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Role of MRI and Plain Radiograph to Diagnose Fibrous Dysplasia Mimicking Metastasis on PET/CT in a Patient with Breast Cancer

Cho SM, Jee WH, Yoo IR, Lee A, Chung YG

  • J Korean Bone Joint Tumor Soc.
  • 2010 Jun;16(1):47-50.
  • doi: 10.5292/jkbjts.2010.16.1.47
Fibrous dysplasia is a common benign disorder of bone in which normal bone marrow is replaced with fibro-osseous tissue. As PET/CT is increasingly used for the staging of different malignant...
Deep Submuscular Parosteal Angiomyxolipoma in a Child

Kim HK, Yoo JH, Park YW, Park JS, Rowe KC, Chung KJ, Chang KJ, Hwang JH

  • J Korean Bone Joint Tumor Soc.
  • 2010 Jun;16(1):42-46.
  • doi: 10.5292/jkbjts.2010.16.1.42
Angiomyxolipoma is a rare variant of lipoma, which is described by Mai, 1996, at first. The nine cases of which have been reported to date. Microscopically, the lesion consists of...
Juvenile Hemangioma Occurred in Distal Femoral Epiphysis

Kim TS, Lee CH, Park CK

  • J Korean Bone Joint Tumor Soc.
  • 2010 Jun;16(1):37-41.
  • doi: 10.5292/jkbjts.2010.16.1.37
A hemangioma occurred in the bony epiphysis is extremly rare. A 5-year-old boy visited to our hospital with pain and flexion contracture on the right knee. MRI showed some lesions...
Outcomes of Diffuse-Type Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis (PVNS) after Open Total Synovectomy

Lee M, Lee SH, Suh JS, Yang WI, Shin KH

  • J Korean Bone Joint Tumor Soc.
  • 2010 Jun;16(1):27-36.
  • doi: 10.5292/jkbjts.2010.16.1.27
PURPOSE: Pigmented villonodular synovitis (PVNS) is a rare soft tissue tumor, which usually arises in larger joints, such as the knee. It has a high recurrence rate after surgical treatment....
Secondary Chondrosarcoma Arising from Osteochondroma(tosis)

Cho HM, Rhee SK, Kang YK, Chung YG, Lee AH, Park JM, Bahk WJ

  • J Korean Bone Joint Tumor Soc.
  • 2010 Jun;16(1):21-26.
  • doi: 10.5292/jkbjts.2010.16.1.21
PURPOSE: To analyze clinical, radiological and pathological features as well as clinical outcome after surgical treatment of patients with secondary chondrosarcoma arising from osteochondroma(tosis). MATERIALS AND METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed clinical...
Prognostic Factors in Liposarcomas: A Retrospective Study of 52 Patients

Chung YG, Kang YK, Bahk WJ, Rhee SK, Lee AH, Park JM, Kim MW

  • J Korean Bone Joint Tumor Soc.
  • 2010 Jun;16(1):14-20.
  • doi: 10.5292/jkbjts.2010.16.1.14
PURPOSE: To investigate prognostic factors influencing on local recurrence, distant metastasis and event-free survival of liposarcomas. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifty-two patients managed for liposarcomas since 1993 were analyzed respectively in the...
The Effect of Platelet-Rich Plasma on Allograft Transplantation after Curettage in Benign Bone Tumor

Kim JD, Kim JY, Jang SJ, Chung SH, Jung GH

  • J Korean Bone Joint Tumor Soc.
  • 2010 Jun;16(1):8-13.
  • doi: 10.5292/jkbjts.2010.16.1.8
PURPOSE: This study was performed to evaluate the efficiency of Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for acceleration of bone healing process on allograft transplantation after curettage in benign bone tumor. MATERIALS AND METHODS:...
The Reconstruction with Extracorporeal Irradiated Autograft for Osteosarcoma of Extremities

Kim JD, Lee GW, Chung SH

  • J Korean Bone Joint Tumor Soc.
  • 2010 Jun;16(1):1-7.
  • doi: 10.5292/jkbjts.2010.16.1.1
PURPOSE: With advances in various treatment modalities, limb salvage surgery has been commonly used in osteosarcoma of extremities. An alternative method for skeletal reconstruction is reimplantation of the tumor bearing...

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