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Spontaneous Rupture of Uterine Vessels during 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy

Kim TY, Kim YH, Kim JW, Kim AM, Yang YM, Yoon HK, Park SY, Park SJ, Bang HY

  • Perinatology.
  • 2020 Sep;31(3):137-139.
  • doi: 10.14734/PN.2020.31.3.137
A 37-year-old pregnant woman, para 3, was transferred to our hospital at 30 weeks of gestational age with severe acute abdomen. Ultrasonography of the abdomen confirmed that body fluid around...
Fucoidan Induces Apoptosis in A2058 Cells through ROS-exposed Activation of MAPKs Signaling Pathway

Ryu YS, Hyun JW, Chung HS

  • Nat Prod Sci.
  • 2020 Sep;26(3):191-199.
  • doi: 10.20307/nps.2020.26.3.191
Fucoidan, a natural component of brown seaweed, has various biological activities such as anticancer activity, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory against various cancer cells. However, the fucoidan has been implicated in melanoma...
Down-regulated Reactive Oxygen Species by Heat Shock Protein 90 in 3-Hydroxykynurenine-induced SKN-SH Cell Death

Kim D, Lee M, Noh Y, Lee D, Lee H, Bach J, Han J, Lee K

  • Anat Biol Anthropol.
  • 2020 Sep;33(3):152-152.
  • doi: 10.11637/aba.2020.33.3.152
Impact of extended-criteria donor lungs according to preoperative recipient status and age in lung transplantation

Suh JW, Lee JG, Park MS, Kim SY, Jeong SJ, Paik HC

  • Korean J Transplant.
  • 2020 Sep;34(3):185-192.
  • doi: 10.4285/kjt.2020.34.3.185
Background: Organ donor shortage remains as one of the limiting factors for lung transplantation. Given the increase in waiting time, preoperative condition has worsened and affects surgical outcomes. This study...
Next-generation sequencing analysis of exosomal microRNAs: Fusobacterium nucleatum regulates the expression profiling of exosomal microRNAs in human colorectal cancer cells

Yu MR, Kim HJ, Kang JW, Kim YH, Park HR

  • Int J Oral Biol.
  • 2020 Sep;45(3):134-142.
  • doi: 10.11620/IJOB.2020.45.3.134
Colon cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors, but there are still a few validated biomarkers of colon cancer. Exosome-mediated microRNAs (miRNAs) have been recognized as potential biomarkers...
Inhibition of cell growth and induction of apoptosis by acacetin in FaDu human pharyngeal carcinoma cells

Kang KR, Kim JS, Kim TH, Seo JY, Park JH, Lim JW, Yu SK, Kim HJ, Shin SH, Park BR, Kim CS, Kim DK

  • Int J Oral Biol.
  • 2020 Sep;45(3):107-114.
  • doi: 10.11620/IJOB.2020.45.3.107
Acacetin, which is present in damiana (Turnera diffusa) and black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia), has several pharmacologic activities such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-proliferative effects on cancer cells. However, the effect...
Virulence and antimicrobial resistance genes of pathogenic Escherichia coli from piglets showing diarrhea before and after ban on antibiotic growth promoters in feed

Do KH, Byun JW, Lee WK

  • Korean J Vet Res.
  • 2020 Sep;60(3):163-171.
  • doi: 10.14405/kjvr.2020.60.3.163
Abstract: This study examined the prevalence of adherence factors, toxin genes, antimicrobial resistance phenotypes, and resistance genes in Escherichia coli (E. coli) isolated from piglets with diarrhea before and...
Comparison of the remineralization effect of newly-developed fluoride agents according to the depth of early carious lesions

Kim MR, Lee NY, Jih MK, Kim JW, Choi WS, Lee SH

  • Oral Biol Res.
  • 2020 Sep;44(3):93-101.
  • doi: 10.21851/obr.44.03.202009.93
This study aimed to compare the re-mineralization effects of the new fluorine formulations of the 5% sodium fluoride adhesive film (NaF AF) and 38% silver diamine fluoride (SDF) with conventional...
Preliminary study for the development of a visiting oral health care intervention program for the elderly based on community healthcare

Jang JH, Cho JW, Kim YJ, Ki JY, Jo KS, Kim JR, Park JE, Kim DH

  • J Korean Acad Oral Health.
  • 2020 Sep;44(3):166-172.
  • doi: 10.11149/jkaoh.2020.44.3.166
Objectives: We evaluated the level of oral health status and oral health behavior in the elderly prior to their participation in a visiting oral health care intervention program as part...
The effect of general health status, oral health behavior and status on quality of life in Korea adults

