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Internet Addiction in Adolescents and its Relation to Sleep and Depression

Song HK, Jeong MH, Sung DJ, Jung JK, Choi JS, Jang YL, Lee JS

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2010 Dec;17(2):100-108.
OBJECTIVES: "Internet-addiction" came into common use not only in clinical setting but also in everyday life. But, pathophysiology and diagnostic criteria of the internet addiction remain unknown. Because adolescents are...
Comparing Quantitative EEG and Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography Imaging between Deficit Syndrome and Non-Deficit Syndrome of Schizophrenia

Lee SE, Yim SJ, Lee MG, Lee J, Han KH, Lee JI, Sim MY, Yoon HJ, Shin BH

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2010 Dec;17(2):91-99.
OBJECTIVES: Deficit schizophrenia (DS) constitutes a disease separate from non-deficit schizophrenia (NDS). The aim of the current study was to compare the quantitative EEG and low resolution electromagnetic tomography (LORETA)...
Effect of Korean Red Ginseng on Sleep: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Lee SA, Kang SG, Lee HJ, Jung KY, Kim L

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2010 Dec;17(2):85-90.
OBJECTIVES: Ginseng has a long history of being used in insomnia treatment and there is some evidence from animal studies of its sleep-enhancing property. From this, it can be assumed...
Cyclic Alternating Pattern: Implications for Insomnia

Cyn J

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2010 Dec;17(2):75-84.
The cyclic alternating pattern (CAP) is a periodic EEG activity in NREM sleep, characterized by sequences of transient electrocortical events that are distinct from background EEG activities. A CAP cycle...
The Role of Endothelin-1 in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome and Pulmonary Hypertension

Choi Y

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2010 Dec;17(2):69-74.
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is associated with significant cardiovascular morbidity and increased mortality. However, it was controversial whether obstructive sleep apnea syndrome could cause pulmonary hypertension. The controversy was resolved...
Narcolepsy: Clinical Feature, Diagnosis and Treatment

Shin HB

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 2010 Dec;17(2):63-68.
Narcolepsy is a central neurologic system disease. It begins early in life with disabling symptoms including excessive daytime sleepiness, cataplexy, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucination and nocturnal sleep fragmentation. Patient with...

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