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Personal, Occupational, and Public Health Perspectives on Dealing with the First Case of Influenza A (H1N1) in the United Arab Emirates

Shah SM, Aw TC, Blair I, Hashmey R, Sheek-Hussein M

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2011 Mar;2(1):83-86.
New epidemics of infectious diseases often involve health care workers. In this short communication we present a case report of a health care professional who became the first case of...
The Magnitude of Mortality from Ischemic Heart Disease Attributed to Occupational Factors in Korea: Attributable Fraction Estimation Using Meta-analysis

Ha J, Kim SG, Paek D, Park J

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2011 Mar;2(1):70-82.
OBJECTIVES: Ischemic heart disease (IHD) is a major cause of death in Korea and known to result from several occupational factors. This study attempted to estimate the current magnitude of...
Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube (MWCNT) Dispersion and Aerosolization with Hot Water Atomization without Addition of Any Surfactant

Ahn KH, Kim SM, Yu IJ

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2011 Mar;2(1):65-69.
OBJECTIVES: Carbon nanotubes are an important new class of technological materials that have numerous novel and useful properties. Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), which is a nanomaterial, is now in mass...
Determination of Phthalate Metabolites in Human Serum and Urine as Biomarkers for Phthalate Exposure Using Column-Switching LC-MS/MS

Jeong JY, Lee JH, Kim EY, Kim PG, Kho YL

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2011 Mar;2(1):57-64.
OBJECTIVES: Although phthalates like dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) are commonly used as plasticizers and their metabolites are especially suspected of reproductive toxicity, little is known about occupational...
Occupational Injury Statistics in Korea

Kang SK, Kwon OJ

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2011 Mar;2(1):52-56.
OBJECTIVES: The occupational accident rate was officially reported to be 0.77 per 100 workers in 2001 and 0.70 in 2009. The stagnant decrease in accident rate raises a question about...
Quantitative Exposure Assessment of Various Chemical Substances in a Wafer Fabrication Industry Facility

Park H, Jang JK, Shin JA

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2011 Mar;2(1):39-51.
OBJECTIVES: This study was designed to evaluate exposure levels of various chemicals used in wafer fabrication product lines in the semiconductor industry where work-related leukemia has occurred. METHODS: The research focused...
In vivo Genotoxicity of Silver Nanoparticles after 90-day Silver Nanoparticle Inhalation Exposure

Kim JS, Sung JH, Ji JH, Song KS, Lee JH, Kang CS, Yu IJ

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2011 Mar;2(1):34-38.
OBJECTIVES: The antimicrobial activity of silver nanoparticles has resulted in their widespread use in many consumer products. Yet, despite their many advantages, it is also important to determine whether silver...
Lymphohematopoietic Cancer Mortality and Morbidity of Workers in a Refinery/Petrochemical Complex in Korea

Koh DH, Kim TW, Yoon YH, Shin KS, Yoo SW

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2011 Mar;2(1):26-33.
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this retrospective cohort study was to investigate the relationship between exposure of Korean workers to petrochemicals in the refinery/petrochemical industry and lymphohematopoietic cancers. METHODS: The cohort consisted...
Evaluation of the Genetic Toxicity of Cyclopentane and Ammonium Nitrate: In vitro Mammalian Chromosomal Aberration Assay in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells

Kim SJ, Rim KT, Kim JK, Kim HY, Yang JS

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2011 Mar;2(1):17-25.
OBJECTIVES: In this study, the in vitro mammalian chromosomal aberration (CA) assay was conducted to gain additional information concerning the hazards associated with the use of cyclopentane and ammonium nitrate....
Diabetes Management and Hypoglycemia in Safety Sensitive Jobs

Lee SM, Koh D, Chui WK, Sum CF

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2011 Mar;2(1):9-16.
The majority of people diagnosed with diabetes mellitus are in the working age group in developing countries. The interrelationship of diabetes and work, that is, diabetes affecting work and work...
Risk Factors for Breast Cancer, Including Occupational Exposures

Weiderpass E, Meo M, Vainio H

  • Saf Health Work.
  • 2011 Mar;2(1):1-8.
The knowledge on the etiology of breast cancer has advanced substantially in recent years, and several etiological factors are now firmly established. However, very few new discoveries have been made...

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