Jeong HJ, Kim YH, Yun JW, Oh SH, Yoon HS, Lee MK, Lee JH

  • J Korean Acad Oral Health.
  • 2020 Sep;44(3):158-165.
  • doi: 10.11149/jkaoh.2020.44.3.158
Objectives: The purpose of this study was to analyze the relations between general health status, oral health behavior, oral health status, and quality of life, as well as the mediating...
Caries activity test by realtime PCR method and bacterial cultural method

Yun JH, Park JH, Cho JW, Kim SW

  • J Korean Acad Oral Health.
  • 2020 Sep;44(3):126-129.
  • doi: 10.11149/jkaoh.2020.44.3.126
Objectives: This study aimed to compare the results of conventional methodology and real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for acid-producing bacteria and identify the appropriate method for caries activity testing. Methods: Oral...
A Case of Diffuse Lichen Planus Pigmentosus on Exposed Areas Occurred with Lichen Planus

Kim SM, Kang JW, Kim WJ, Ro BI, Cho HK

  • Korean J Dermatol.
  • 2020 Sep;58(8):566-568.
A Case of Ingrown Toenail Treated by the Nail-splinting Technique with New Flexible Tube

Kang JW, Lee SJ, Cho HK

  • Korean J Dermatol.
  • 2020 Sep;58(8):565-566.
A Case of Myopericytoma and Review of Korean Literature

Park SJ, Jeong, GJ, Park JW, Hong JY, Park KY, Seo SJ

  • Korean J Dermatol.
  • 2020 Sep;58(8):558-562.
Myopericytoma, previously called as hemangiopericytoma, is a rare, soft tissue neoplasm. It usually presents as an asymptomatic solitary lesion, and it most commonly affects the lower extremities. It is characterized...
Primary Cutaneous Nodular Amyloidosis in Both Lip Angles

Heo JH, Lee SB, Yoon HS, Lee SH, Choi SJ, Byun JW, Choi GS, Shin J

  • Korean J Dermatol.
  • 2020 Sep;58(8):547-550.
Primary cutaneous nodular amyloidosis is a rare variant of primary cutaneous amyloidosis and manifests as nodular, light-chain, amyloid deposits that are localized to the skin. The pathogenesis of the disease...
A Case of Localized Lymphedema of the Vulva Mimicking a Fibrous Tumor

Lee SB, Heo JH, Yoon HS, Lee SH, Shin J, Choi GS, Byun JW

  • Korean J Dermatol.
  • 2020 Sep;58(8):543-546.
Lymphedema refers to inflammation that occurs in a part of the body owing to impaired lymphatic transport. Lymphedema arises as a consequence of a malformation or malfunction of the lymphatic...
Delta-like Factor 1 as a Possible Therapeutic Target for Sarcomas

Kim HS, Ahn SH, Kim HJ, Park JW, Han I

  • Clin Orthop Surg.
  • 2020 Sep;12(3):404-412.
  • doi: 10.4055/cios19117
Background: Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are cells characterized by their self-renewal and tumorigenic potential. The purpose of this study was to discover the role of the delta-like factor 1 (DLK1)...
Case of cardiac arrest due to carbon dioxide poisoning following an explosion of a carbon dioxide tank

Ok YB, Kim JY, Baek KJ, Lee KR, Hong DY, Park SO, Kim JW, Kim SY

  • Clin Exp Emerg Med.
  • 2020 Sep;7(3):234-237.
  • doi: 10.15441/ceem.19.015
Carbon dioxide is widely used for a variety of purposes. As it is a normal constituent of air, the public generally regards it as safe. Although low concentrations of carbon...
Trampoline-related injuries in children: a nationwide cross-sectional study in South Korea

Lee G, Kim DK, Park JW, Kwak YH, Jung JY

  • Clin Exp Emerg Med.
  • 2020 Sep;7(3):190-196.
  • doi: 10.15441/ceem.19.060
Objective Trampoline-related injuries have increased in South Korea. However, little research has been conducted on this topic. This study aimed to show the characteristics of pediatric trampoline-related injuries in South...
Microsurgical treatment for the recurrent cerebral aneurysm initially treated using coil embolization

Lee J, Kim ST, Shim YW, Back JW, Ko JH, Lee WH, Paeng SH, Pyo SY, Heo YJ, Jeong HW, Jeong YG

  • J Cerebrovasc Endovasc Neurosurg.
  • 2020 Sep;22(3):165-175.
  • doi: 10.7461/jcen.2020.22.3.165
Objective: Microsurgical treatment could be a good alternative for the treatment of recurrent cerebral aneurysm after coil embolization. The purpose of this study was to present our experience of microsurgical...

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