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Recent updates in dyslipidemia management: perspectives in stroke-specific situation

Seo WK, Hosseini M, Bang OY, Liebeskind DS

  • Precis Future Med.
  • 2020 Mar;4(1):9-20.
  • doi: 10.23838/pfm.2020.00009
Managing dyslipidemia in stroke is essential. During the past several decades, monumental changes in dyslipidemia management have occurred, resulting in improvement in outcomes of patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD). The...
Non-vitamin K oral antagonist failure and tailored treatment in patients with atrial fibrillation and stroke

Kim HJ, Choi S, Kim HJ, Bang OY

  • Precis Future Med.
  • 2020 Mar;4(1):37-42.
  • doi: 10.23838/pfm.2020.00030
In case of any embolic event, treatment strategy should be established according to the pathomechanisms of failure of non-vitamin K oral anticoagulants (NOAC). A 72-year-old man was referred to our...
The effects of three novel probiotics isolated from the Korean fermented food Kimchi on the stress-induced defecation of rats

Kim MJ, Min YW, Lee C, Jang YS, Kim CH, Chang DK

  • Precis Future Med.
  • 2020 Mar;4(1):31-36.
  • doi: 10.23838/pfm.2019.00121
Purpose: The interest in novel probiotics that improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has been growing trend. This study aims to investigate the probiotic effect of three kinds of...
Message from the P&FM Editors to our ad hoc Reviewers

Bang OY

  • Precis Future Med.
  • 2020 Mar;4(1):1-1.
  • doi: 10.23838/pfm.2020.00051
Two-sample Mendelian randomization study for schizophrenia and breast cancer

Kim S, Kim K, Myung W, Lee H, Kim H, Kim DK, Won HH

  • Precis Future Med.
  • 2020 Mar;4(1):21-30.
  • doi: 10.23838/pfm.2019.00093
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate whether the risk of schizophrenia is causally associated with the risk of breast cancer. Methods: Bidirectional two-sample Mendelian randomization (TSMR) was performed...
Determination of cutoff values for biomarkers in clinical studies

Woo SY, Kim S

  • Precis Future Med.
  • 2020 Mar;4(1):2-8.
  • doi: 10.23838/pfm.2019.00135
In clinical and epidemiological studies, biomarkers are associated with disease diagnosis and prognosis. Using biomarkers to classify subjects into groups, such as high-risk or low-risk, may help with the application...

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