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Incidentally Discovered a Self-Inflicted a Nail in the Brain of Schizophrenia Patient

Son S, Kang DH, Kim BH, Choi NC

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):272-274.
The self-infliction of foreign bodies into the brain represents rare a clinical phenomenon that has been reported primarily in cases involving accidents and suicide attempts. However, various motivations for self-injurious...
Duloxetine-Induced Liver Injury in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder

Kang SG, Park YM, Lee HJ, Yoon B

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):269-271.
Duloxetine is a balanced serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Duloxetine-induced liver injury in patients with preexisting liver disease or chronic alcohol use is known. However, we have found that duloxetine can also...
Genetic Polymorphisms in the HTR2C and Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors Are Not Associated with Metabolic Syndrome in Patients with Schizophrenia Taking Clozapine

Kang SH, Lee JI, Chang AK, Joo YH, Kim CY, Kim SY

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):262-268.
OBJECTIVE: Genetic variation in the serotonin-2C receptor encoded by the HTR2C gene is one of the genetic determinants of antipsychotic-induced weight gain. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors are nuclear receptors regulating the...
Effects of Long-Term Combination Treatment with Valproate and Atypical Antipsychotics on Bone Mineral Density and Bone Metabolism in Premenopausal Patients with Bipolar Disorder: A Preliminary Study

Yang J, Joe SH, Lee MS, Ko YH, Jung IK, Kim SH

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):256-261.
OBJECTIVE: We investigated bone mineral density (BMD) and bone metabolism in female bipolar patients who were undergoing long-term treatment with valproate combined with a low-dose atypical antipsychotic. METHODS: Nineteen premenopausal women...
Health-Related Quality of Life, Activities of Daily Living and Parenting Stress in Children with Brain Tumors

An KJ, Song MS, Sung KW, Joung YS

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):250-255.
OBJECTIVE: To compare health-related quality of life (HRQOL), activities of daily living (ADL), and parenting stress between children with brain tumors and those of normal control (NC). METHODS: Participants were 31...
The Association of Obesity with Insulin Resistance in Male Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome in Korea

Chung S, Yoon IY, Ju G

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):245-249.
OBJECTIVE: Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) has been associated with cardiovascular complications and insulin resistance has been implicated in the pathogenesis and progression of atherosclerosis. We investigated whether insulin resistance...
Antidepressant Prescribing Patterns in Korea: Results from the Clinical Research Center for Depression Study

Bae KY, Kim SW, Kim JM, Shin IS, Yoon JS, Jung SW, Lee MS, Yim HW, Jun TY

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):234-244.
OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to investigate antidepressant prescribing patterns, including initial choice, switching and combining, and concomitant use of non-antidepressant agents, for depressive disorders in naturalistic clinical care settings in...
Differences in Performance of ADHD Children on a Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test according to IQ

Park MH, Kweon YS, Lee SJ, Park EJ, Lee C, Lee CU

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):227-233.
OBJECTIVE: Continuous performance tests (CPTs) are frequently used in clinical practice to assess the attentiveness of ADHD children. Although most CPTs do not categorize T scores by intelligence, there is...
Performance Enhancement with Low Stress and Anxiety Modulated by Cognitive Flexibility

Han DH, Park HW, Kee BS, Na C, Na DH, Zaichkowsky L

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):221-226.
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to compare cognitive flexibility abilities, stress, and anxiety between starters and non-starter athletes. METHODS: A total of 30 male professional-soccer and 40 professional-baseball athletes...
Reduced Fertility and Fecundity among Patients with Bipolar I Disorder and Schizophrenia in Egypt

Mansour H, Kandil K, Wood J, Fathi W, Elassy M, Ibrahim I, Salah H, Yassin A, Elsayed H, Tobar S, El-Boraie , Eissa A, Elhadidy M, Ibrahim NE, El-Bahaei , Nimgaonkar VL

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):214-220.
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate reproduction among patients with bipolar I disorder (BP1) or schizophrenia (SZ) in Egypt. METHODS: BP1 patients (n=113) were compared with community based, demographically balanced controls (n=124) and SZ...
Effect of Initial Ziprasidone Dose on Treatment Outcome of Korean Patients with Acute Manic or Mixed Episodes

Woo YS, Bahk WM, Jo SH, Yoon BH, Lee JG, Kim W, Jeong JH, Seo JS, Min KJ, Jon DI

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):207-213.
OBJECTIVE: We investigated the efficacy and tolerability of ziprasidone combined with divalproex to determine the relationship between the initial dose of ziprasidone and the treatment effect among Korean patients with...
Associated Factors of Quality of Life in First-Episode Schizophrenia Patients

Song YY, Kim KR, Park JY, Lee SY, Kang JI, Lee E, An SK, Kwon JS

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):201-206.
OBJECTIVE: Improving quality of life is an important goal in the treatment of schizophrenia. In previous research, quality of life has been reported to be compromised in patients with schizophrenia....
The Association between Economic Status and Depressive Symptoms: An Individual and Community Level Approach

Jo SJ, Yim HW, Bang MH, Lee MO, Jun TY, Choi JS, Lee MS, Lee WC, Park YM

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):194-200.
OBJECTIVE: The study was conducted to investigate the association between economic status and depressive symptoms by comparing the prevalence rates of depressive symptoms at community level and analyzing the possibility...
Anger in Elderly Patients with Depressive Disorders

Baeg S, Wang SK, Chee IS, Kim SY, Kim JL

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):186-193.
OBJECTIVE: This study was conducted to investigate anger in elderly patients with depressive disorders. METHODS: The subjects included 216 elderly patients with depression and 198 controls. All subjects were assessed by...
Prevalence and Correlates of Psychiatric Symptoms in North Korean Defectors

Kim HH, Lee YJ, Kim HK, Kim JE, Kim SJ, Bae SM, Cho SJ

  • Psychiatry Investig.
  • 2011 Sep;8(3):179-185.
OBJECTIVE: The aim of the present study is to assess the prevalence of psychiatric symptoms and associated factors in North Korean Defectors (NKDs). METHODS: One hundred forty-four NKDs (male: 20; female:...

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