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KRAS, NRAS, and BRAF mutations in plasma cell myeloma at a single Korean institute

Kim Y, Park SS, Min CK, Lee GD, Son J, Jo S, Han E, Han K, Kim M

Background Plasma cell myeloma (PCM) is a genetically heterogeneous disease. The genetic spectrum of PCM has been expanded to mutations such as KRAS, NRAS, and BRAF genes in the RAS-RAF-MAPK pathway....
Isolation of Carnobacterium divergens from Blood Culture in Korea : A Case Report and Literature Review

Jeong IH, Ahn GD, Kim N, Kim KH, Shin SD, Han JY, Woo GS

Carnobacterium is a genus of gram-positive bacilli belonging to the family Lactobacillaceae. Generally, Carnobacterium species are considered nonpathogenic to humans and are mostly found in the natural environment, food, and food...
‘Radial force’ of colonic stents: A parameter without consistency, definition or standard

Laasch HU, Milward GD, Edwards DW

Background: To investigate the expansion force of current colonic stents and to match these to industry standards. Methods: Samples of all colonic stents were requested from manufactures world-wide. Expansion forces were...
Severe COVID-19 Pneumonia and Very Late Stent Thrombosis: a Trigger or Innocent Bystander?

Galeazzi GL, Loffi M, Tano GD, Danzi GB

Right ventricular assist device with an oxygenator using extracorporeal membrane oxygenation as a bridge to lung transplantation in a patient with severe respiratory failure and right heart decompensation

Oh DK, Shim TS, Jo KW, Park SI, Kim DK, Choi S, Lee GD, Jung SH, Kang PJ, Hong SB

Right heart decompensation is a fatal complication in patients with respiratory failure, particularly in those transitioned to lung transplantation using veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (V-V ECMO). In these patients, veno-arterial...
A 3D “In Vitro” Model to Study Hyaluronan Effect in Nasal Epithelial Cell Line Exposed to Double-Stranded RNA Poly(I:C)

Albano GD, Bonanno A, Giacomazza D, Cavalieri , Sammarco M, Ingrassia , Gagliardo , Riccobono , Moscato M, Anzalone G, Montalbano AM, Profita M

Environmental agents, including viral and bacterial infectious agents, are involved in the alteration of physicochemical and biological parameters in the nasal epithelium. Hyaluronan (HA) has an important role in the...
Risk Factor and Mortality in Patients with Pulmonary Embolism Combined with Infectious Disease

Lee GD, Ju S, Kim JY, Kim TH, Yoo JW, Lee SJ, Cho YJ, Jeong YY, Jeon KN, Lee JD, Kim HC

BACKGROUND: Infectious conditions may increase the risk of venous thromboembolism. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the risk factor for combined infectious disease and its influence on mortality...
Clinical Validity of Next-Generation Sequencing Multi-Gene Panel Testing for Detecting Pathogenic Variants in Patients With Hereditary Breast-Ovarian Cancer Syndrome

Yoo J, Lee GD, Kim JH, Lee SN, Chae H, Han E, Kim Y, Kim M

BACKGROUND: Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (HBOC) is caused by pathogenic variants in BRCA and other cancer-related genes. We analyzed variants in BRCA gene and other cancer-related genes in...
Plasma Risperidone-related Measures in Children and Adolescents with Oppositional Defiant/Conduct Disorders

Piacentino D, Kotzalidis GD, Schoretsanitis G, Paulzen M, Haen E, Cappelletti S, Giupponi G, Grözinger M, Conca A

Objective: Therapeutic drug monitoring helps clinicians in choosing the right drug and adjust its dose in specific patients. To this end, we aimed to assess time patterns of risperidone and...
Comprehensive Approach to Open Access Publishing: Platforms and Tools

Gasparyan , Yessirkepov M, Voronov AA, Koroleva A, Kitas GD

The Open Access Initiative is gaining momentum due to the worldwide availability of advanced digital tools, online publishing platforms, and systems for tracking academic contributions. Several declarations and initiatives, including...
A Rare Case of Acute Myeloid Leukemia With SET-NUP214 Fusion and Massive Hyperdiploidy

