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Participation of D-serine and NR2 subunits in EphA4-mediated trigeminal neuropathic pain

Kim MD, Kim MJ, Son JY, Kim YM, Ju JS, Ahn DK

The present study investigated the participation of D-serine and NR2 in antinociception produced by blockade of central erythropoietin-producing hepatocellular carcinoma (Eph) A4 (EphA4) signaling in rats with trigeminal neuropathic pain....
Clinical Effects and Complications of Pedicle Screw Augmentation with Bone Cement: Comparison of Fenestrated Screw Augmentation and Vertebroplasty Augmentation

Kim JH, Ahn DK, Shin WS, Kim MJ, Lee HY, Go YR

Background: Pedicle screw augmentation with bone cement has been experimentally demonstrated to increase the pullout strength. However, the mechanisms of screw loosening are complicated and interacting. Although vertebroplasty augmentation and...
Tips for troublesome sample-size calculation

In J, Kang H, Kim JH, Kim TK, Ahn EJ, Lee DK, Lee S, Park JH

Tips for troublesome sample-size calculation

In J, Kang H, Kim JH, Kim TK, Ahn EJ, Lee DK, Lee S, Park JH

Properly set sample size is one of the important factors for scientific and persuasive research. The sample size that can guarantee both clinically significant differences and adequate power in the...
Effect of Leg Elevation Height on Reduced Swelling of Patients of Postoperative Acute Ankle Fractures

Seo DK, Kang HW, Ahn DS, Song JS

Purpose: Leg elevation is known as an effective method for reducing leg swelling, and it has been routinely used in medical practice. However, the effect of swelling reduction in relation...
Genotoxicity in Patients on Long-term Proton Pump Inhibitor Therapy in Korea: A Nested Case-control, Prospective, Pilot Study

Choi YI, Chung JW, Park DK, Kim KO, Kwon KA, Kim YJ, Kim SY, Ahn SM, Han MD, Ko KP

Background/Aims: Although proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) remain a mainstay for the suppression of gastric acid secretion, long-term PPI use is associated with side effects. However, the genotoxicity associated with long-term...
Effect of Relaxin Expression from an Alginate Gel-Encapsulated Adenovirus on Scar Remodeling in a Pig Model

Yun IS, Kang E, Ahn HM, Kim YO, Rah DK, Roh TS, Lee WJ, Yun CO

PURPOSE: Relaxin (RLX) is a transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1) antagonist that is believed to function as a potent collagen re-arranger and a major suppressor of extracellular matrix components. Adenoviruses (Ads)...
Rabies immune status of raccoon dogs residing in areas where rabies bait vaccine has been distributed

Yang DK, Kim HH, Lee EJ, Yoo JY, Kim JT, Ahn S

Since 2000, large amounts of rabies bait vaccine have been distributed in two provinces where raccoon dog-mediated rabies has occurred. A total of 146 raccoon dogs were caught in Gangwon...
Influence of Epidural Steroid Injection on Adrenal Function

Shin WS, Ahn DK, Kim MJ, Cho KJ, Go YR

BACKGROUND: Spinal diseases are self-limited or non-progressive in many cases. Epidural steroid injection (ESI) is a common nonsurgical treatment option for spinal pain. Despite concerns about complications of repeated steroid...
Erratum: Pollen-Food Allergy Syndrome in Korean Pollinosis Patients: A Nationwide Survey

Kim MA, Kim DK, Yang HJ, Yoo Y, Ahn Y, Park HS, Lee HJ, Jeong YY, Kim BS, Bae WY, Jang AS, Park Y, Koh YI, Lee J, Lim DH, Kim JH, Lee SM, Kim YM, Jun YJ, Kim HY, Kim Y, Choi JH, Work Group for Rhinitis, the Korean Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Clinical Immunology

This erratum is being published to correct the error on page 650 of the article. The number of participating research institution should be corrected.
Assessment of P values for demographic data in randomized controlled trials

Ahn EJ, Kim JH, Kim TK, Park JH, Lee DK, Lee S, In J, Kang H

In a large number of randomized controlled trials, researchers provide P values for demographic data, which are commonly reported in table 1 of the article for the purpose of emphasizing...
The Evidence for Nonoperative Treatment of Lumbar Spinal Diseases

