known. We investigated these characteristics among...
Nursing College Life Experiences of North Korean Defectors

Park JS, Jo EJ, Choi EJ, Cho HM, Bae JH

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to understand nursing college life experiences of North Korean Defectors and identify their meanings. METHODS: The study collected data through individual in-depth interviews among...
Measuring Tumor Extent Based on Subtypes Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Radiologic-Pathologic Discordance and High Positive Margin Rates in Breast Cancer

Bae SJ, Ahn SG, Yoon CI, Yang BS, Lee HW, Son EJ, Jeong J

PURPOSE: We evaluated the clinical value of breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in patients who underwent breast-conserving surgery (BCS). The degree of correlation between pathology size and MRI or ultrasonography...
Stress Induced Cardiomyopathy Requiring Ventricular Assist Device Support in an 8-Year-Old Girl with Acute Leukemia

Park SH, Song MK, Kim GB, Bae EJ, Hong KT, Kwak JG

No abstract available.
Acarbose Add-on Therapy in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Metformin and Sitagliptin Failure: A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study

Yang HK, Lee SH, Shin J, Choi YH, Ahn YB, Lee BW, Rhee EJ, Min KW, Yoon KH

BACKGROUND: We evaluated the efficacy and safety of acarbose add-on therapy in Korean patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) who are inadequately controlled with metformin and sitagliptin. METHODS: A total...
Associations among Addiction Risk, Life Satisfaction, Depression, and Suicidal Ideation in Korean Adults

Bae MN, Lee M, Park S, Lee EJ

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to examine the association of multiple addiction risks with life satisfaction, depression, and suicidal ideation in Korean adults. METHODS: This study was descriptive correlational....
Carotid Arterial Calcium Scoring Using Upper Airway Computed Tomography in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Efficacy as a Clinical Predictor of Cerebrocardiovascular Disease

Lee JH, Kang EJ, Bae WY, Kim JK, Choi JH, Kim CH, Kim SJ, Jo KS, Kim MS, Koh TK

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the value of airway computed tomography (CT) in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) as a predictor of cerebrocardiovascular disease (CCVD) clinically, by quantitatively analyzing carotid arterial...
Association between the management of oral health and experience of oral health education and an investigation of influential factors of the PHP index in university students

Shin HE, Cho MJ, Park EJ, Choi YH, Song KB

OBJECTIVES: The aims of this study were to determine the association between the management of oral health and experiences of oral health education and to investigate the influential factors of...
Mediation Effects of Basic Psychological Needs Between Autonomy Support from Healthcare Providers and Self-Management Among Cancer Survivors

Bae EJ, Kim YH

OBJECTIVES: This study examined the mediating effects of basic psychological needs between patient autonomy support from healthcare providers, and self-management among cancer survivors. METHODS: This study collected data from 148 cancer...
Effect of a rapid response system on code rates and in-hospital mortality in medical wards

Lee HY, Lee J, Lee SM, Kim S, Yang E, Lee HJ, Lee H, Ryu HG, Oh SY, Ha EJ, Ko SB, Cho J

BACKGROUND: To determine the effects of implementing a rapid response system (RRS) on code rates and in-hospital mortality in medical wards. METHODS: This retrospective study included adult patients admitted to medical...
Correlation between Carotid Arterial Calcium Score and Silent Cerebrovascular Lesions in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients: by Using Upper Airway CT and Brain MRI

Kim MS, Kang EJ, Bae WY, Kim JK, Kim CH, Choi JH, Kim SH, Kim DY, Lee KN

PURPOSE: To investigate the relationship between carotid arterial calcium score (CarACS) and silent cerebrovascular lesions in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). MATERIALS AND METHODS: This study involved retrospective evaluation of...
Juvenile Polyp associated with Hypovolemic Shock Due to Massive Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Kim DY, Bae JY, Ko KO, Cheon EJ, Lim JW, Song YH, Yoon JM

Juvenile polyps are the most common types of polyps in children, and patients usually present with lower gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding as the predominant symptom. These lesions, which are referred to...
Rhodanthpyrone A and B play an anti-inflammatory role by suppressing the nuclear factor-κB pathway in macrophages

Kim KS, Han CY, Han YT, Bae EJ

Macrophage-associated inflammation is crucial for the pathogenesis of diverse diseases including metabolic disorders. Rhodanthpyrone (Rho) is an active component of Gentiana rhodantha, which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine...
Efficacy of evogliptin and cenicriviroc against nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in mice: a comparative study

Wang Z, Park H, Bae EJ

Dipeptidyl peptidase (DPP)-4 inhibitors, or gliptins, are a class of oral hypoglycemic drugs that have been widely used as a second-line treatment for type 2 diabetes. Gliptins, which were introduced...

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