Jeong IH, An GD, Lim HH, Woo KS, Kim KH, Kim JM, Lee JH, Han JY

No abstract available.
The Platelet-to-Lymphocyte Ratio as an Inflammatory Marker in Rheumatic Diseases

Gasparyan , Ayvazyan L, Mukanova U, Yessirkepov M, Kitas GD

The platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio (PLR) has emerged as an informative marker revealing shifts in platelet and lymphocyte counts due to acute inflammatory and prothrombotic states. PLR has been extensively examined in...
Effect of prokinetics on the gastrointestinal transit of a capsule endoscope in healthy 4 beagles

Kim GD, Song JH, Yu DH, Lee HC, Kim YJ, An SJ, Jung DI

This study investigated the prokinetic effect of metoclopramide and mirtazapine on gastric transit time (GTT), small bowel transit time (SBTT) and gastrointestinal transit time (GITT) during capsule endoscopy in four...
'Need of the Hour': Early Diagnosis and Management of Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis of the Spine: An Analysis of 30 Patients from a “High Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis Burden” Country

Arockiaraj J, Karthik R, Michael JS, Amritanand R, David KS, Krishnan V, Sundararaj GD

STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective study. PURPOSE: To report the prevalence of patients with multidrug-resistant (MDR) tubercular spondylodiscitis and their outcomes. Additionally, to assess the role of Xpert MTB/RIF assay in early detection...
Distribution of Hemoglobin Concentration before Transfusion for Evaluation of Appropriateness of Red Blood Cell Transfusion

Jeong IH, Kim KH, An GD, Jeong GC

Red blood cell transfusions have been associated with the risk of transfusion transmitted infections, and inappropriate transfusions may have an adverse effect on the patient's clinical course. The laboratory information...
Scientific Hypotheses: Writing, Promoting, and Predicting Implications

Gasparyan , Ayvazyan L, Mukanova U, Yessirkepov M, Kitas GD

Scientific hypotheses are essential for progress in rapidly developing academic disciplines. Proposing new ideas and hypotheses require thorough analyses of evidence-based data and predictions of the implications. One of the...
Recent Trends in Demographics, Surgery, and Prognosis of Patients with Surgically Resected Lung Cancer in a Single Institution from Korea

Yun JK, Lee HP, Lee GD, Kim HR, Kim YH, Kim DK, Park SI, Choi S

BACKGROUND: Over the past few decades, demographics information has changed significantly in patients with surgically resected lung cancer. Herein, we evaluated the recent trends in demographics, surgery, and prognosis of...
Long-Term Outcomes of Adult Lung Transplantation Recipients: A Single-Center Experience in South Korea

Jo KW, Hong SB, Kim DK, Jung SH, Kim HR, Choi SH, Lee GD, Lee SO, Do KH, Chae EJ, Choi IC, Choi DK, Kim IO, Park SI, Shim TS

BACKGROUND: Recently, the number of lung transplants in South Korea has increased. However, the long-term outcome data is limited. In this study, we aimed to investigate the long-term outcomes of...
Performance Evaluation of the Beckman Coulter DxN VERIS Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Assay in Comparison With the Abbott RealTime HBV Assay

Park J, Cho H, Choi SJ, Lee GD, Sin SH, Ryu JH, Park HS, Lee H, Kim Y, Oh EJ

The detection and quantification of hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA plays an important role in diagnosing and monitoring HBV infection as well as in assessing the therapeutic response. We compared...
A clinico-radiographic and histomorphometric analysis of alveolar ridge preservation using calcium phosphosilicate, PRF, and collagen plug

AB TK, T CN, PS GD, Triveni MG, Mehta DS

BACKGROUND: Tooth extraction commonly leads to loss of residual alveolar ridge, thus compromising the room available for the implant placement. To combat the post-extraction alveolar loss, alveolar ridge preservation is...

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