Kim HS, Ahn DK, Seo HY, Kim CS, Kim MJ

STUDY DESIGN: Review article. OBJECTIVES: To assess the evidence for nonoperative treatment of various degenerative spinal degenerative diseases. SUMMARY OF LITERATURE REVIEW: No study has yet evaluated the evidence for preoperative nonoperative...
Clinical Manifestations and Risk Factors of Anaphylaxis in Pollen-Food Allergy Syndrome

Kim M, Ahn Y, Yoo Y, Kim DK, Yang HJ, Park HS, Lee HJ, Kim MA, Jeong YY, Kim BS, Bae WY, Jang AS, Park Y, Koh YI, Lee J, Lim DH, Kim JH, Lee SM, Kim YM, Jun YJ, Kim HY, Kim Y, Choi JH, Work Group for Rhinitis, the Korean Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Clinical Immunology

PURPOSE: Many studies have reported that pollen-food allergy syndrome (PFAS) can cause anaphylaxis. No comprehensive investigations into anaphylaxis in PFAS have been conducted, however. In this study, we investigated the...
Participation of Opioid Pathway in the Central Antinociceptive Effects of Eugenol

Kang SH, Kang SW, Kim JH, Kim HY, Ryu HS, Bae SY, Oh JA, Lee JH, Hyun JH, Ahn DK

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the central antinociceptive effects of eugenol after intraperitoneal administration. Experiments were carried out using male Sprague-Dawley rats. Subcutaneous injection of 5%...
Spinal Subarachnoid Hematoma after Spinal Anesthesia: A Case Report

Lee JS, Ahn DK, Shin WS, Yoo IS, Lee HY

STUDY DESIGN: Case report. OBJECTIVES: We report a case of spinal subarachnoid hematoma that developed after spinal anesthesia in a female patient who had no risk factors. SUMMARY OF LITERATURE REVIEW: Few...
Botulinum toxin type A enhances the inhibitory spontaneous postsynaptic currents on the substantia gelatinosa neurons of the subnucleus caudalis in immature mice

Jang SH, Park SJ, Lee CJ, Ahn DK, Han SK

Botulinum toxin type A (BoNT/A) has been used therapeutically for various conditions including dystonia, cerebral palsy, wrinkle, hyperhidrosis and pain control. The substantia gelatinosa (SG) neurons of the trigeminal subnucleus...
The Influence of Antiplatelet Drug Medication on Spine Surgery

Shin WS, Ahn DK, Lee JS, Yoo IS, Lee HY

BACKGROUND: The incidence of cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases has been increasing with the aging of the population, and antiplatelet drugs (APDs) are more frequently used than in the past. With...
Consensus guidelines for the definition of the end stage of disease and last days of life and criteria for medical judgment

Lee SM, Kim SJ, Choi YS, Heo DS, Baik S, Choi BM, Kim D, Moon JY, Park SY, Chang YJ, Hwang IC, Kwon JH, Kim SH, Kim YJ, Park J, Ahn HJ, Lee HW, Kwon I, Kim DK, Kim OJ, Yoo SH, Cheong YS, Koh Y

In Korea, the Hospice, Palliative Care, and Life-sustaining Treatment Decision-making Act was enacted in February 2016 in order to ensure that the patient's self-determination in end-of-life care processes is respected....
Prognostic Factors of Neurological Complications in Spinal Surgeries

Shin WS, Ahn DK, Lee JS, Koo KH, Yoo IS

STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective study. PURPOSE: To determine prognostic factors of neurological complications (NCs) of posterior thoracolumbar surgeries. OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE: There have been few reports on the prognosis of NCs according to...
Lipidomic analysis of plasma lipids composition changes in septic mice

Ahn WG, Jung JS, Song DK

A lipidomic study on extensive plasma lipids in bacterial peritonitis (cecal ligation and puncture, CLP)-induced sepsis in mice was done at 24 h post-CLP. The effects of administration of lysophosphatidylcholine...

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