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Investigation of 'First-Night Effect' in Normal Young Adult Male Subjects on Polysomnography

Kim EJ, Jeong DU

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 1998 Jun;5(1):111-117.
OBJECTIVES: 'First-night effect' has been a well-known concept since 1960's. It is important because it is one of the major factors to be considered in assessing the reliability of polysomnographic...
Nasal Continuous Airway Pressure Titration Unmasks Periodic Limb Movements in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Park DH, Jeong DU

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 1998 Jun;5(1):103-110.
OBJECTIVES: High co-morbidity of periodic limb movements during sleep(PLMS) and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome(OSAS) is well known and their incidences tend to increase in the elderly. Previous studies have inconsistently...
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Symptoms Prevalence and Sleep Apnea-Associated Factors in Korean Adult Population: A Cross-sectional Survey of Three Rural Communities

Sohn CH, Jeong DU, Sung JH, Chang SH, Lee KS, Lee WJ, Shin HR, Lee BO, Cho SH

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 1998 Jun;5(1):88-102.
OBJECTIVES: We attempted to study obstructive sleep apnea symptoms prevalence and sleep apnea-associated factors in Korean rural adult population. METHODS: In 1,441 adult subjects of three rural communities selected by cluster...
Relationship among Anger Expression Mode, Depression, and Blood Pressure in Korean Male Military Draftees Subjected to the Examining Procedure

Park DK, Youn T, Shin MS, Lee SS, Jeong DU

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 1998 Jun;5(1):80-87.
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship among anger expression mode, depression, and blood pressure. METHOD: Eight hundred sixty-eight male military draftees were asked during the examination...
Sleep Patterns, Daytime Sleepiness and Personality Factors in Rotating Shiftworkers

Kim H, Kim L, Suh KY

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 1998 Jun;5(1):71-79.
OBJECTIVES: This study was to evaluate sleep patterns and daytime sleepiness resulting from shiftwork. The authors, also, tried to find out the relationship between the severity of daytime sleepiness and...
Structural and Functional Changes of The Brain in The Patient with Schizophrenia, Paranoid type : Correlation among Brain MRI Findings, Neurocognitive Function and Psychiatric Symptoms

Kang CM, Lee YH, Jung YJ, Lee JH, Kim SJ, Park HJ

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 1998 Jun;5(1):54-70.
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the role of structural and functional changes of the brain in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia. METHODS: The authors measured the regions of...
Sleep Patterns of Pregnant Women

Choi BS, Yoon JS

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 1998 Jun;5(1):45-53.
OBJECTIVES: The changes of sleep patterns commonly occurs in association with the pregnancy. This study was to investigate sleep habits during the course of normal pregnancy. METHODS: Sleep habits questionnaire was...
Biological Rhythms and Food Intake

Lee YH

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 1998 Jun;5(1):34-44.
Living organisms are influenced by many external rhythms and they have adapted their physiology to periodically changing conditions. These adaptive strategies are controlled by endogenous innate programs of behavior and...
Sleep and Epilepsy in Clinical Practice "fears, regas, deliria, leaps out of bed and seizures during the night" - Hippocrates

Kim CS

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 1998 Jun;5(1):18-33.
Sleep and Epilepsy either represent the opposite and independent spectrum of episodic manifestations from brain or closely interact with each other. Sleep or sleep deprivation may provoke epileptic seizures or...
Circadian rhythms in subjective activation, mood, and performance efficiency

Yoon IY

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 1998 Jun;5(1):12-17.
Circadian rhythms in subjective alterness, mood, and performance can be classified as psychological rhythm, compared with physiological rhythm such as body temperature and hormonal change. While in normal condition entrained...
Anatomy and Physiology in Human Circadian Rhythms

Sohn CH

  • Sleep Med Psychophysiol.
  • 1998 Jun;5(1):1-11.
Chronobiology is the area of medicine that is, how time-related event shape our daily biologic responses and apply to any aspect of medicine with regard to altering pathophysiology and treatment...

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