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The Association between Suicidal Ideation, Anxiety, and Sleep Quality Among College Students in a City

Kim SH, Park CS, Kim BJ, Lee CS, Cha B, Lee D, Seo JY, Choi JW, Ahn IY, Lee SJ

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2017 Jun;24(1):55-61.
  • doi: 10.14401/KASMED.2017.24.1.55
OBJECTIVES: Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among young adults. We investigated whether anxiety level and sleep quality were related to suicide ideation among university students. METHODS: Questionnaires...
Clinical Characteristics and Heart Rate Variability of Foreign Domestic Violence Victims in Korea

Kim KL, Choi JS, Jang YL, Lee HW, Sim HB

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2017 Jun;24(1):46-54.
  • doi: 10.14401/KASMED.2017.24.1.46
OBJECTIVES: Domestic violence is related to many psychiatric diseases, such as depression, anxiety disorder, and PTSD. Heart rate variability (HRV) is an index of autonomic control of the heart and...
Prediction of Sleep Disturbances in Korean Rural Elderly through Longitudinal Follow Up

Park KM, Kim WJ, Choi EC, An SK, Namkoong K, Youm Y, Kim HC, Lee E

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2017 Jun;24(1):38-45.
  • doi: 10.14401/KASMED.2017.24.1.38
OBJECTIVES: Sleep disturbance is a very rapidly growing disease with aging. The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence of sleep disturbances and its predictive factors in a...
Correlational Analysis of Supine Position Time and Sleep-related Variables in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Kim SY, Park DH, Yu J, Ryu SH, Ha JH

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2017 Jun;24(1):32-37.
  • doi: 10.14401/KASMED.2017.24.1.32
OBJECTIVES: A supine sleep position increases sleep apneas compared to non-supine positions in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). However, supine position time (SPT) is not highly associated with apnea-hypopnea index...
The Changes in Polysomnographic Sleep Variables by Periodic Limb Movements During Sleep

Choi J, Choi JW, Lee YJ, Koo JW, Jeong DU

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2017 Jun;24(1):24-31.
  • doi: 10.14401/KASMED.2017.24.1.24
OBJECTIVES: Periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD) has been debated with regard to its clinical significance and diagnostic criteria. The current diagnostic criterion for PLMD in adults has been changed from...
Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Interstitial Lung Disease

Kim SB, Lee SH, Kang HH

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2017 Jun;24(1):19-23.
  • doi: 10.14401/KASMED.2017.24.1.19
Obstructive sleep apnea is a common disorder in which respiratory flow decreases or disappears despite respiratory effort due to occlusion of the upper respiratory tract during sleep. Oxidative stress and...
Sleep and Type 2 Diabetes

Lee JS, Kim SG

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2017 Jun;24(1):12-18.
  • doi: 10.14401/KASMED.2017.24.1.12
Adequate amount and quality of sleep are important for metabolic control in patients with type 2 diabetes. Too short or too long sleep time disrupts glycemic control in both prediabetes...
Sleep Disorder and Alcohol

Cho SB, Lee SH

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2017 Jun;24(1):5-11.
  • doi: 10.14401/KASMED.2017.24.1.5
The use of alcohol is associated with the development and worsening of sleep disorder. Alcohol is generally known to have a sedative effect, but it has an arousal or sedative...

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