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Relationships between Anxiety, Depression, Low Anterior Resection Syndrome, and Quality of Life Following Lower Anterior Resection for Rectal Cancer

Lee E, Kim KS

  • Perspect Nurs Sci.
  • 2014 Apr;11(1):74-85.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationships between anxiety, depression, low anterior resection syndrome, and quality of life after lower anterior resection for rectal cancer. METHODS: The...
Effects of Music Therapy and Phone Counseling on Postpartum Depression and Maternal Identity in High Risk Women

Kim HW, Kim SO, Kim HG, Jeon HR

  • Perspect Nurs Sci.
  • 2014 Apr;11(1):63-73.
PURPOSE: This study examine the effects of music therapy and phone counseling on postpartum depression and maternal identity in high risk women. METHODS: A nonequivalent control group time series research design...
A Review of Research on Evaluation Indexes and Determinants of Organizational Effectiveness of Hospital Nursing Organizations

Kim J, Kim J

  • Perspect Nurs Sci.
  • 2014 Apr;11(1):49-62.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to review journal articles, master's theses, and doctoral dissertations on organizational effectiveness in hospital nursing organizations in order to identify evaluation indexes, determinants,...
Effects of an Education Program using a Narrative Approach for Women with Breast Cancer

Yi M, Ryu YM, Cha J

  • Perspect Nurs Sci.
  • 2014 Apr;11(1):39-48.
PURPOSE: This study investigated the effects of an education program integrating self-efficacy theory and narratives on self-efficacy, knowledge, and resilience in women with breast cancer. METHODS: This study employed a nonequivalent...
An Exploratory Study of Diffusion of Health Promotion Programs using Forests

Lee I, Choi H, Bang KS, Lee KW, Kim JE

  • Perspect Nurs Sci.
  • 2014 Apr;11(1):30-38.
PURPOSE: In recent years, many attempts have been made to examine the effects of forest therapy on health and to develop related policies. This study aimed to explore the current...
Working with Low-Income Elders in Korea: An Ethnographical Exploration of u-Health Nurses' Experiences

Choi H, Kim J, Jin M, Lee J, Kim S, Jeong S

  • Perspect Nurs Sci.
  • 2014 Apr;11(1):18-29.
PURPOSE: This study sought to ascertain and describe u-Health nurses (ubiquitous healthcare nurse, tele-nurse)' experiences working with low-income elders in Korea. METHODS: Data were collected through semi-structured interview, focus group interviews...
An Analysis of Health Promotion Programs Utilizing Forests based on Korea's Regional Healthcare Program Plans

Lee I, Kim S, Bang KS, Choi H, Ko C, Kim J, Kim S

  • Perspect Nurs Sci.
  • 2014 Apr;11(1):10-17.
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to analyze health promotion programs utilizing forests by reviewing regional healthcare program plans in Korea. METHODS: We analyzed 227 regional healthcare program plans from...
Global Health Project for Maternal Child Health in a Developing Country: Case Study in Tigray, Ethiopia

Bang KS, Lee I, Park YS, Chae SM, Kang H, Yu J, Park JS, Oh SJ

  • Perspect Nurs Sci.
  • 2014 Apr;11(1):1-9.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to demonstrate a two-year global health project to improve maternal and child health (MCH) in Ethiopia. METHODS: This is a descriptive case study. The...

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